Interpretive Toddler Style

So, this afternoon I was laying on my couch taking a little break from unloading groceries and folding laundry.  Bean had been playing in his room for a while and I took advantage of the quiet to just sit for a little bit.  Then, as I’m laying there on the couch, Bean walks by on his way to the kitchen.  Real nonchalant-like.

Only, he has a diaper on his head.

Like a hat.

Or, really more like a yamaka.


“Man, I hope that was a clean diaper,” I thought.


That’s when I got up and followed Bean into the kitchen, where he was dancing a little jig.  All by himself.  Just standing in the kitchen.


So, let’s recap.

Bean finds a clean diaper in his bedroom and puts it on his head.  Then he deliberately walks across the house to the kitchen where he gets his groove on for about five minutes all by himself.

What a weird, weird child I have birthed.

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27 Thoughts to “Interpretive Toddler Style”

  1. Mary

    My brother used to put pull-ups on his head. The first time he did it was on the way home from the grocery store. We were pulled over for something but got off with a warning because the police officer couldn’t stop laughing.

    1. Lee Ann

      Mary, that’s as funny as the Bean story. Can you imagine what all went through the officer’s head when he walked up to the car? You made his day, I’m sure.

      1. Well, the officer thought he had a head injury and that we had just come from the hospital. He asked what happened and my mom turned around all confused to look at my brother and then said, “nope, that would be a diaper.” Easily one of our family’s top five favorite stories!

  2. Lee Ann

    Too funny! When I read the first lines, my screen wasn’t showing photos, and I said: “There had better be photos of this.” You do not disappoint, Katie and Bean! Thank you for the laugh to start my day.

  3. Leave it to kids to make us laugh! Great pics!!

  4. Jen C

    sometimes a (little) man’s just gotta dance….and sometimes he needs a special hat to do that particular dance. but ya at least it was clean.

  5. Ella

    That is so funny and cute! He looks so proud of himself in the 2nd last photo. Toddlers do the funniest things. My son came into our living room the other day with my bra around his neck!

  6. The yamaka! It kills me!

  7. Don’t you wish you could hear what goes on in their little heads?

  8. I absolutely agree that the kitchen is the best place in the house to dance. Well done, Bean!

  9. I’m crying cause I’m laughing so hard! Too funny!!

  10. Bhuvana

    Very funny! And not weird at all.

    P.S. – Sorry to be a nitpicker, but it’s actually spelled yarmulke. It’s also known as a kippah –

    1. Kristen

      I was just going to point that out! I’m also a stickler for spelling.

      1. Bhuvana

        Phew – glad I’m not the only one who notices misspellings!

  11. When I saw you tweet this last night I laughed out loud, and the pictures/longer story are just the icing on the cake! Too cute and very funny 🙂 Kitchen dances are the most fun kind!

  12. hahaha that is awesome. I love it. Way to be ready with the camera!

  13. Nate's Mom

    I’m pretty sure Bean was singing, “If I were a rich man, ya ha deedle deedle deedle deedle dum.” Look! He’s perfectly posed his arms like Tevye!

    1. Beanie's Nana

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT! It fits perfectly.

  14. I bet he learned it from his daddy! 🙂

  15. dear katie,
    this is great. i have a photo of my kid wearing a diaper on her head as well. one of my favourite photos is of my kid at age 2 with the whole head of a ken doll in her mouth. it totally validates my feminist, queer self.
    you are charming and witty.
    love, melissa

  16. Abby C,

    ROFL! My younger brother wore diaper-hats all the time when he was a toddler. It got to the point that his play dates demanded them so that they could join the in-crowd – we have blackmail pictures!

  17. Amy

    Because I’m anal, I have to point out that’s spelled “yarmulke”.

    And now I hate myself for being one of “those people.” Going back in my corner now.

  18. Amy

    And now that I figured out that I can SCROLL through the comments, I see that other anal-retentives have already pointed that out to you. Sorry!

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