This week is like the perfect storm of middle school education.  Grades are due (which means I have to finish grading the papers first…), a big report on professional development is due, and it’s Halloween week, which to middle schoolers is like Woodstock.  As a new teacher, it’s all mumbo jumbo to me and so I’m doing the best I can to stay on top of it all.  But because of that, I’ve been super busy during the day and super tired at night, so I apologize for the lack o’ blogging yesterday.

Actually, I’m not even really blogging today.  This is more of a pop-in.  I’m just stoppin’ by to visit for a minute and to tell you that I’ve finally gotten my act together and chosen the winner of the Vintage Pearl giveaway!


#103 – Mari H.!  Congrats, Mari!  Email me at to claim your prize!  Thanks to everyone for playing and especially to Erin at The Vintage Pearl for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

And now, I am off to the Land of Edumacation again.  It’d be fun to stay and chat, but I’ve got a stack of essays and a big red pen calling my name…

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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7 Thoughts to “Edumacation”

  1. Vicki

    The world of EDUMACATION and HALLOWEEN are not my favorite words… we were planning yesterday and had to rearrange some tests due to the candy high our elementary students are having already.

  2. No worries, Katie! Good luck grading the papers!

  3. Hilary

    Oh boy! I feel your pain! I have a thematic unit due next week for a course I took this summer on Enriching content for ESOL students, my students are in the middle of writing their first creative short story of the year, I have about eighty take-home quizzes from two weeks ago that I still haven’t graded, I need to schedule my clinical observation with my principal and we have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow!! I was about to say, grab a glass and enjoy some wine, but I forgot you were preggers! Good luck and know that a fellow middle school English teacher feels your pain!

  4. Congrats to the winner!

    We all have our days Katie!! Hang in there! I used to teach pre-school and Lordy, Lordy…the week of Halloween was like being stuck in a room with 20 kids on speed! Luckily you won’t have the kids the morning after Halloween this year…that was even worse! They were all overtired and on sugar highs!



  5. Forget I said anything…I just realized that Halloween is on Sunday…not Saturday! SORRY!!

  6. Middle school Woodstock always sounds like fun. But then you find out the middle school equivalent of drugs. Then it starts going downhill.

  7. Meredith

    Ok after i saw the vintage pearl info on here, i went to the website and FELL IN LOVE! it’s on my christmas list 🙂

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