A couple days ago, I pulled down some of Bean’s old baby things and set them in the New Guy’s room.  I’m still a long way away from putting together the nursery, but it was nice to start corralling all this stuff into one place.

Then a few hours later, I looked in the nursery to discover this:


Which instantly made me remember this:


And this:


And this one:


And this hoody:


And then I peaked back into the nursery and I saw this:


And this:


And this little bum:


And that made me think about this:


And this:


And this hair:


And then I thought of this:


And of them:


And then I had to close the nursery door or else I would spend the next five months sitting in there.

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21 Thoughts to “Flashback”

  1. Cuteness! I love this! I love your photos so much.

  2. love that tunnel thing – I’ll have to look into getting that for my little guy…

  3. Ashley

    Aw! 🙂 So cute.

  4. Aw, such cute pictures! Just wait…now you’ll have new memories to add to the pile of photos!

  5. Jen C

    the pic of the gum container on his head has always been one of my favorites of Bean. it always makes me laugh.

  6. I LOVE flashbacks! Aw cutie baby bean! I can’t wait to hear if New Guy is a gal or a guy.

  7. Amanda E.

    Those Bumbo pictures made me smile! My daughter is 2 and she still sits in her Bumbo chair (she’s super petite). Her brother is six months and is so big that he already gets stuck in the Bumbo! You’ll love having two kids to make memories with! I bet Bean will be a wonderful big brother!

  8. Very cute! He has grown up so nicely!

  9. It is absolutely criminal that they are babies for such a short, short time and then are teenagers for freakin’ years!

  10. Jennifer

    “And then them” got me a little choked up thinking of my family. Thank you for trip down memory lane with Bean and my own 8 yr old BABY!

  11. Oh that totally yanked on my heartstrings! It is so fun looking back at our babies old pictures isn’t it!

  12. Tressa

    MELT MY HEART!!!! Can’t wait to add the New Guy into the pictures!!!!!!!

  13. Nate's Mom

    Ah-mazing! Before you know it, you’ll have a picture of Bean helping the New Guy (or Gal) through the tunnel! 🙂

  14. Lisa

    Awwwww love the flashback 🙂

  15. Amy

    Awww! And to think, you get to do it all over again 🙂

  16. It is so, so crazy how far our boys have come in a year! I forgot how dark Bean’s hair was!

  17. So cute! Bean is going to be so good at showing New Guy how to use all this fun stuff!

  18. This post made me cry. In a good way. 🙂

  19. Julia

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We are in our mid-20s, married with a one year old. I have to say that although I love my little family, I am finding it all a little bit lonely. All of my girlfriends are in grad school and traveling. The only 20-something moms I know got pregnant accidentally. Oh, by the way, we live in a Boston suburb, and I know the Northeast has an even later trend for starting a family than other parts of the country. I sometimes wonder if we should pack up and move South – find somewhere that we fit in. Anyway, just a million thank you’s for your blog. Holler back if you have a minute.

  20. Meredith

    Tears! This is adorable! Look at that dark hair! 🙂

  21. Sammy

    Baby Bean is sooo cute!! Where did you get that Tunnel that Bean is playing in? I think my son would love that.

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