Go to the Mattresses.

Go to the Mattresses

I need to reach out to the men for a minute.

For some of you, you haven’t reached this point in your relationship quite yet.  For others, this will be a battle that is long gone and forgotten about.  But it is inevitable, this will happen to you at some point.  When you move in with a woman, your going to have to fight for your belongings.  I will say that there is usually a grace period.  Sometimes this grace period is 5 minutes and sometimes its 5 years, but at some point the big discussion about YOUR stuff will happen.

Now some of you could be categorized in the small percentage of couples that have the same taste.  I’m really not sure how that happens, but sometimes the stars align and two quirky people fall in love and combine their star wars collections into one magnificent super collection.  However, this is a small percentage of you out there.

Typically what happens during the big move in, if your combining your stuff into a brand new place, the woman decides which of the man’s things can stay and which one’s need the boot.  A few days ago I was talking to a co-worker who was saying that she recently moved into her boyfriend’s house and that she hates his huge brown leather reclining couch.  For those of you in this situation, i’m sorry, but you have zero legal authority to make him get rid of that couch.  You moved into his house, and until you get married or move to a new place, that stuff stays.

I would like to state though that some of these items need the boot.  That six foot tall cardboard cutout of Britney Spears that you grabbed out of that grocery store and kept in your living room for 3 years, that probably needs to go.  Sorry Britney.


Also, that inflatable Budweiser Chair with cup holders that has a matching eight foot tall inflatable goalpost that used to come in handy when solving roommate arguments… that can probably go too.  These items need to go and it’s okay to let them go.  You’re an adult now.  You can pass these things along to a younger generation.

There are, however, items that get tossed out or packed into a closet that are arguably worth holding on to.  This is where the epic battle begins.  The fight over your possessions is one of the first fights you will have when living together for the first time.  Things worth fighting for are things like your shot glass cabinet, your stereo equipment (which really has no place in this fight.  Women have no say when it comes to anything dealing with the entertainment center), your frosty mugs, that jacket that you have worn everyday for the last 10 years, your tools, grilling equipment (also in the no discussion category), posters, house decor, bed lines, etc.  Some of these will make it through and some of them you might have to part with.

With that said, if your lucky enough to acquire a man cave in your new place, it’s all yours!  Let your lady do whatever she wants with the house and you can take all of your stuff to your man cave, which she has no say in.  This is really the best case scenario.

The reason I bring all of this up is that during the last month or so, while we have been getting settled in the new place, I discovered a box of lost treasures.  These beauties.

Pint Glasses

These were lost in my battle.  Honestly I was focused on some of my other valuables and these were quietly tucked away while someone was unpacking the kitchen (this someone shall remain nameless).  They have been packed away for years and almost completely forgotten about.  When I found them, I flashed back to that day and decided that it had been long enough!  I was bringing these bad boys back!  Move over Tupperware, I need some space!  And you know what, this was the best decision I have made in a long time.  Kate likes using these “cute”, themed, plastic cups.  We have been using them for years, and they were fine… only because I forgot how great it felt to hold a real pint glass!

Listen up guys.  I’m calling on you today to find that box of lost treasures.  Pull out your pint glasses and make space in the cabinet!  Take back some of your man-hood, and don’t settle for cute plastic cups anymore.  You deserve a nice heavy frosty mug.  One word of advice though, your lady will try to fight back.  Example A: Katie yells from the kitchen one evening, “OH NO! one of your glasses “broke” in the sink!”


Touche, wife of mine… Touche.

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34 Thoughts to “Go to the Mattresses.”

  1. Is it bad that all of the shot glasses and pint glasses were from MY stash? Not sure what that means exactly in my relationship with my husband, but….I’m pretty sure I’m the one who has a shotglass collection of about 70 plus glasses 🙂

  2. Ah, the joys of being married to a pack rat. My husband’s pint glasses have never made it out of the basement, it’s the college t-shirts that we constantly fight about. My rule is that if it’s 2 sizes too small, or if it is so worn that you can see through it, then it goes. Yet, he still throws a fit when one ends up in the trash. What’s the deal?

  3. We aren’t even married yet, and we’ve already been through that fight 😉 I won!

  4. You know . . . I give the hubs a LOT of leeway since his Mom has passed and a lot of the stuff is stuff we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for that. With that said, maybe if it were kept clean and neat we women wouldn’t complain so darned much. Oh and the entertainment center, yea he can barely hook up the DVD player. So that bad boy system is all mine.

  5. Peggy

    After 22 yeats of marriage I am still losing the stereo equipment battle…but I keep on trying!

  6. Jen C

    I think my husband and i have reverse roles. He moved in with me and wanted to get rid of all of my slightly girly stuff. The battles that followed were epic but after 10 years, we finally have reached a truce. We have one whole shelf dedicated to pint glasses, btw, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I had to get rid of his glasses that had boobs on them though. There was no way he was going to win that fight. You’re lucky you have a man cave, chris!

  7. My husband once dug out – of the big trash can – his EMPTY lego bionicles cans! Empty! And then he “yelled” at me for throwing them out. That one still makes my blood boil!

  8. Sonya

    Most of the time I ask before I toss, but I admit some things have just disappeared! We too have a nice collection of pub glasses! I have to stop myself from buying more because we don’t have room for anymore! Maybe if we ever get that display case!

  9. For us, it’s model airplanes. I’m not going to say how many he has on here (mainly because I honestly don’t know) but there are a lot. We don’t live together, but there may come a day when compromises will have to be made.

    I am, however, impressed with your beer glass collection. I collect beer bottles, and have a few shot and pint glasses as well.

  10. Ashley

    LOL…This is great! I think the only thing Rob had to give up when we moved in together was his movie posters…I couldn’t have those all over our walls. That, and his nasty shower curtain. I had to give up putting all my framed Broadway posters on the wall (3 made it for decoration). Everything else worked out pretty well for us! This is useful information, though.

  11. My husband’s pint glasses are one of the few things I let him keep. It’s actually a fun collection now for the both of us. And we luckily found some plain pint glasses to register for when we got married 7 years ago. So we have the fun ones and the plain ones. Honestly, it’s great having something on the glasses because then guest know which is theirs and no one has to share germs from picking up the wrong glass!

  12. Ginny

    John Michael and I’s move in was fairly simple — but its his childhood bedroom when we go back home that drives me nuts. He still has a poster of Jenny McCarthy dressed in leather on a motorcycle on the back of his door. It’s like we’re in highschool again.

  13. Nate's Mom

    Chad’s got a shotglass collection. A very large shotglass collection. In a box. A very nice box. I suspect that, one day, it will wind up on eBay. It’s not really something that Nate should play with…. However, I know Chad will rally once he discovers the box again. Every time he finds it during our many moves, he takes a few out to show me how “wonderful” they are….

  14. Oh yes. Those pint glasses are familiar to me…a new wife having gone through this very recently.

  15. My husband owns a ton of these bad boys. I love drinking ice cold soda out of them. Plus the majority of the ones we own are tied to an old watering hole we used to go to long ago. I used to display the nicer ones on bookshelves in our old family room. Now they are packed away until the man cave takes full effect in the basement. I don’t know who is more excited – me or the hubby!

  16. Maybe she’ll be more amenable if you throw out the crappy beer ones – get rid of the Budweiser, Bud Light and keep the other ones (looks like Michelob already went that way). My hubs ended up with a shed called the “Beer Shack” in our back yard which has all of his beer brewing equipment, kegerator, drum set and all our posters from college. As long as I can also store our camping stuff and my bike in there, it’s all good. I’d much rather have it out in the beer shed than in the house. I do like a nice (classy, plain) real pint glass though.

  17. HAHAH… I just throw away his stuff while he is working… unfortunately once he noticed.. but he didn’t need that BEER CUP anyway.. what is with you boys and your beer cups…

  18. Can I just say that I’m super jealous that you have a Fat Tire glass?!?! We loved that beer when we lived in GA, and now we live in MD where they don’t sell it…so very sad. Definitely hold onto that one and don’t let Katie ‘accidentally’ break it 🙂

  19. Dude. We have glasses just like these. I’ve been packing them away one by one so the hubs doesn’t notice that they’re gone. We’re down to about 2-3 and they are the only glasses he seems to use. What is it with you guys and holding on to these ugly things?

  20. Jen

    Totally laughed when I read this…my husband as a pint glass shelf in our kitchens! Dont understand the huge deal about it but since we basically got rid of most of his bachalor things when we moved in together…so i can live with the glasses

  21. Sue V.

    Commenter #2 Sara made me laugh. We too had the t-shirt problem. I decided to turn them into a quilt. Great, right? WRONG…my husband loves his quilt, but when he leaves it out, it looks like a messy pile of laundry on the couch.

  22. Aaron and I collect pint glasses, so we understand 🙂

    As a wife, I think that the definition of “home decor” varies between husbands and wives. Poster of gargoyles? Yeah, that didn’t see the light of day again when Aaron and I started living together in 2004…

  23. It’s amazing how her stuff is referred to as “things” or “possessions” while my stuff is referred to as “junk,” even after 4 years of marriage, regardless of how new it is. As soon as it’s mine, it’s my “junk.” Women are mysterious creatures.

  24. I will side with you on the beer glasses. I actually like them. Her breaking one might have been an honest accident. I will not agree with you on the entertainment center. Women can have a say in this, especially if their husband is rocking huge speakers that only can be found in bachelor pads… He got to go out and buy a new set… just the right color and ones that didn’t take up half the living room!

  25. Shelley

    you’re, Chris, YOU’RE, not your.
    Maybe wash your own glasses and let the teacher edit your posts! LOL

  26. Nikky

    For what it’s worth, the same thing happens when a female Production Manager moves in with a male Designer. Turns out my collection of show posters is “not part of the aesthetic I was going for”.

  27. Jennifer

    At least it was the Michelob glass and not the Fat Tire.

  28. J.J.

    Interesting that Katie’s blog about her vanity comes just a few days later… 🙂

  29. I am going to have to agree with you that you have to drink out of a pint glass, a plastic cup doesn’t cut it. Sorry Katie. But I may have “accidentally” broken the Michelob one too.

  30. Courtney

    As a beer drinker myself I love pint glasses. I buy my BF a new one about every year. We actually suffer from having too much glass wear. No cute cups for us.

  31. In our last move the beer glasses successfully overtook the trendy ones we received at our wedding.

    Men:1 Womankind: 0

  32. kevin

    I must say that I’m lucky in this scenario as whenever my wife and I are out and possibly have imbibed a few too many; if a pint glass comes that is a new logo I don’t have, she wipes it out and puts in her purse. Of course that may be so she can get rid of other stuff of mine she hates…

  33. That is quite the collection of pint glasses. I am getting married and will be moving in with my wife-to-be this summer and my pint glasses will be the last thing to go! I homebrew my own beer (that the fiance also enjoys), so the pint glasses are just as necessary in my house as the spoons and forks!

  34. And one by one…they disapper! J/K… lol…

    Way to go Chris.



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