One Day Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Bean and I flew to Virginia to spend the weekend with my sister. I haven’t seen her in forever and since my birthday is coming up in December, she sent me and Bean a plane ticket for a one-day weekend getaway! What a great sister!

Bean and I flew up Friday after work. Flying alone with a toddler while big and pregnant was…well…not ideal. But Bean was actually a pretty good little trooper. He played and sang songs (did I tell you that he’s singing now?) and ate crackers and drank juice on the flight from Orlando to Atlanta. Then from Atlanta to Virginia it was 10:00 at night and so he slept most of the way. But we were both pooped when Gin picked us up at the airport. We came home and finally got in bed by 1:00 in the morning.

The next morning we got up slow and easy. Ginny had a big surprise planned for me that morning (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow – sorry to keep you in suspense, but I have to get my pictures ready…) and after that she took us out to the stable where she rides horses.


Ginny has ridden horses since we were growing up. Since she’s been in Virginia living in the middle of mountains and horses and farms and all that jazz, she has found herself a big ol’ stable where she can go ride once a week. She has always felt at home in a stable, amongst things like…horse ropes…and…horse mouth pieces…and…stuff…

Sorry. I don’t speak the horsey lingo so well.



First, we stopped by to see some of the horses that were in their stables.


And all Bean said was, “Whoa.”


And then he checked to make sure I knew that his Aunt Ginny was feeding him to the horses. When I clapped my hands and said, “Yay, Beanie!” he guessed that if Mom was okay with this giant beast, then he would be okay with him, too. Mom’s have the persuasive power like that until kids turn, like, three. Or so I hear.

Next, Ginny took Bean out to the pasture to let him see more horses. I wondered how Bean would handle this since they seem so much bigger in the pasture. We pass horses on our way home from work everyday and he gets really excited, but seeing them up close is very different.

They walked up to the fence…


…and the horses came to sniff for carrots. They slowly made their way over to check out their visitors.


Bean liked their noses. They were “sawwwffff…sawwwfff…”


Ginny showed Bean how to feed the horses handfuls of grass (because we forgot to bring carrots) and he love it!


In fact, he loved it so much he wanted to get down and go pick some grass himself. But he only picked one single blade. But he was VERY proud of his grass blade.



And then he surprised us by walking right up to the horses and offering his perfect grass blade all by himself. Unfortunately, the horses were not interested in one single blade of grass so they wouldn’t take it from him. But that didn’t stop Bean. He carried that grass blade around for the next half hour, offering it to any horse we met.


Next we moseyed on over to another pasture where there was a Bean-sized pony. And this pony LOVED Bean. He must have smelled like oats.



And when the pony started to walk away, Bean called him back over. Like the cowboy he is.


After the horse barn, we headed out to a good, greasy lunch at this little hamburger joint. It looks like it’s been around since the 50’s and is TINY inside! Just a single counter with stools and two tables.


We got seats at the counter and Bean entertained himself with his dinosaurs that Aunt Ginny had gotten him.




And then Aunt Ginny and I played with the dinosaurs for a little bit…


After lunch, Ginny took us to this old fashioned candy store a couple towns over. I found this bin of candy cigarettes. When Ginny and I were little, we would walk up to the gas station at the front of our neighborhood and buy these exact packs of candy cigarettes. But we weren’t allowed to have them and so we’d have to “smoke” them on our way home and eat them before we got caught by our parents. It was always 15 cents of thrill well spent.


When I wasn’t looking, Aunt Ginny bought Bean rock candy. You know. PURE SUGAR ON A STICK. But they both looked so darn happy I couldn’t take it away from them. So, Bean may or may not have rotted his teeth out this weekend.


But we weren’t there for the candy. We were there because this little candy shop had an area to stuff your own stuffed animal. So, we browsed through the barrels of animal options.


Bean finally chose a monkey…


…and then we headed over to a giant tree that was full of stuffing and together he and Aunt Ginny stuffed his new animal.



But Bean got distracted with all the barrels of candy and Aunt Ginny ended up doing most of the stuffing. She’s a good sport, that Aunt Ginny.



By the time we were ready to leave, Bean was hyped up on sugar and ready to cut loose with his new “Mo Mo,” which is what he called his monkey.



We came home that night, ordered Chinese take out, and fell asleep watching football. All in all, the perfect ending to a perfect day. The next morning, Bean and I caught our flight and were home by 1:30 to see Chris. Remind me to tell you some other time about the AWFUL plane ride home with Bean. It’s too fresh of a memory for me to share it right now. But one day…one day in the far, far future…I’m sure it will be funny.

But not today.

Today I will continue to lay on my couch and recoup while thinking about my amazing sister and her big, fat, full heart that just makes everyone around her happy. She is exactly what I needed. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the surprise she had planned for me. Get ready to cry. And laugh. And then squeal with delight. I know that’s what I did!

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32 Thoughts to “One Day Weekend Getaway”

  1. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to hear the surprise!

  2. Everybody needs an Aunt Ginny! And Bean with that little blade of grass just kills me! So cute.

  3. Isabel

    Aww. That’s so sweet. Makes me wish I had a sister too.

  4. What an awesome sister. Can’t to hear the rest!

  5. Sarah H.

    This looks like an awesome day! Go Aunt Ginny! Love the pictures, they are so so cute!

  6. Nate's Mom

    That sounds like the most magical weekend ever for a little boy. Makes me melt! πŸ™‚

  7. This would be a great advertisement for “Why Bean (and obviously he needs his parents for this trip) should visit PW at the ranch!

  8. Jen C

    This makes me miss my sister who lives in Denver so much! So glad you and Bean had a great weekend with Ginny. I can’t wait to read about the surprise she had planned πŸ™‚

  9. She sounds like an awesome sister and auntie! What a fun weekend. Love the photos of Bean and the horses. And the grass blade story – oh he is so cute!

  10. Jennifer

    What is it about sisters- they are amazing!

  11. I’m so glad you were able to get away even for a bit and recoup with your amazing sister πŸ™‚ I’m DYING to hear about the surprise.

  12. What a fabulous birthday present! it sounds like you two had an amazing weekend =)

  13. I love how Ginny planned a great day for you AND for Bean. Great pictures!

  14. Claudia

    What a great weekend! Would Aunt Ginny’s surprise be that she is pregnant too? πŸ™‚

  15. Ashley

    You have such a great sister! These pictures are wonderful…looks like everyone had an awesome time!

  16. Very cute! Glad you had a wonderful visit with your sister.

  17. Sam

    It would be great if her surprise was an announcement that she’s expecting too. I’m doubting it, but that’s my guess.

  18. Tressa

    Ginny is awesome!!! And still drop dead gorgeous!! That was a very sweet thing for her to do. I’m happy you got to have some sister time. Oh, I had a dream you are having twins!!!!!!!

  19. allison

    I hope Aunt Ginny is pregnant, too!!!! What a fun weekend πŸ™‚

  20. Marie

    As a lover of horses, this has been the post I’ve been waiting for πŸ™‚ horse pictures!!! It’s why I love the Pioneer Woman so much for the horse pictures!

    Sounds like a great weekend! Can’t wait to find out what the surprise was…it wasn’t a small pony for Bean by any chance??? πŸ™‚

  21. Katie, you are such a trooper to fly with a toddler while being pregnant yourself! I have yet to take P-Bo on a plane because I am afraid *I* might have a meltdown!

    Glad things are looking up for you! It sounds like some time with Ginny was just what the doctor ordered!

  22. Too cute! I love horses, and my husband got to see and pet real horses for the first time this summer!

    You’re super lucky to be able to just hop on a plane like that to see your sister! My sister is only 15, but I miss her like crazy! I’m glad you had fun!

  23. Amy

    Bean is growing into quite a handsome little guy! What a fun age. He nearly melted my heart when he tried to feed the single grass blade to that horse!

  24. Nikki

    Those pictures are wonderful! I’m glad that you had a chance to spend some quality time with your sister. Also, you are such a trooper for going on the trip by yourself! I’m glad that Bean behaved for atleast one part of the trip. Looking forward to the surprise!!

  25. Aw, it looks like the perfect little getaway! I love the pictures of Bean with the horses. And of him walking around with the monkey. So stinkin’ sweet. πŸ™‚

  26. How fun! Ginny is so thoughtful, glad you got to get away and spend time with her!

  27. Deana Rooks

    REading these stories makes me sad because my sister and me could not be farther apart. I am so glad for you though. I am guess that maybe the surprise involves her moving home or a little on in the future??

  28. Oh, gracious! Bean is so cute. And it looks like you had such a great time!

  29. Shelley

    What an amazing sister! Kudos to Ginny for whisking you & Bean away for a super adventure!

  30. Sumer

    You have a phenomenal sister in Mrs. Ginny! My little Loralie fully agrees and harasses me at least a couple of times a week as to when she gets to see her Ginny. You must find a new OB who can make you feel half as loved as Dr. Gorrell does! I’m so glad you had the opportunity to have such a special gift from your sister and I hope you can really get excited now about this little princess in your belly.

  31. April

    Lucky Bean! The day before my 2nd birthday I demanded that all I wanted for my birthday was a monkey. My lovely Aunt Janet ran off to the toy store when my parents called in a panic, and bought me a monkey – named Monkey! I still have him with me to this day (I’m 26). I’m so glad you had a nice weekend.

  32. I would have thought you wouldn’t have needed someone to tell you this Katie, but if Bean is smelling like oats you might want to rethink his diet.

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