Colors and Artwork and Learning, Oh My!

We are a Baby Einstein family and I ain’t too proud to say it. We love all things Baby E around our house. Bean’s favorite books right now are two oversized toddler books about colors and nursery rhymes (Pretty Poems and Wonderful Words and Who Lives in the Pond). Our first diaper bag (which was stolen) (jerks) was a Baby Einstein bag. We listen to Baby Einstein CD‘s in the car. We watch Baby Einstein DVD‘s at home.

Baby Einstein should set up their headquarters in my house.  It’d save me a lot of time and money.

A couple weeks ago I saw a commercial on TV for a new Baby E product and so, naturally, I Google’d and Twittered and Facebook’d until I got more information on it.  The new products are called Discovery Kits and when I finally got my grubby paws on one (a great Christmas present idea, by the way…), there were a LOT of choices to make!  There are nine different kits available now and more to come!


The one we ended up getting was the World of Colors kit.


It came with a DVD, a CD, and a book that all teach about colors through puppets, shapes, and even real, famous artwork.

Bean loves the DVD. He likes the puppets and his favorite is the blue scene. He says, “Booo! Booo!” We got the DVD at such a good time, too, because Bean’s learning colors at school right now so they support what he’s learning in real life.

Bean’s favorite part of the Discovery Kit though is the little book that came with it. It is the perfect size for him and he carries it everywhere.


He “reads” it out loud and occasionally I can hear him naming a color – which makes the teacher in me so proud!


(name that movie)


The kind folks at Baby Einstein were going to sponsor a lovely giveaway the week that my new website launched a couple months ago, but I never got my act together and we didn’t get it together in time. So, I asked if they’d be interested in doing a Baby Einstein Discovery Kit giveaway instead since it has become my gift du jour this Christmas for anyone with small children. And – yay! – they agreed!

So, here’s the deal: To enter to win a Baby Einstein Discovery Kit, leave a comment telling me what kind of educational toys are popular in your house. If you post a link to this blog post from your Facebook account, enter to win again! If you Twitter about the giveaway with a link to the post (be sure to @ me so I see your tweet), enter to win again! The giveaway will close on Sunday, Dec. 5, and a winner will be announced on Monday, Dec. 6.

Whether or not you win, be sure to check out the Discovery Kits in stores everywhere. They’ll make you feel good about what your kids are reading and watching and this time of year they make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the wee ones in your life.

This is not a paid advertisement, yo.

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105 Thoughts to “Colors and Artwork and Learning, Oh My!”

  1. Amanda E.

    Books, books, books! My daughter can’t seem to get enough books. She really loves Dr. Seuss, especially Green Eggs & Ham. I’m certainly not complaining though–I think books are wonderful too!

  2. Our favorite educational toy for the under 2 set is blocks, for the over 2 set, we have a set of dice with letters on them. We toss them out, sound them out, write words, and sentences.

  3. Crystal hale

    Leap frog games!

  4. Ooohh I saw this on a commercial and wanted to check these out. I read books, lots and lots and lots of books. We also go to story time at the library. Bugs favorite educational toy right now is the Leapfrog fridge magnetic things. He knows all his letters from putting them in and out.

  5. Jenn

    movie: that would be Aladdin of course!

  6. We really love the Baby Cortex Flash Cards app for iPhone. Aaron and I both have it on our phones and Porter loves it. He actually will grab my phone out of my purse and bring it to me so we can play. It covers a variety of info: shapes, colors, letters, numbers, people, animals and more. And you can just focus on one group, like colors, our you can set it to combine a variety of items. He has really gained a lot from it.

  7. We have a lot of books, and blocks and the shape-o toy from tupperware… love it!

  8. KT

    My 8 month old has JUST gotten to the point where she will sit in my lap and let me read to her. We have a Noah’s Ark book where the faces of the animals are raised plastic pieces and she LOVES to feel them when I read the page about them boarding the Ark! Reading is such a wonderful activity to do with your child, regardless of their age!

  9. Sara

    Yeah Aladdin!
    We have some great books – right now baby’s favorite is “That’s not my lion,” it’s a touchy-feely book that teaches textures like “rough” and “shiny”. Loves it.

  10. I’ve just started using flash cards and he’s doing great so far. We also love beginner books.

  11. JenniferLO

    At school my K and 1st boys LOVE pattern blocks! We seriously cannot get enough!

  12. A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to the Leap Frog dvd Letter Factory… it does a fantastic job at helping kids learn the sounds of the letters!

  13. We love books and Baby Einstein dvds at our house!!

  14. Right now, Rowan really likes looking at pictures of animals. He will go to his books, pull out the animal ones and sit and look at the pictures while I explain what the animal is and what sounds it makes.

  15. Leslie

    Right now, our favorite educational toy is shape sorters. Lil’ man loves them! WE also love leap frog products, particularly the fridge DJ. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Facebooked and linked the giveaway too!

  17. Baby E videos right now! (yes, my child is not even 3 months old and watches tv…). And I think that movie is Aladdin.

  18. Jayme Soller

    We are really liking the MobiGo right now. My son is 2 years old and he loves it!! For his first birthday his grandma bought him a toy computer, that is still a big hit ( I can’t remember the brand ) It has helped him learn his ABC’s and reconize them and learn the sounds. I have a niece and I think this would be the perfect gift for her to grow with!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  19. Amy

    Our favourite educational toys are probably DK Learning Ladder items. We have a few Baby E bath books, they are great for the bathtub but Will like us to read him longer stories before bed.

  20. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    We read books and go to “Wee Read” at the library. I also have the Baby Einstein videos and the Leap Frog Videos. For her 2nd birthday I got her the Leap Frog Lap Top which is very educational too. Lately she has been watching some Elmo videos that teach letters, numbers, etc. too.

  21. Lauren

    Lots of books. my 2 year old LOVES books. And flash cards – animal/letters and memory card games. it’s so fun to see them learn and want to play the games and read the books on their own!

  22. Tia D

    If I were to win this kit it would be for my goddaughter – who is 17 months and learning so much everyday. I watch her a couple times a week and her favorite things to play with are colorful blocks – which in addition to handing me blocks as I ask for colors, she sorts them into different containers, stacks them and helps her baby dolls sort them too. She’s really interested in songs too – so I have begun singing songs that teach body parts. “Head – SHolders knees and toes… etc.”. She’s totally at the age when non-toys are the best toys she could ever ask for. I think she’d really love a Baby Einstein kit, as the videos she has watched make her dance and sing, clap and learn new words.

  23. My son loves books. He’s 10 months old and has just taken such an interest in them. Even “reading” to himself.

  24. ESP

    We love the public library! We also have some hand-me-down Veggie Tales. However, I love that my daughter seems to share in my love of the library!

  25. We just bought some “my first words: touch and feel cards.” My 1 yr. old’s favorite is the sticky jelly card!

  26. We have a 1 year old and though 9 months ago I would have said we never watch TV… we do. Certainly we read alot, and play with tub toy animals and sounds whilst getting clean, but TV, DVD’s and movies are a lot more prevalent than I’d like to admit.

  27. Oh man, we are definitely a book family here! Bridget has books for her diaper bag, books in the loft, in her room, in our room, downstairs, and even a Baby Einstein book for the bathtub called “Water, Water Everywhere” that we HAVE to read every night.

  28. Books, books, books. Its so funny how they get on 3 or 4 for a while and want to read nothing but those and then totally change it up. I am constantly impressed with the words that Joe knows because of repeated reading of some of those books!

  29. Jen C

    Loads of books. fuzzy books, books that squeak, and books that are made for chewing. Even some books that were mine as a kid. I think i have one from when my mom was little, but I don’t think we’ll be letting the kiddo chew on that one.

  30. Michelle de Baugy

    I just baught my nephew BI DVDs for Christmas…. So glad to hear they are great and so loved 🙂

  31. Our favorite educational thing right now is books! We read every night, and several times a day. What a great idea these Discovery Kits are!! I love them!

  32. Meredith C.

    A bitty baby. she has learned all the babies body parts and tries to take care of her baby like mommy takes care of her brother.

  33. Sarah in CT

    We have some Brainquest flashcard with trivia sort of questions and puzzles on them, and they have been awesome to throw in a bag or leave in the car for times when we need a little distraction (waiting for a table at a restaurant, for instance.) They make them for all grade levels, starting with Pre-K. They would make a really great stocking stuffer or small gift!

  34. Leah

    I’m with you, I love baby Einstein and can’t wait to use them with my baby girl!

  35. KatieO

    Books, books and more books. And once my 18 mo old nephew get a book in his hands, he wants it read over and over and over and OVER again.

  36. Kathy Sanderson

    My daughter is just barely over 1. She absolutely loves books. She will spend an hour just bringing me book after book (we don’t always get through the whole thing, and she doesn’t necessarily notice the story yet, but I love her love for them).

  37. Bhuvana

    Lots and lots of books too! My munchkin’s favorites are Dr Seuss and Sandra Boynton. I haven’t tried any of the Baby Einstein stuff with her but I bet she’d love it!

  38. Will's Mama

    Books (of course) especially Usborne phonics ones or anything Suess as my little guys is obsessed with rhyming. Also just got him the TAG reading system from Leapfrog and it is amazing.

  39. My daughter, Ryan, is 13 months old and loves books. Her favorite right now is her animal book, she makes the lion and snake sounds, it’s so cute! AJ, 3 and a half, loves his letters and math videos. He knows all his letters and their sounds, he counts to 20 and can also count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s not bad for a 3 year old!We are working on words now. I have one Baby Einstein video but it’s one of my faves it’s the Baby Signs video I’ve taught both of my kids sign from the beginning and the video is great and really keeps them interested and learning.

  40. Courtney H

    My daughters love books and flashcards! Oh, I can’t forget about their Leapfrog toys, those are awesome.

  41. my little girl is 3 months, however we are starting the baby einstein DVD’s early! i cant wait to start the sign language one with her – though we will wait a few more months on that one!!

  42. Sarah

    I don’t have have a child to be educational with but I’m guessing that my coworker’s 1 y/o would love this!

  43. HollyT

    My 19 month old loves books, books and more books! LeapFrog toys are also very popular!

  44. Kristin

    My son LOVES books – we read his current favorites at least 20 times a day (I admit I sometimes hide one or two for a couple days to give myself a break). He also loves Baby Einstein videos, which we recently discovered.

  45. Books, books, and more books! He loves books so much that I let him take one to bed with him every night!

  46. Ryan can’t get enough books. It was one of his first words. There are times when he won’t go to bed without a book in his hand. We read one, and he jumps down off my lap, runs over to get another one saying,”Book, Book, Book,” the whole way. He is 18 months old, and not yet ready to not tear the pages of a paper book, but he will sit and read his board books for quite a while. His favorite book is a Baby E book called What’s bigger or smaller than me?

  47. My little one is only 4 months but I have found also tha tBaby Einstein is the way to go!

  48. Heather in NY

    We love books! Zack could sit and look at books for hours! And flash cards. He loves to look at flash cards. We’ve been working on animals, and I think Zack knows the names of more animals that I do now!

  49. We just bought babygirl her first Baby Eintstein DVD for Christmas! Don’t tell her – we are so excited. She is 6 months, so reading is her favorite educational activity. That’ and signing the alphabet. She just watches for now, but always learning!

  50. Emily B

    My daughter loves the Leap Frog DVD “The Letter Factory” She is not quite 2 and she knows ALOT of her letter sounds!

  51. Leticia

    A lot of books!

  52. Amy

    Books are our favorite!

  53. Katy

    We love to “play school” at our house…we usually practice writing letters with our older daughter and practice drawing shapes with our younger daughter…baby einstein is definitely something that is included in our video library

  54. LindsayL.

    Aladdin!! Should I call you Al, or maybe just Din, or how about Laddi? Lol.
    We love Baby Einstein and Leap Frog 🙂

  55. Amy S.

    We use books and we have a lot of them. I wanted to try and get my son excited about learning through reading as I always have and still do.

  56. Well Jellybean isn’t here yet but we already have a TON of books for him and I read to him in both Polish and English. I also registered for a bunch of baby einstein and leapfrog stuff. We’re big on learning here!

  57. Eli (6 months) and I LOVE books! He is starting to figure out that he can turn the pages when Mommy reads, which is so cool! We haven’t really ventured into Baby Einstein yet… this would such a great way to get started!

  58. joanna

    we’re big fans of the leapfrog dvds

  59. Mari H

    Leap frog alphabet is the hit over here!

  60. Colleen

    My grandson loves books, books books.

  61. My first child is due in March, so I can’t comment on what kind of educational toys are popular in our house, but I will say that I registered for some Baby Einstein toys and I would LOVE to have the Discovery Kit!!

  62. El

    Books and blocks and just about anything else he can get his hands on! My son loves trying to figure out how things work.

  63. Summer

    Sesame Street flash cards. We are learning about Shapes and Colors!

  64. Jill

    Books….my son would bring me books all day long to read to him.

  65. My 5-year-old daughter’s favorite learning tool is Melissa and Doug’s travel matching game. She loves playing with it. And my 3-year-old son is learning his colors and animals with it as well. It is an all-around big hit in our house!

  66. Nicole

    I’d say most, if not all, toys and items for children are educational. Yes, some better than others, but all beneficial. Being trained in early childhood education, I could find some correlation in anything placed in front of me. If it is not teaching them a “book skill,” it is teaching gross motor, fine motor, imagination, creativity, ect. So, anything in my house could qualify. We don’t have favorites…just play and discover something new. ..but if you want to know my son’s toy of choice at this moment, it is a train.

  67. Kristin

    Our little one is still under one — so right now she’s loving books especially lift the flap books.

  68. My kids love BOOKS. All kinds of books. My older boys LOVE DK explore & learn books; while my little guy loves books about animals and trucks. The other hugely popular learning toys at my house are blocks- anything from legos/duplos, lincoln logs, unit blocks & magnetix. My kids can be found reading books, playing with blocks or the greatest of all educational venues— outside playing!

  69. Jennifer D.

    The shape sorter toys and books…my daughter has learned so much through reading books!!

  70. Amanda

    Aladin ! I think it’s the genie telling Aladin “He can be taught!”

  71. Books! Lots and lots of books!

  72. Katie

    Books are a huge hit right now!!!!

  73. Jessica D.

    Each of my kids have a book shelf full of books. They also both enjoy their tag readers. We have alot of the mellisa and doug puzzles and shapes sorters. My daughter have a one that is a puzzle, once you put it together its shoes, you then lace the shoes and practice learning to tie them! My son is also working on his colors and number so far he knows the colors blue and green and the number 2, all thanks to the his color coded shape sorter!

  74. None as of it…. still got a few more months before we have our little one. But I like Baby E.

  75. Heather ben

    Books, flash cards are great. We also also did your baby can read but weren’t super pushy about it. Kate just liked watched the videos and they are educational. I do think they helped bc at 21 months she will say the word before the picture of it appears.

  76. Kate

    You’d have to ask me in a few months; my first little one (a girl!) is due on Jan.3. But I’d be happy to have something so highly recommended on hand when she’s ready for it 🙂

  77. Katie

    We’ll give anything a try! We love books, including Baby Einstein, blocks, Leap Frog toys…we love it all!

  78. Suzanne B

    Well, I have no children of my own but I do have 2 nephews, 3 nieces and another (unknown) on the way…I’m betting it’s a girl. Anyway, I’m entering for my newest nephew because I want him to be the smartest kid on the block.

  79. jenny

    we LOVE baby einstein too! we love the sign language dvd’s! i swear that is why my child is so advanced in her language skills!

  80. Morgan

    We are currently waiting on baby #1. However, I am a huge fan of everything Baby Einstein. Especially the books!

  81. Jennifer

    Our fav is a wooden toolset by Mellisa and doug. Our son sorts the “nuts and bolts” and the flat pieces taht are different lengths and colors. He is a sorting fool 🙂

  82. My boy is only a month old.. so his education includes tummy time and eating! I am looking forward to the baby sign language DVD we have once he gets a little bit older!

  83. Heather

    We have used the Leap Frog kits, but would love to branch out! 🙂


    Q-Tip learned tons of sign language from them and words. We got the Numbers Nursery awhile back and she can name most of her numbers now too. They are great!

    I saw a commercial for the Discovery Kit the other day but haven’t seen or heard anything else!! Maybe we’ll win one!!



    P.S. I’m linking to Facebook now!!

  85. Leslie VanNoy

    Right now we have Your Baby Can Read. I wrote my English paper on this last month and after doing research I cant say I am to impressed. Ryder turns 1 in 5 days and has his 1st Birthday tomorrow so I am hoping we will get some new educational tools – or winning this would be Great too! Thank you for the opportunity!

  86. Karin Shortino

    We have a 2 year old and 7 months old who could really benefit from winning this!Thanks 🙂

  87. I don’t know what really counts as an educational toy, but my son loves pop up books right now.

  88. Brooke

    Baby E videos all the way for our little 6 month guy!

  89. Kate

    I don’t have kids of my own (yet) but at the nursery I work in we have LOTS of Baby Einstein videos! The kids especially love the ones about animals. I would love this kit to give my friend for Christmas for her son!

  90. Nigeria Hunter (my actual name)

    Anything leap frog!

  91. Jeanette

    I recently bought the Your Baby Can Read DVD program for mybaby. She loves watching the DVDs and it taught her to put her hands up and wave! I’m excited to see what else she’s going to learn from it!

  92. Michelle B


  93. Sarah

    We don’t have babies in our house yet so we don’t have any educational toys. Does my Kindle count? 🙂

  94. Ana

    My favourite educational toys are the ones related to puzzles like LEGO or 3d puzzles. I love them!

  95. Kathie

    Books are a big hit in our house. We spend hours every day reading books galore!

  96. Becca

    My little one loooves the ABC-style activity table now, and I’m stockpiling Leapfrog books when I see them at the Goodwill for when he’s older — but we’d love to get on the Baby Einstein bandwagon, too!

  97. Ashley

    My nephews love trains, so he’s got train flash cards with colors! He can even name every single Thomas Train out there! I would love for him to get to use this!

  98. Kristin

    We love Baby Einstein toys right now! They really do a good job with baby toys – nothing else gets her attention!

  99. Don’t have any yet, but with two new grandsons born this fall (3 weeks apart), this would be great to start our collection.

  100. Laci

    My 14 month old has interested in puzzles lately. We have some wooden animal puzzles and a couple of the cube puzzles that he has to fit the shape through. And he’s always okay to listen to a book, especially if it rhymes!

  101. alison

    leap frog and lots of books

  102. tara

    I have a 12 week old little boy and I can’t wait to introduce these to him. Although Dad is worried he will lose tv!!!

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