Marry a Handy Man. Trust Me.

I love many things about Chris – his ability to scratch the exact spot of the itch on my back, the way he stays so calm and collected during a crisis, how he eats pretzels (he chews the salt off first).  But of the many lovable traits he has, I think his most valuable is his ability to fix just about anything.

Plumbing leaks, car engines, dishwashers, computers, baby strollers, furniture, humidifiers, Diaper Genies, websites, pools, boats, my jewelry, squeaky doors and cabinets, golf carts, Bean’s toys, washing machines, vacuums, and the list goes on. You name it and I’ve probably broken it, which means Chris has probably fixed it.

This is him building me a custom closet in Bean’s old bedroom in Connecticut…


This is our garage that he turned into a Man Cave, including refinishing that pool table that he bought on eBay for $50…


This is him the night that he accidentally crashed our entire website and then had to rebuild it himself without knowing too much about websites at that point (note the beer in this picture – it’s how we both survived that ordeal)…


This is the garden he built me after I read about one exactly like this on The Pioneer Woman‘s website and announced my new desire to be a gardener… (The garden lasted longer than my passion, in case you were wondering…)


This is him (and his sister, Annie) putting together Bean’s giant school bus that he got for his first birthday…


This is him doing something with the plumbing lines in our first rental house here in Florida so that the new refrigerator could be moved to a different part of the kitchen…


And this is Chris tonight fixing our dryer which pooped out about ten minutes after I started doing our vacation laundry…


We came home with big plans to clean everything – starting with our three suitcases we lived out of for a week during our vacation. Everything in our cleaning plans this past weekend hinged on our ability to do our laundry. But apparently the dryer had different plans because about ten minutes after the first load went in, the whole thing gave out. It has been dying a slow death for about a month, but we just shut the laundry room door and pretended not to notice. Turns out that wasn’t the best idea. So, Chris spent the past two days taking the entire dryer apart, replacing every part inside of it, and then putting it all back together again. What would have easily cost us $200 or $300 easily for a new dryer cost us $50 in parts.

But the deal with Chris’s ability to fix things is this: I have absolutely no control over what he does, when he does it, how he does it, or IF he does it whatsoever. I am simply allowed to point out that something is broken and then I have to sit back and wait to see if/when/how he’s going to fix it. It drives me crazy to be completely out of control like that, but it is what it is until I can figure out how to work a socket wrench. And other socket-wrench-like tools.

Thankfully, Chris needed and wanted clean laundry as much as I did and so this task was completed in record time.

However, I should point out that my little, wooden, antique vanity that needs a little love and attention to get back to her original glory still sits untouched in Gracie’s nursery….



The plight of a handy man’s wife…


Today I am grateful that I have a job that I love.

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34 Thoughts to “Marry a Handy Man. Trust Me.”

  1. He certainly is a jack of all trades! And bonus… he ACTUALLY fixes stuff and isn’t the guy that “thinks” he can fix things, but really can’t and ends up breaking them. You’re one lucky gal. My husband… well he is handy with certain things, but when it comes to new and unfamiliar things that don’t have instructions I am too nervous to let him attempt. I like my things not broken 🙂

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  2. Lisa

    Its so awesome you have a handy man around. I always wonder how they get to be so handy in the first place. How do they know that they know how to fix a dryer? Is it trial and error? I would love to be able to learn how to do things like that, but then that would just mean more work for me!

  3. Ashley

    Nice! It’s great to be with a man who can fix things. Recently, my boyfriend had issues with his computer and he’s spent the past two days taking it apart and putting it all back together. I was totally impressed! It’s good to have guys like that around.

  4. Beer is a good way to get through crises like that. I agree…having a handy man is a great thing to have around the house. That’s why I keep T around…or at least maybe 45% of the reason why 🙂

  5. Yes! I have a handy man of sorts, but his forte is computers. If something goes wrong, he can fix it AND make the computer function better after. The downside is we seem to acquire a lot of computers in the house…
    For general house things, though, I am the handy woman, and only because I go in with the attitude of, ‘well, I really can’t make things much worse than they are, can I?’ And then I usually learn something, for better or worse… Perhaps that’s how handy men get to be so handy…

  6. Nate's Mom

    I think we readers all look forward to the day when Gracie’s vanity is restored. We will throw you a parade! 🙂

  7. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    That is awesome to have a handyman as a hubby— my hubby is very handy also! He rewired our basement, put in crown molding, fixes the pool, and fixes multiple things around the house just to name a few. Just make sure that no matter how long it takes for him to fix things that you always tell him how much you appreciate it. My exhusband couldn’t fix anything so I definitely appreciate it!!

  8. This is so sad but I think I might be the handyman in our relationship. Sure, Jon knows how to take things apart – but as far as putting them back together? Not so much. I did 3 of our custom closets, installed most of the TV’s, set up the internet.

  9. Sarah in CT

    Oh, sister-friend, you know I appreciate this post, as we are married to virtually the same man. I’ll have to work on the back scratcher part, though. 🙂

  10. My Chris TRIES really hard…and then ends up calling me in to help. It drives him crazy! I attempt to not solve things TOO quickly so he doesn’t feel bad. 😉

  11. Jen

    That is so great! My hubs is the exact opposite so I am slightly jealous. I am forever hopefully Gracie’s vanity sees a new life soon!

  12. Yeah! Everyone tells me that one (of the myriad) reason(s) I MUST hang on to my boyfriend is his ability to fix anything… and after spending our first year in our first house together I have to agree. There’s no way I could figure out how to install new sinks or re-wire dishwashers and ovens, but he seems to know it intuitively. Thank goodness for that, or I might still be living with a fridge that wasn’t cold and no working shower! Hooray for handy men!
    P.S. Chris, just fix the vanity already! Katie wants it, you can make it happen, and ignoring the issue is not going to make it go away. =)

  13. This weekend, I learned how to change a car battery, with the help of the boyfriend. The battery was expensive. But without him, it would have cost me much more in towing fees, parts and labor. And the whole process only took about 4 hours from start to finish.

  14. Nikki

    I have a handyman, too! He is also a master piddler (our word for it). So I have to make sure that I don’t discourage his work by becoming snippy at the amount of time it takes! Example: I have been waiting for a formal dining room table forever! Well, he finally built it, and it’s beautiful! Some things are worth waiting for I guess.

  15. Jen c

    Just reading the title to that made me say “amen to that”. One of my hubby’s best qualities is that he can fix most things, and since I’m inclined to be clumsy, it’s a talent that has not gone unloved in our 4 years of marriage.

  16. Do you think we would be able to figure this stuff out on our own if we had to? I’m an intelligent person, probably I could.

    I don’t ever want to find out.

  17. Too late for me, I guess. I’m the unofficial handyman, though I would never mess with a dryer! But I did buy Aaron a handyman guide for his stocking since we’re moving in the spring and doing some renovating. Every DIY-er I know has someone in the family they can call to help, and our families have no home skills =(. Oh well, that’s what the professionals are for, right?

  18. Laura

    Can you send Chris to our house? The dryer broke a month ago, and we paid to have it fixed, only so it could poop out again this weekend. Going to grandma’s to do laundry is getting tedious.

  19. Darcy

    I have a boyfriend handyman! I think I’ll keep him too 🙂 Being handy just comes from confidence, willingness to learn, and not being afraid of just replacing it if you fail. Since I live on my own I’ve had to become my own handywoman and it’s quite empowering! I think you should take a stab at the vanity rather than waiting for Chris to do it – what’s the worst that could happen?

  20. Suzanne Branch

    Agreed! My hubby is a handyman and I love it! I can’t imagine not having one around since my Dad is the same way. Fingers crossed that the vanity is restored soon! Now I want one…. 🙂

  21. I am very thankful to have a handy husband as well! Unfortunately, Aaron’s handiness is in no way automotive–which we could really use…

  22. Sarah H.

    Woo for husbands that can fix stuff! I have one too, and God bless him. I’m forever needing my necklaces untangled d and earrings fixed–plus larger tasks of course. But I totally agree that it is on his own time and schedule. But the first step is realizing that 😉

  23. Yay for people who can fix things! I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve learned to do, but it’s really nice to have B around for some things. Like changing the car’s headlight when it goes out all the freaking time!

  24. When I lived with all girls, I was the handywoman fixing door knobs, hanging pictures, tightening things that needed tightening with tools. When I got married, I let my husband claim my tools as his and have graciously taken the backseat to handywork around the house!

  25. major props to you if you can step back and let him do it…i like to tell my husband what needs to be done and then tell him how to do it…he is a handy man too but I need to learn how to trust him and step back and let him do his thing!!

  26. I need a handy man. Only I’m fine with all my stuff being broken, I need a man who can fix everything I say so it doesn’t offend people or make them think I’m a freak.

    Well, maybe that’s too much to ask.

    So at least they think I’m a likable freak.

    (It’s always good to have a goal.)

  27. I agree. I love that my husband is handy and can fix things. I can fix some things but it is nice to have a fix it all type partner. However, my husband loves to know how things work and occasionally he will take something apart that isn’t broke just to see how it works and ends up breaking it in the process. Just making more work for himself.

  28. I love having a husband that can fix anything. It is so wonderful. Only problem is that he only fixes what he wants to fix, when he feels like fixing it, which doesn’t always match my picture. But it’s nice to have him around anyway.

  29. AAAHHHH!!! You’re a lucky lady! Before I married my husband he made it perfectly clear that if something needed to be fixed he had no problem calling a repairman….and that he liked white walls. I, on the other hand, am entirely too cheap to call a repairman unless I absolutely have to and I NEED things on the wall. (we’re complete opposites) So I’ve spent the past 2 years learning how to do things around the house. It all works out though b/c he gives me free rein with what I do AND he does all the cooking, dishes, laundry…etc. Turns out, I don’t mind learning how to hang things and I’m starting to love mini power tools! =)

  30. This is so true! My husband isn’t particularly handy-a side effect of spending too much time in the city where we have landlords to fix things!-but I wish he was (or I was) so we didn’t always have to pick up the phone. You’re a lucky gal!

  31. I want to mention how much I enjoy your blog! I only wish my husband was handy….he pretends to be, which mainly results in us going to the store and seeking professional help.

  32. My husband is a handyman too. He has to be – he’s a self employed farmer. He’s also a freelance photographer, he camera and computer equipment capable too. What a blessing! Suzanne

  33. I feel your pain. I have a half finished back porch that is one of the projects my hubby is working on. There is the almost retiled guest bath and the pantry which was moved leaving exposed tile in the kitchen. At least the laundry can get done at your house!

  34. OMG, I shoulda’ married a fixit guy. Either I fix it or it stays broken. Or we wait for my in-laws to visit because my FIL can fix ANYTHING. Just like Chris. It’s a natural ability, I think.

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