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Oh, imaginary friends. How I hate writing this blog post. But my narcissistic tendencies win out over my hesitations and so, here I am. Asking you once again to vote for me in the Bloggie Awards.


If you’re unfamiliar with the blogging world, the Bloggies are like the Oscars of the blogosphere. Kind of like the red carpet for nerds. Only we don’t have to get out of our jammies because we don’t have to leave our houses. Cause we’re nerds.

Last year you guys totally went above and beyond and I ended up being one of 5 nominees for Blog of the Year, along with my BFF, The Pioneer Woman. I don’t think Chris or I stopped squealing for weeks. We didn’t win (the downside of being nominated with The Huffington Post and The Pioneer Woman…), but it was still such an honor for us! And so I’m hoping maybe you’ll do it again this year.

Pretty please?

The way the voting works for The Bloggies this year is that you go vote until January 16 and nominate blogs for awards. Then, a selected committee will review the nominees and choose the top five blogs in each category. After that, the voting opens up once again for everyone and you vote on your favorite finalist in each category.

I know, I know. It’s a long process and it’s asking a lot, but let’s do it in baby steps. For now, if you’re so inclined, you can just pop over to The Bloggies website and nominate me for whatever categories you think are appropriate. If I’m selected later as a finalist, I’ll post another desperate blog post asking you to go vote again.

Because I have no pride, you see.

The catch for voting at this nomination stage is that you have to nominate at least three different blogs – in the same category or in three different categories, it’s up to you.  And don’t worry about having to fill in each category.  Just pick and choose which categories you want to vote for and list your chosen blogs there.  For those of you who may not read that many blogs, I thought I’d walk you through the categories and tell you who I’m voting for. I read some really fantastic blogs and I’m sure they’d love your support.

Here we go…

Best Canadian Blog: Archives of Our Lives

Best Photography of a Blog:  My BFF, The Pioneer Woman

Best Art, Craft, or Design Blog:  Mabel’s House

Best Parenting Blog:  Glamorous Life of a Housewife

Best Food Blog:  Bakerella

Most Humorous Blog:  The Bloggess

Best Topical Blog:  Southern Weddings Magazine

Best Writing of a Blog:  The Bloggess

Best Kept Secret Blog:  Our Front Door

Thanks so much for all you do to support me and my little corner of CyberLand.  If I win a Bloggie this year, I will thank each one of you personally in my acceptance speech.

Which I will be giving from my couch.

In my PJ’s.

Because I’m a nerd.


Today I am thankful for rainy days.

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23 Thoughts to “Blog, Blog, Bloggies”

  1. I nominated you in two categories yesterday 🙂

    Love your writing, how’s your book coming? I would LOVE to read that!

    Side note: Bean is adorable! But you knew that 😀

  2. Dyanna

    I nominated you in Best Parenting and Best Blog when nominations opened up the other night. Good luck!!!

  3. I’m heading over now. I love your blog and hope you win!

  4. Done. nominated you for Best Parenting and Blog of the Year. You’re my fave. 🙂

  5. Ann C

    I’m voting. Mostly, I hope that you get some cash so that you can buy Gracie some more tutus. A girl can never have too many tutus. Ever.

  6. Sarah

    It’s so hard to ask for this kind of help but I’m sure it’s great for the ad revenue. So since I’d like you to keep posting for my enjoyment I went and voted for you. Just doing my part without getting off my lazy butt 🙂

  7. I’m nominating you for Weblog of the Year, and Parenting Blog! Thanks for the link idea for people needing nomination ideas… I took that idea and did a similar thing tonight when I asked my readers to nominate me!

  8. DONE! Best Parents and Best Blog 🙂 I hope you win!!!

  9. Amy

    Yay! Time for the bloggies again! 🙂 Voted for you in multiple categories, also voted for some of my other favourite people. Fingers crossed for a win!

  10. Anon

    i know this is technically not a blog-blog but where is the thankful note?! i liked em’….

  11. Done, done. You are a big ol’ inspiration to us lesser-known bloggers out there and I think you definitely deserve the recognition! 🙂

  12. Good golly. I was totally out of commission yesterday with a migraine and look what I woke to this morning. Thanks Katie! I would love to stop being a secret. 🙂

  13. Katie, you’re so awesome that you don’t een need to ASK us to nominate you in the Bloggies. We were gonna do it anyway! 🙂

    Good luck, my dear. You don’t need an award to tell you that you’re a fabulous writer and creator of Internet space.

  14. Nikki

    Thank you for some recommendations, seeing as how the only blog I read is yours! Maybe it’s time for me to branch out into reading about other people’s lives! Maybe…

  15. Voting right now. . . . Considering my family knows I refer to MC simply as “my favorite blog” you better believe I’m nominating you!
    Good luck!

  16. Those are definitely great choices! Especially Our Front Door – I have a soft spot for Mindee!

  17. Hi! I nominated you in Best Parenting, Best Blog, and Best Blog Design. I’ve been a lurker here for over a year while my husband and I were trying to conceive….now we’re pregnant, yay! It’s fun to now read about you being pregnant at the same time. 🙂

  18. Laura

    Voted! And voted for some of our bloggie friends too. Good luck!!! xx

  19. Oh Yeah? Well I don’t have any pride either. So vote for me too.

  20. Un-lurking to tell you that I voted for you in best parenting and writing!

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