Cookie Monster

Either Cookie Monster is in my kitchen in the flesh….


Or Bean is the only 19 month old child with a 5:00 shadow.



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14 thoughts on “Cookie Monster

  1. Aw, he is too cute! Must have been one really good cookie!

  2. Rachel

    Cutest kid ever!!

  3. Ashley

    So cute! 🙂

  4. He has a way of brightening up an early morning!

  5. Lisa

    Mmmmm cookies…think its wrong if I have cookies for breakfast?

  6. Amy

    Oh my… so cute 🙂 His little smile melts my heart! … Also… I am having massive cravings for cookies (for breakfast) right now ….

  7. tressa

    Dear Lord what a cute cookie monster!!! So so so so sweet!!!

  8. what a cutie! bet he got a good scrub in the bathtub!

  9. super cute lil boy!:))

  10. Too cute! A well-developed appreciation for chocolate is a great thing!

  11. Claire

    Too cute! And excellent to see that you’re rounding off his diet with a healthy dose of choccie! I love it!

  12. Did Bean have one of your Swiss Rolls?

  13. I love this post. He’s so cute!!

  14. That looks more like a next day beard to me.

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