Review and Giveaway: First Friends

Don’t you love when fate intervenes and paints you a picture of your child’s favorite childhood stuffed animal?  No?  That’s never happened to you?  Well, it just happened to me and I am tickled pink.

A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful artist, Erin Chainani.  Turns out, Erin went to Yale around the same time as Chris and she even studied in his same school.  Only, she took the artistic track and he took the technical track.  Erin has recently opened her own small business called First Friends and it will just make your heart melt.

Erin paints portraits of your child’s favorite childhood stuffed animal or toy. Look how sweet these are…




I instantly fell in love with her paintings after spending just a few minutes on her website looking through her gallery. I love that she offers a gift certificate option, too, so that you can purchase a portrait for someone else.  And I love that she offers a variety of sizes (including a new, affordable 4×6 option).  And I love that she offers custom matting and framing, too.

And I’m not alone. She’s building a fast reputation as a first friends artist and she’s caught the attention of a few of her local media sources, like and  But even without her growing business, I was sold on just one portrait.  Just one.

This one.



And could she have gotten it any more perfect?!?!



She got his floppy arms just right. She got his deflating little belly. And, my favorite part, she got the little dimple in Mr. Bear’s head where Bean chews on him.

I mean, really. Could it be any cuter? I cry every time I see the portrait – which is often because it hangs on the wall above Bean’s changing table.


Bean loves it, too. He lays there while I’m changing his diaper, pointing to the painting and saying, “One Beeyah, Two Beeyah…” He thinks it’s funny that now he has TWO Bears.

As the mom of a rapidly growing toddler, it’s these kinds of keepsakes that I know I will always treasure. It’s these kinds of keepsakes that I already treasure. Because it’s these kinds of keepsakes that instantly take me back to the first days we had Bean home from the hospital and Mr. Bear was right there beside him, bigger than Bean was at the time. It takes me back to Bean learning to walk and dragging Mr. Bear along behind him across our kitchen floor in his jammies. It takes me back to Bean’s first days at a new daycare and knowing that even though I had to leave him with strangers, at least Mr. Bear was there with him.

And then, I start to cry. Like I’m doing right now.

I know that one day, Bean will outgrow his old friend. He’s already leaving Mr. Bear at home more and more now. And though I try to tell myself that it’s a sign of his feeling secure and independent, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t break my heart just a bit when I walk into Bean’s room and see Mr. Bear in a corner somewhere, temporarily forgotten. Of course, bedtime comes around and Mr. Bear is center stage again.

It’s for all these reasons that I already treasure this portrait. It floods me with all those emotions every single time I see it.

Which is why I am so darn excited to tell you that Erin is hosting a giveaway for all of you today!! She is generously giving away a framed 6×9 portrait of your child’s favorite toy. Or, it might be YOUR favorite toy from your own childhood. Or, it might be your niece or nephew’s favorite toy from their childhood. Or, it might be your grandchild’s favorite toy from their childhood. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS AND ERIN CAN PAINT THEM ALL!!

To be entered to win this awesome giveaway, leave a comment below telling me whose toy and what toy you’d want to have painted. Also, for a second chance to enter, visit the Cribsie Awards and nominate Erin for a Cribsie Award for best baby product! She’s up for nominations and would love the support!  Once you vote, come back and leave another comment telling me that you voted and you’ll be entered twice for a portrait!

The giveaway will close at 8:00pm EST on Friday, February 4, and a winner will be announced sometime over the weekend whenever I get my act together.

Good luck!


A very special thank you to Erin for our new family favorite portrait of Mr. Bear and for hosting such a generous giveaway!

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143 Thoughts to “Review and Giveaway: First Friends”

  1. Rebekah M.

    my son has 2 of the animal blankies with the puppy head and the blankie body. He has named them “puppy puppy” and “peter puppy” (named lovingly after peter parker). I would have to have a painting with both in it because he flip flops on his “favorite”!!!

  2. Lisa

    My nephew was just born and he came home from the hospital dressed in a little penguin hat and mitts so I would want her to paint a penguin for him.

  3. jessa r.

    my sister has “Lovie” – she is so worn with love that she no longer has eyes (they were painted on) but this doll has so many childhood memories that i would love to surprise my sister with this painting!

  4. brad malone

    I would love to have my daughter’s teddy painted for my wife.

  5. Janet

    I would love a gift certificate for my favorite cousin who just had a baby boy in September. Not sure yet what she would want painted, since he’s still so little, but she would love this idea 🙂

  6. Fabulous! I would love for Erin to capture my piggie. My grandmother gave him to me when I was born and the poor thing has been through a lot in 30 years – lost stuffing and his tail, and has had more holes sewn together than I can count. I would love to have the picture to put in my little one’s room someday.

  7. Kristina G.

    Both of my boys have a Curious George stuffed animal that they love. My oldest is 7 and I really think it’s time he give his up so this would be the perfect substitute!

  8. Kirsten

    I would have her paint Cody. Cody Maverick that is. He is the penguin from Surf’s up. When the movie was in the theatres Build a Bear had a cody you could make. The same day we saw the movie we were at Build a Bear and build a Cody. Cody has been far and away my son’s favorite stuffed buddy since then. He is 7 and Cody STILL goes everywhere with us. He is one well-travelled penguin. Like a member of the family.

  9. I would get a stuffed cardinal painted. Sullivan is a bit young to play with it yet but it is my fav toy that he has.

  10. cathy

    My 19 year old son’s lamb chops!

  11. Kristen

    Oh goodness, get ready for a long comment! The toy I would want painted is my stuffed rabbit “Bunny”. He has little carrots painted on his feet, and his little pink nose is nearly rubbed off from love. I slept with him every night as a kid and he came everywhere with me, even to college! I know my husband (then boyfriend) truly accepted all of my quirks when he knew about Bunny and gave him funny voices, made him dance, etc. when we were dating. But a few months before our wedding, he mentioned that it might be time for Bunny to no longer share our bed, so I found a special spot for him in my pajama drawer. He still comes out to visit occaisonally for a hug, though! I would love to have a special keepsake of him forever, especially when we have kids so I can share this with them!

  12. My two year old’s little orange stuffed cat…appropriately named “Catty.” He carries her EVERYWHERE, and she’s definitely a very real member of the family.

  13. my niece’s ‘lovie’ – a little bunny rabbit blankie

  14. Sarah H.

    This is SO AWESOME Katie! I had a white rabbit–named Rabbit that I had with me growing up. We traveled many places, he even vacationed in my lunch box 😉 He is very warn now, but I think he would make an awesome portrait for the nursery!

  15. Anna

    My 19 month old’s “lovie” a stuffed duck he calls (appropriately) Duck-Duck. He loves Duck-Duck and sleeps with him every night. He takes him everywhere and kisses his soft beak and says “Muah!” when he does. It was a gift from his great-grandma and we only have one (she didn’t get the buy a second one just in case memo) and I love that it’s from her. I would love to put this in his room, on his bookshelf, and someday (I hope) in my grandchild’s room!

  16. Samantha

    What an adorable idea! I’d have my childhood bear painted. I’m 35, have moved across country and back, but keep taking him with me because I can’t bear to throw him away. I might just commission his little painting myself. Thanks for the great idea!

  17. Summer

    Would LOVE LOVE for Erin to capture E’s little lamb “Lamby”. We have reciently purchased a back up that we have been rotating out to help preserve. This would be a AWESOME thing to have.!!!! SO glad you brought this to my attention 😉

  18. Christina

    I would love to have my son;s stuffed monkey painted he loves that monkey and we have even nicknamed him monkey. Those pics are great and I would love to have one… 🙂

  19. JD

    I don’t have kids, but I do have an adorable niece. Her mommy would love to have such a great painting.

  20. Amanda E.

    I would have her paint my daughter’s Cuddle Bear. She won’t go anywhere without her bear! I’d also love to have her paint my Kitty from when I was little. He was so loved that all the stuffing is long gone. But I still love him anyway!

  21. Bridget

    I would have Erin paint my favorite stuffed animal, Steggy, who still sits on my bed. He was a gift from my father, who passed away earlier this year. Steggy is well loved and is going a little bald in places, and I’ve never seen another one like him.

  22. My daughter uses about ten stuffed animals… so it would need to be a collage of two puppys, curious george, elmo, a frog, and a lamb… her bed looks like a zoo. we are thinking of charging admission…

  23. Love this idea! I would have to get a painting of my daughter’s hippo. She has had it for 5 years, and it shows the love for sure. It would be awesome to preserve it in a painting.

  24. I would have Erin paint my son’s ‘Bud’ – his little blankie with a mouse head. Her work is gorgeous!

  25. El

    I would have to have my 2 year old’s “Mr. Penguin”. He loves his penguin.

  26. Nikki

    I don’t have any children, but I think this would be a great present for my friend from high school. Her baby was born very early, and has been in the NICU since early October. She has an adorable stuffed monkey who she is now bigger than! I think it would be a great present for her room when she finally gets to go home!

  27. Lena

    My husband’s. We’re going to have a baby soon, and even though Radar is too old and delicate to be passed down, a picture of him in the nusery would be perfect

  28. I would love a picture of my son’s Lion. He brought it back from vacation, and as soona s we did he cuddled up with it and doesn’t let go!

  29. Brenda

    I would love a painting of my 12 yr old’s Piggy. She has had Piggy since she was born and she still sleeps with him. Many years ago I had to find a replacement Piggy on ebay when he was lost – but months later Piggy was found at Grandma’s house! Piggy has had many “sugeries” to replace holes, but he is still holding strong! Love the picture of Mr. Bear!!

  30. I would love a painting of my little niece’s beloved “baby” – my niece can’t go anywhere without it, and she loves to hold it in her hand while she sucks on her thumb 🙂

  31. Katie

    Do you remember Webkins? When those were still really popular, my mom bought one for my nephew and I – it’s the cutest dinosaur ever! He’s brown and they named him “Cocoa”!

  32. Gabrielle

    I would love a painting that includes both mine and my husband’s first bears, Teddy and Radar respectively, to hang in a future nursery.

  33. Kelly P

    Oh my gosh, I’m not sure if I’ve ever wanted to win a giveaway so badly! I would have my stuffed animal from childhood (*ahem* that I still sleep with every night *ahem*) painted. He is a monkey named Goliath and I love him immensely. This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

  34. Elizabeth

    I would love to have a picture of my husband’s treasured BB (stands for Brown Bear) for our future nursery.

  35. Kelly P

    I just nominated her for a Cribsie. I hope she wins 🙂

  36. RObyn

    I would love to have a painting that includes both of my kids favorite toys. My 9yr old had a blanket names “woobie” (think mr mom) it was pink and has about an inch left on it and my 7yr old sons fuzzy puppy named “jake”…would love something to incorporate those 2 together

  37. Jfitz

    I am so excited that I am finally caught up on your blog and can enter my first drawing! I would have Erin paint my nephews favorite teddy bear.

  38. i would have Anne Margarets little bunny painted. such a great gift idea.

  39. Jessica W

    Probably my niece’s favorite, “Piggy”. Piggy has been very, shall we say, “loved”… I bet she could capture him in his (cleaner) youth. Her work is gorgeous!!

  40. Stephanie M

    This is so awesome! My baby cousin has a stuffed animal that we call “Baby Love” that I’d love to have a painting of!

  41. I would have one of my son’s toys painted, I can’t decide which one…

  42. Maria

    My son has a “Woobie” that he absolutely cannot sleep without…he holds it against his face as he sucks on his finger every single night! It’s the cutest thing in the world. Woobie is a little teddy bear attached to a small blankie and he’s had it since he was just a tiny lil thing. He’s been washed numerous times and sewn back together once…and it’s going to break my heart when Logan stops needing Woobie. This is such a fabulous gift – thank you for the chance to win!

  43. Maria

    I voted! I really hope that Erin wins – this is the cutest thing ever!

  44. I would definitely have the image of my daughters’ first doll done. It would be so sweet!

  45. Sandy

    my son has a stuffed Koda bear from the Disney movie Brother Bear. it hardly resembles it’s former self from all the “lovin” he has gotten. his poor ole neck doesn’t even have any stuffin’ left and his big ole’ head just flops around…but the whole family still loves him anyway =0)

  46. Mariya

    Oh my gosh. I love this idea so much. I’m not sure if I’d prefer a picture of my old elephant that’s barely got a trunk left, or my baby’s soft elephant toy.

  47. My husband and I are expecting our first child in July. We named the baby Paddington while in-utero. I then learned that my husband’s maternal grandmother, with whom he shares a birthday, gave him a Paddington bear when he was born. I’d like to have our baby see Paddington each day.

  48. I would have my childhood bear, cleverly named Bear, painted. It would hang in the nursery that both of my boys use at my parent’s house. I would love to have one of their animals painted but they just aren’t attached to one thing just yet. LOVE THIS IDEA! Thanks for finding such interesting and fun things!

  49. I submited Erin’s First Friends for the contest! What a great idea!

  50. Sara M

    My son loves his frog, whom he has not yet named. It would be awesome to have a painting of it!

  51. Sharon

    My daughter’s boy friends Sock Monkey.

  52. Allison

    In thinking about this, I realized I didn’t have a favorite toy growing up. But I’m sure the boy would appreciate a picture of his much loved sock monkey that his grandmother made him. It would make a great graduation gift….

  53. natalie V

    I would love to have my childhood frog, named Charlie painted. He is so soft. I even took him to college because it was a part of home I couldnt leave. I think the bear is very cute and Erin does great work!! 🙂

  54. I think I’d have to pay a little extra to have 2 animals done for my 3 yr old son. It’s his Tiger and Wolfie (or is it Wolfy?). He got the wolf at a water park (at that time, he traveled with Tiger). When we returned to the water park, we brought Wolfie, but not Tiger and he was SO mad 🙂

  55. What an amazing giveaway! My three yr old son LOVES Woody from Toy Story. He brings him everywhere with him. He dresses like him – both during the day and night. He wears his Woody boot slippers to bed. He tells everyone “Howdy Pardner”. The teachers at his daycare even tell me that they think he looks like Andy!

  56. I can’t decide! I’d either choose Little Man’s teddy, Sweet Pea’s kitty, or Babydoll’s teddy. I may just have to win one and purchase the others!

  57. Ana

    I think my little cousin’s favourite toy is also a bear, a green skin one, with a cross-stitched bib saying her name: Bianca.

  58. I also nominated First Friends for a Cribsie award!

  59. Kristen

    Also, I voted!

  60. Claudia

    I have a teddy bear, very similar to Mr. Bear actually, that I got with a Precious Moments doll. I didn’t very much for the doll, although she was very cute; all I wanted was the bear. He has those cute droopy eyes and a little yellow bow around his neck. I am now 24 and I still have the bear. The bear does not have a name.

  61. My older brother is now in medical school, but when we were younger he had Mr. Bunny. It use to be blue but is now gray with long long floppy ears, which he use to hang onto and twirl Mr. Bunny at me when I was just 1 year old (we have it on video). He loved that thing and it is has the wear and tear to prove it.
    He is getting to the age where he wants to start a family and I would love to get Mr. Bunny (who resides in the closet of my parents house) painted for my brother as a gift he can one day give to his own children (he wants 5!). He is working so hard in medical school and I just know he’d get the biggest kick out of it. Sometimes even big strong doctors need a piece of their childhood. (Did I mention he is thinking about pediatrics? What a great thing to have to in office).

  62. Amanda E.

    I nominated First Friends for a Cribsie!

  63. Maria

    I so need to get one of these made of my husbands favorite stuffed cat that he still plays with

  64. Diana K.

    How precious. I would love a picture of one of my childhood toys.

  65. Maria

    I just nominated Erin for a Cribsie Award. This is such a great idea, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before

  66. Colleen

    I would love to have a picture of my grandson’s favorite stuffed puppy–he would love it for his room.

  67. Ashley

    Probably my Cabbage Patch Doll from childhood, Rebecca. I know my mom would die if I had a portrait painted of her…and we could hang it up in my baby’s room someday!

  68. My sons lovie “Owlie”- such a cute idea!

  69. I would definitely want one of my old Care Bear. I carried that thing with me everywhere, slept with it every night- she was my favorite.

  70. Jules

    My best friend’s son, Cooper, also has a Mr. Bear. I would to have it painted for him.

  71. I definitely want to be entered! My son has a stuffed frog that my brother won for him out of one of those crane machine games. My son loves it and sleeps with it every night!

  72. Oh my GOSH! Could that be any cuter?!
    If I won, I would have Bridget’s “Dilly” painted. It’s a turtle with a tiny little body and head and REALLY LONG CHUNKY legs. So cute and she must have it to sleep every night.

  73. I am in love with her paintings! My husband still has his Curious George stuffed animal from his childhood (the he took to college with him!) , and my son’s favorite is his Curious George stuffed animal. I would love, love, love for them to get painted together!

  74. I voted for Erin for a Cribsie Award! I hope she wins- she’s really good!!!

  75. Rachel

    I would get either my lion painted or my daughter’s bunny rabbit. She’s only 2 months so she doesn’t play with it yet, but it’s my favorite stuffed animal of hers.

  76. Rachel

    I voted for Erin for a Cribsie award.

  77. Liz M.

    Omg adorable beyond belief. I would have my oldest little black sheep, Maa Zoe Sheep done. She named after my parents’ dogs, first Max and then Zoe. Both of the dogs are no longer with us but the sheep is and it holds a special place for us.

  78. Liz M.

    I voted for a Crisbie!

  79. Heather

    my daughter has a little puppy that she sleeps with. what a great idea!

  80. KimberlyHMN

    I would get my nephew’s bear painted as well. Even though he’s almost 9, he still love the thing!!

  81. KimberlyHMN

    I also voted for Erin for a a Cribsie!

  82. My daughter has a little baby cabbage patch kid that she just loves. I’d love to have that in a painting.

  83. Allyson

    My daughter has a kitty she calls “Kitty”. She is now 6! She loves that cat, and he is her comfort.

  84. Sarah D.

    Well, since I have twin 3 year old boys, I would have to buy a second one, if I win the giveaway. One boy has a stuffed puppy that he has had since he was born. And the other boy has a stuffed kitty. I am just redecorating their rooms and this would be perfect!

  85. Shannon

    Lucas’ pal is a giraffe named Ralphie. Ralphie is the only stuffed animal Lucas will sleep with. He is really the only thing that Lucas is protective of. It’s very cute.

  86. Tough call, but I think I would get my puppy stuffed toy Mutsy painted — I carried him around with me all the time as a kid, and it’d be a fun keepsake to decorate an eventual baby’s room (not that that is happening soon for me though…)

  87. Alicia CP

    I would get buddy painted… he’s a little bear that little man sleeps with (biting ear in his mouth for entire nap!) and don’t need anything stuffed.. yet.

  88. Oh I would love to get “Gigi” my daughter’s beloved giraffe lovey!

  89. Heather in NY

    Oh gosh that painting is wonderful! I’d love to have one done of my son’s little orange tabby cat. He calls it “meow” and it goes absolutely everywhere with him.

  90. Katie

    My family has Giggles. He’s a stuffed dog that has seen us through many, many years. He was originally a gift to me from my Godfather right before he passed away, but he has been a comfort item for many members of my family through the years.

  91. Sarah in CT

    I am feeling the twinge of nostalgia and loss of my “baby” as Emma no longer REQUIRES her lambie blanket for bed. I would definitely have a painting done of her used-to-be pink blanket with a sleeping lamb’s head in the corner. It is worn out and chewed on and absolutely wonderful.

  92. Kristi McClellan

    I would love a portrait of my oldest son’s Lamby. He is 7 now and it would be so sweet to have this memento. Plus, a dear family friend gave it to him so it has a lot of love in it!

  93. april in TX

    I would have my kitten and giraffe painted from my childhood. They are both from dear men who loved me and now are gone-my Dad and my godfather. They are the only real remnants of my early childhood I have left.

  94. That portrait is beautiful!! I would love to have a picture of my nine month olds giraffe lovey that she carries around everywhere!

  95. I voted for Erin in the Cribsie Award!:)

  96. Laura

    What amazing paintings! I would love a portrait of my special koala bear from when I was growing up :). (PS Don’t worry, Mr Bear will probably always have a special place in Bean’s heart…have you seen Toy Story 3?)

  97. Lindsey

    The little boy I used to take care of has lovies, which are his little blankets that he does everything with. It would be a perfect birthday present for his second birthday that is coming up!

  98. Carrie

    My bean had a bunny she carried around for years!!! This is a super cute idea!

  99. Catherine M.

    I would have a portrait made of my daughter’s favorite pig, Penelope. She’s a very loved piggie.

  100. My daughter has a Mickey that she loves and we would love to have a picture of it.

  101. Shelly

    Alexandra’s Buster dog. He’s her favorite and he was her Mama’a favorite too! He’s a generational fav!

  102. Elijah is only 8 months old, so he hasn’t quite found his favorite, yet, but he does have an elephant lovy that goes everywhere with him and a bear in his crib that is always in a different spot each time I get Eli up from sleeping.

  103. I voted and I hope she wins!!

  104. Amelia

    Since I was about 2 years old I have had Pink Teddy. Pink has gone everywhere with me: sleepovers, camp, college, study abroad, and now to my new apartment with my fiance. Luckily he understands my love for Pink and doesn’t even make fun of her new color- you know that color that all stuffed animals turn after years and years. I like to call that color ‘well loved’. Would love to have a painting for the day Pink can’t be around all the time.

  105. Amelia

    Pink and I just voted!

  106. Emily

    I would love to have her paint this small brown teddy bear I brought EVERYWHERE – he was especially supportive at all shots at the doctors!

  107. Sharilyn

    My son’s faithful companion all through pre-school: Kowie.

  108. Laurie

    I would love to have my girls favorite stuffed owl done..she would love it.

  109. Kathie

    My son (who is turning two this weekend) has a beloved little dog stuffed animal that he carts around with him every single place he goes….I would love to have such a beautiful picture of this dog to capture it for a lifetime!

  110. Rhi

    Oh, I’d love to have a portrait of Homer the Bear. I got him when I was 6 and had my tonsils out.

  111. Kendra D.

    My son’s favorite stuffed dog.. a yellow lab named Sam. He sleeps with him every night!

  112. Susan

    My favorite was an original sock monkey made by my Grannie

  113. Julie

    I would have her paint my Koala bear that I grew up with . It was given to me by my aunt who passed away shortly after in her sleep. My parents kept it for me all these years, and at Christmas, Santa brought her back to me because I just had my little girl. It is so special.

  114. My first teddy, ‘Teddy’. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in June, and it would be a perfect addition to the ‘bear’ walls in our nursery.

  115. I tried to go and vote, but since I am from Canada, it would not let me vote. 🙁 However I am going to order one of her portraits if I don’t win!

  116. Yvonne Ledford

    My Granddaughter Joeliett has her very vest friend besides me in this whole big world his name is “Big Bear”. He has been a huge part of her world for almost 4 years now, and is just now being left at home more and more. There was a time in her life when she wouldn’t go anywhere without him …even across the room was too far. Granny (Joeliett’s Great Grandmother) has restuffed Big Bear’s head and neck more times than I can count. She has just recently started to leave him behind…which is a huge step for her. But every night when I peek into her room before I go to bed, I still see her cuddled with her arms wrapped around her “Big Bear”. The most peaceful look is shown on both their faces…and somehow I know they will be best friends forever<3

  117. AJ and Ryan have matching puppies, AJ’s is blue and Ryan’s pink. AJ’s has been through the wash so many times it’s pretty sad but he loves it and prefers it over the new one I got him when we ordered Ryan’s puppy. He still sleeps with the new one too, but when I try to hide the old one he sleepily asks for his ‘dirty puppy’. Then he cuddles up, thumb goes in the mouth and he rubs the tail on his upper lip. If we are feeling sick he will bring his puppy over and rub the tail on our cheek and says he’s making us feel better, he’s so cute. It is the favorite for both of them, Ryan tries to steal it all the time. I would get a portrait of all the puppies with dirty puppy front and center.

  118. Nikki

    I voted! She deserves to win with her great idea!

  119. My son has his own little Mr. Bear that I would love to have painted. This is such a great idea, I’ve never thought about something like this before. Love it.

  120. My son has his own little Mr. Bear that I would love to have painted. This is such a great idea, I’ve never thought about something like this before. Love it.

  121. colleen

    I’d have monkey painted. It’s my lovie and I’d love a piece of artwork of it.

  122. colleen

    I just voted for First Friends on the Cribsies!

  123. Laura

    How cute and what a great way to honor a special friend. 🙂 I would love a print for my niece and her IzaBear, named after Izabela who gave it to her when she was born.

  124. Mary

    I would love my childhood teddy bear, Andy, painted. The poor old guy only has 1 arm left and he lives in a box in my basement. I need a way to honor my old friend before I send him to a nice farm.

  125. Whitney

    I absolutely just love this! But my little guy doesn’t really have a favorite stuffed animal! I would find something though if I won!

  126. Beth

    I would love to have a picture of the baby that my daugher carries around everywhere! She takes her so many places that her poor head is permanently stained from all the excitement. It would be so great to hang in her room!

  127. colleen fogelson

    i would have my daughter’s winnie the pooh blanket painted. she has had it since she was a newborn and still sleeps with it every night. i love it as much as she does!!

  128. colleen fogelson

    i went to the cribsie website and voted for first friends!!

  129. Stephanie

    My most prized childhood friend was a small version of “Cheer Bear”, the Care Bear. The old school version. 🙂 I was in a bad car accident when I was 2, and when I was in the hospital recovering, my grandparents gave me this stuffed animal. It’s always had a special place in my heart. I still have it, too! 🙂

  130. Stephanie

    I voted for Erin in the Cribsie Awards just now, too!

  131. Jaime

    What a cute idea! My son has a little stuffed dinosaur whose name is Buddy. He carries it everywhere. (Actually, he has two. He calls it “Other Buddy” because he can definitely tell the difference.) My son is almost 4. He and Buddy have been, well, buddies since he was born.

  132. Jaime

    I voted for Erin! Her sweet idea definitely deserves to be rewarded. Thanks for passing this information along! (PS I’m also expecting a baby girl this spring, Cadence Gray. I love reading your blog because I find so many similarities between us.) Thanks again:)

  133. Melissa Simmons

    My son’s bear. He has had it since he was an infant and still sleeps with it at 5 years old.

  134. Melissa Simmons

    Did the nomination.

  135. erin

    How awesome! Because then if my daughter loses her Wubba (this cute little lovey thing, a little purple “bear” but with a blankie on the bottom instead of a body), she will still have Wubba. She won’t be able to make him clap his hands like she does now, but at least it will still be Wubba. 🙂

  136. erin

    I voted for her for a Cribsie!

  137. Megan

    The yellow teddy bear I received for my first Christmas, creatively named “Teddy.” My grandparents gave him to me, and he still sits on my bed at my parents house, almost thirty years later. His nose is squished to one side from sleeping with him for so many years.

  138. Heather Ben

    For my daughter – def a horse but she has about 6 of them so not sure which one is best. Really we are trying to phase some of them out at bedtime.

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