Etsy Day: Sew Divine

You know you’re a blogger when you hear about something cool and the first thing you think is, “I can’t wait to blog about that!”  That’s totally what happened to me a couple months ago when my mom told me about this idea she had for an Etsy Shop.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, then you know that my mom is as creative and talented as it gets.  In fact, I’m pretty certain the reason that I can’t do creative projects to save my life is because she kept all those genes for herself when I was born.  Mom loves to crochet, knit, make ceramic pieces, and – more than all of that – sew.  She loves doing these things so much that my sister and I each have huge collections of her arts.  As in, if we get any more our closets and cabinets might explode.

Because we were so well stocked and because Mom still had the urge to create and because so many people have asked her to make things, she came up with this great idea.   To open her own Esty shop.

And then she got another idea.  An idea that just confirms I have the sweetest, most unselfish mom in the whole world.  Mom decided that she was going to open this Etsy shop and sell baby products and then give 100% of the profit to orphanages who are in such desperate need of funding.  She had been reading about these orphanages, mostly in Uganda, who are so under supplied.  And when she found out how much good a little extra funding could do (namely buying diapers), then she decided without question that her should give all her profit to those little children.

Because that’s just the kind person that my mom is.

So, this week she finally opened her own Etsy shop, appropriately named, Sew Divine.


Sew Divine sells all of the cute, practical, unique baby products that my mom has made for Bean. Burp cloths (the best ones I’ve found, by the way), bibs, receiving blankets, slings, car seat coolers… All reasonably priced, all such great gift ideas, all such useful things, and all benefiting children all over the world.

I should actually be waiting to post about this for another week or so to give Mom time to get all her merchandise listed, but I’m too excited to wait any longer. So, what you see in her shop right now is only the beginning. Over the next few weeks, she’ll be adding all her inventory and as she adds, I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter to let you know the shop has been updated. Until then, be sure to stop by and see what she’s got up.

And do yourself a favor. Buy a burp cloth. Buy many burp cloths. Then buy the matching accessories. Then buy more burp cloths.






Each purchase you make will come with a little card telling you which orphanage your money will be donated to. So, shop happy knowing that you are giving just as much as you are getting. And that, like my mom, you are making a difference for children who aren’t as fortunate as our own.

I’m so proud of my mom and of the example she sets for my children and that she continues to set for me. She is proof that giving your gifts to serve others is such a blessing to those around you.


Today I am grateful for my mom and the good she is doing not just for those around her, but those around the world.

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20 Thoughts to “Etsy Day: Sew Divine”

  1. Awesome! Congrats to your Mom!

    Can I make a selfish suggestion? I’ve been pining over that Target-sized shopping cart cover she made ever since you posted it last year. 😉

  2. Lisa

    The shopping cart cover was literally the first thing I thought of too when I read your post. I really think it would be a very popular seller!

  3. So cute! What a lovely idea!!

  4. AHH-mazing! I love the products and how much good my purchase can do. What a great mommy you have. Can’t wait to stock up on burp cloths. Thanks for posting Katie!!

    ~ GGG

  5. Amy

    Yay!!!! How exciting! My SIL is having a baby girl in April, and I think this is the perfect place for me to shop for gifts! 🙂

  6. How exciting! Love the idea!!!

  7. This is such an amazing thing that your mother is doing! I have a friend having a little boy in May… I can’t wait to order burp cloths for her!!!

  8. Yay for your mom! I wish her great luck on this exciting venture!

  9. Sarah H.

    I love this Katie! Your Mom is Awesome! I have my eye on several things for my baby 🙂

  10. Erin

    This is great! Your mom is amazing and I cannot wait to buy stuff up for my little girl (coming in June!) And her prices are extraordinary!

  11. Darcy

    Awesome – this timing is so great. I have a baby shower in a few weeks and I’ll definitely include some gifts from your mom’s site!

  12. Susan

    I Love this!! I cannot wait for someone to get pregnant so I have an excuse to buy something!

  13. Tressa

    Your Mom has a heart of gold!! Can’t wait to help her, help babies all over the world 😉

  14. K

    You should link up with Kelly’s Korner blog for more publicity! Perfect timing for this post.

  15. Amazing! Your mom is wonderfully talented. I agree about her shopping cart covers. That should be her next product.

  16. Those are adorable! I will have to order some when I have a little one!

  17. I’m so prod of your mom too!, I’m sure she’ll do great! I can’t wait to get one of those car seat coolers.. =)

  18. sarah

    ah! can’t wait to check this out! 🙂

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