The Firstborn

I could go on to have 100 more children, but this one will always be my baby because it was his eyelashes and bright blue eyes that first made me somebody’s momma.


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16 Thoughts to “The Firstborn”

  1. aw, such a heartbreaker!

  2. Amy

    Aw, I melt! Look at the utter happiness & love in those eyes 🙂

    I simply love this post.

  3. My friend always tells her oldest that “she loves both her boys equally, but she’s loved him longer.” I think that is such a great way to make the oldest feel special after the new baby comes along.

  4. Your little man is so cute! Of course he’ll still be your baby, even when he’s Gracie’s big brother.

  5. so poignant….and incredibly true.

  6. So sweet. Isn’t it amazing how a new little person can change who you are so completely? It’s something I will always be grateful to Jacob for, even though he had no control in it!

  7. Maren

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…about my own long eyelash blue eyed son!

    And Bean’s so CUTE!!

  8. Emily Langston

    I have a pair of blue eyes and eyelashes myself. You have given me confidence that having a 2nd won’t take away from my son and my bond. He’s my little mama’s boy and I’d love nothing more!

  9. Jessica W

    Matt’s (My husband) great-grandma (who turns 94 today!) always takes me aside every time I see her and whispers to me “I love all of my great-grandchildren equally, but I love Matt just the *tiniest bit* more because he will always be my first.” It is so adorable.

  10. Oh this made my heart melt! I can just picture my 11 week old first born when you say this and it brings tears to my eyes!

  11. This makes me cry buckets. I totally know what you mean. Love. XOXO

  12. Shana

    congrats Bean I know you will be a great big brother to Gracie 🙂

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