Blabla Boogaloos

Newborns aren’t that interesting.

Sorry. I know that’s not what moms are supposed to say, but it’s true. They’re pretty boring. They don’t do much yet. Don’t have many preferences. Don’t have much of a personality. They’re adorable and they smell like a delicious combination of soap and milk, but generally speaking, they don’t do much.

As much as I love her, Gracie is no different. She sleeps just about 23 out of 24 hours in the day, waking only to toot, eat, and occasionally protest a diaper change. But yesterday a gift arrived in the mail for Gracie from friends of ours in Connecticut and when Gracie saw the little doll, she came alive.

Well, sort of. I mean, she stayed awake for a while. And in Gracie’s world, that’s big doin’s.

The gift was a Boogaloo doll from a little shop called Blabla in Atlanta, GA.



I had the Boogaloo sitting in Gracie’s crib along with all the other dolls and stuffed animals she has received. Mostly they just look cute sitting there since Gracie’s too little to do too much with them right now. Today I had to lay Gracie down in her crib for a couple minutes while I cleaned up her room a bit, so I grabbed the Boogaloo and laid it down so that Gracie was facing it. I thought it’d give her something to look at for a little bit.



And Gracie actually seemed to respond to it. She stared at it a while and then she started waving her arms around in the general direction of the doll, so I’m guessing she was trying to touch it. It was pretty cute, actually. Then, Gracie started cooing and making cute little noises as she flapped her arms around.



It could have been a fluke. Maybe she had gas or some violent newborn twitch. But I think it was the bright colors that attracted her attention. And I think she likes the little balls on the doll’s head because she tries to reach for those. In fact, this afternoon she tried to touch them but her arm flailed in that erratic way that newborn limbs sometimes do and she accidentally hooked her finger around one of the balls and pulled the doll over.

I think she also likes the incredibly soft crocheted fabric that the Boogaloo is made out of. I’m telling you, it’s softer than cashmere. Even I like holding her.



If you’re looking for a sweet little baby gift for someone, a Boogaloo by Blabla would be really great. They make all different kinds of dolls and sock monkeys and they even have clothing and accessories, too. But I’m kind of partial to the Boogaloos.

We love Gracie’s so much that we named her. Pink Baby. Original, I know. But that’s what she is. Gracie’s Pink Baby. We’re literal people around these parts…

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8 Thoughts to “Blabla Boogaloos”

  1. Each of my girls got a BlaBla doll (from different people) when they were born. I love them! We have the nannygoat (for Alice) and a mini cumulus (for Stella). Stella also has two supercute shirts from BlaBla that I got on GiltGroupe.

  2. Angela

    is it weird that I really want one?
    they just look so darn cute.

  3. Great gift idea! And oh my, Jacob has/had that sleeper, too. I can’t believe how much a baby can grow out of in six months! Gracie is precious 🙂

  4. Catherine M.

    Be still my heart! I love the photos!

  5. Aw, so cute! And I love the little duckie footies she has on!

  6. How cute! I definitely know that newborns aren’t the active ball of personality that older infants are, but seeing that first sprout of independent movement other than those associated with bodily functions is always amazing. And I’m going to go with the bright color idea. That’s probably the only thing she can see, but what a cute toy that is that she can “grow” with for now 🙂 Cabin Fever in Vermont

  7. Rachel

    Gracie is adorable. Awful for putting that link in though. Cute things glore! I love it. Cuteness factor is out the window.

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