Day One

Since Gracie’s arrival, we’ve been so lucky to have family close by to lend a helping hand. With two babies now, that’s twice the dishes, twice the laundry, twice the playtime, twice the meals, and twice the kisses. Extra hands have been essential. It’s also been especially helpful because I’ve been recovering from my c-section and that has made it hard for me to do things like lift Bean up to the changing table or haul around a laundry basket full of diaper cloths and onesies.


Today is special. Today is my first day on my own with two babies. And I am so excited. I still can’t do some things, so we’ll be laying low and playing around the house for the next week or so while I get back to 100%, but I’m at least to the point where I can feed, clothe, clean, and care for two little ones and I couldn’t be more excited. While I’ve loved having a house full of family and friends, I’m ready to see what it’s like when it’s just me and the wee ones. I’ve been waiting for this for nine months and today is the day!


So far, having two kids hasn’t been all that much different or harder than having one. Of course, Gracie has been sleeping around the clock, so I pretty much just move her to wherever we happen to be and life goes on. Except for changing a lot more diapers, feeding one more mouth, and giving an extra bath (or two if there’s a diaper blow out…) every day, daily life for now seems to keep on truckin’. I bet it will get a little busier when Gracie starts needing more and becoming more active herself, but for now it’s been kind of great. Kind of awesome, really.


The only hard thing I’ve found so far is the getting out and about. It’s not necessarily taking an extra baby with us. It’s more the logistics of it. For example, I need to go to Target today. But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out where I’d put two kids at Target. I can’t take the stroller in for Gracie because I still need a cart for the things I have to buy. I thought about using the cart only and putting Gracie’s carrier in the big part and Bean in the seat. But then where would I put the things I need to buy? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma. So instead, I shall stay home and wait until Chris can go with us tonight.

There! Problem solved!


I’m sure I’ll figure things like that out over time. A lot of it will be like it was with Bean. Trial and error. But for now, I’m pretty content to just hang out on my couch, resting, and playing with Bean’s blocks. We’ll learn to be mobile soon, so I’m trying to enjoy the lack of mobility right now.


Besides, we have a pretty good time at our house these days. It’s been warm and sunny and beautiful outside, so we’ve been hanging out on the back porch that Chris recently fenced in for us. Now, we play with sidewalk chalk, in the water table, with bubbles, with golf balls, with the school bus slide. And it’s been great. A little rowdy time outside in the morning, a good lunch, a big nap, and a few inside activities like coloring and painting in the afternoons until Daddy gets home. I do love working and I really miss my students, but the idea that this is going to be my routine for a while makes me smile.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. There is a short, blue-eyed, blonde man demanding my attention at the Lego bucket.

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40 Thoughts to “Day One”

  1. I’m so glad for you Katie!!
    It looks like things are turning out OK!!
    You must be a very proud mom: look at your babies!! They are sooo cute!

  2. Beth

    The Target dilemma can be solved with a Mommy Hook… bring reusable bags, hook ’em onto the cart, fill them up, and unload and re-use at the register! A mommy hook is a MUST for the stroller too! I have 2 and love them! I keep one in the diaper bag for the grocery store/Target and keep one on the stroller. Good luck!! It gets a little tougher when the baby stops sleeping, but it also gets more fun!

  3. Sounds like you’re handling everything great! I’m only waiting for #1, but I can’t wait until I’m home alone with him. Currently, the idea of a houseful of “helpers” is stressing me out more than the baby.

  4. Rachel

    Wear a sling and keep sweet Gracie wrapped up close to you! That way, Bean can ride in the buggy or walk and help put items in the buggy.

  5. What about a baby carrier for outings? We have a bjorn and a ring sling (didn’t like it), but I have heard really good reviews for the Moby. Then you can have your hands free and plenty of space!

    I love the bubble machine! I may have to get one for my little guys for Easter!

  6. I’m with Rachel…a sling or a front-pack may be the way to go!

    I’m glad you are enjoying the time at home, as challenging as I am sure it may be at times! Bean looks like such a big boy (hate to tell you that! 😉 ), and Gracie is just beautiful. Enjoy these moments!

  7. Rachel

    When my kids were younger (they’re 11 & 14 now, *wipes tear from corner of eye), I used to leave them at home with Dad when I went to Target ALL BY MYSELF! Sorry for shouting, but it was a heavenly break from the madness. It helped me to have some time to myself, even if it was only 15 minutes at the store. =) Enjoy those babies!

  8. Definitely need to invest in a front carrier.. it was essential when mine was too little.. then i had the other one in the cart.. its little tricky to manuever, but for me it was the only way to go anywhere for awhile… now my little one is in the cart and the bigger one walks next to the cart.. so far its not so bad… so far.

  9. I only have one baby, so please take my suggestions with a grain of salt. #1 – I know it’s not as fun, but you could shop online at – I get diapers and formula there and it keeps me from picking up the other little things that aren’t in the budget. #2 Someone above suggested to the Moby wrap – I am a HUGE FAN, but as someone who spent over 20 years of my life in Florida, I think FL is a little hot for the Moby wrap, and it’s only getting hotter in a few months. I don’t love the baby bjorn, and just got myself a knock off version of the Ergo wrap.

  10. What an exciting milestone. 😀 I’m a cashier at Target, and what I see most moms do in your situation is hook the carseat in the front part (I don’t think this works if your Target has the all-plastic carts, though; but I’m not sure) and put the toddler in the basket part. The success of this will largely depend on how good of a listener Bean is…if he won’t agree to sitting firmly on his bottom, it won’t work. Wouldn’t want any Beanies to fall out and get hurt! 🙂

  11. I just can’t get over how much she looks like you! Both of your children are so adorable (as you know, heehee).

  12. Jen

    I agree with the other suggestions- a sling or front carrier is the way to go! That means little Gracie is cuddling so close to you! OR put Gracie in her seat in the front and Bean gets to walk (just like a big boy!). Enjoy the time at home! Can’t wait to hear about your many adventures to come!

  13. I’m still trying to figure out how to go out with one. People love slings and I wish Sullivan loved them too but he likes to stretch too much for those. Our Phil & ted’s front carrier is awesome. I would always wait until mike got home then leave for 30 minutes. Even if it was to the gas station, it was exciting. Enjoy your beautiful weather and time with your two cuties!

  14. You know, my first two are the same age difference at yours and I found a double stroller to be a lifesaver.
    You sound SO happy Kate (see what good friends we are?). Babies agree with you – after they’re born. 😉

  15. Have you tried the wraps? Much easier than hauling thoses horrible carseats around. Also, and I hate to bring it up, but have you ever thought of a leash? I used to hate the idea too, but after I had twins I moved over to the “other side”, where safety is all that matters. lol Put Gracie in the wrap, Bean on the leash, and you can walk pretty much freely for quite long distances pushing or not pushing a cart.

  16. Rebelah

    Do you have a baby carrier/wrap you can use to go out?? That might work!

  17. jen

    So I happen to be a manager of a store that carries baby carriers. I agree with everyone above that a baby carrier is the way to go. I worked for the first 7 months of my son’s life at work with him in a baby carrier. The moby wrap maybe hot for FL and a ring sling is great but does come with a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning. I would recommend a BabyHawk which is a two shoulder mei tai carrier. Super easy to use and lets you have full use of both of your arms and hands. It ties up high enough so that it will not bother your c-section scar while still giving you a lot of support. Check out their website…they have a ton of different strap colors and patterns to pick from. With Gracie in a carrier, Bean can still ride in the cart and it will make your life so much easier.
    PS If you are going to use a baby carrier remember to dress both you and Gracie in not a lot of layers…you will be sharing a little bit of body heat so she will be warmer then you think in just a tee shirt.

  18. Yep I agree with everyone who suggested a baby carrier:) I really liked the Mei Tai, the Moby is nice, but I live in TX and am hot natured on top of that, the Moby wrap about killed me! Having three kiddos, the baby carrier is the only thing that would allow me to get my errands done. My newest addition slept in his carrier through out most of my errands during his first few months of life;)

  19. jen

    Sorry forgot to meant…be careful with a bjorn or a snuggly cause they can cause hip issues for Gracie and neck and back issues for you. That is because she is just basically stuck on to the front of you and not really being support properly. Any carrier that has Gracie sitting on her bottom and not supported by her crotch is going to give you and her the best support.

  20. My kids are all MUCH older now, but when I had little ones that close together, the baby sling type thing was a LIFE saver. In all kinds of situations, but especially when we went shopping. I wore the little one, and the big one was in the cart. Worked wonderfully!
    Sounds like you all are adjusting well!

  21. Deepa

    Put me on the Ergo-train! Best purchase ever; even at almost 2 years, Rohan still likes it when we go hiking or are traveling abroad (we wear him as a bakpack now though). Even though I just had one, I would throw Rohan in the Ergo and go grocery shopping, run errands, do laundry, go on walks, etc and didn’t have to worry about the car seat (esp when grocery shopping). I highly reccomend it!

  22. What a fun day you’re having! Send some of that sun up to NY, please! 🙂

  23. I 2nd the sling or baby carrier, and then put Bean in the cart. That’s the way I shopped for a long time. I’ve also done the push the cart and pull the stroller, or push the stroller and pull the cart. My kids would nap in the stroller, so I’d let them nap while I shopped.

  24. Rika

    My kids are 18 months apart in age. I would put my daughter’s car seat in the cart and put a harness/leash on my son. Now, I know there are many people who think that the leash is terrible but for me it was a life savor. Every time I used it at Target or the grocery store I would have women stop me and tell me how they had used one when their kids were little and what a good idea it was.

  25. You are an awesome mom of two! If I had to do it all over again, I’d appreciate how little the wee ones do during the day or the night. I was so bored but now? I’d revel in their peacefulness!!!

    Another wicked fun outside activity is making Goop. Nate’s therapist, Lisa, taught us this one. Get a box of cornstarch. Get some water. Mix them together in a bowl. Let Bean play in it. Even when it’s solid-like, it starts running through your fingers when you pick it up. You can add food coloring to make different colors etc. It’s a wicked cheap (50 cents, maybe?) and good pre-bathtime (outdoor) activity that will keep Bean busy for quite some time!

  26. Love this! Your kids are adorable and I hope you all have had a lovely day together (we finally have some sun out here but it’s in the 50s, so I’m jealous of the warm sun you’ve got going on in FL!)

  27. Just wanted to second (third, fourth, twelveth) everyone who suggested a baby carrier. We LOVE our Baby K’tan and have a Baby Bjorn as well…mix it up for the kiddo. I am going to check out the Mommy Hook though – sounds handy as well. Have fun! I cannot wait to welcome baby #2 next week!

  28. Annie

    We used our Sleepy Wrap when Aaron was little to take him out and about. So easy, we were able to hold him hands-free, strangers didn’t feel like they could touch him since he was snuggled up next to me, and the whole cart was available for groceries. I am pregnant with #2 now and I think that it will work nicely for 2 kids, I can hold the baby in the wrap and Aaron can sit in the cart seat. I also really liked our Beco carrier for that as well, which might be easier to figure out for you with two kids!

  29. All of the front carrier suggestions are great, but I agree with some of the moms here that is is WAY uncomfortable when it’s hot out. For baby and for you. I recommend a tandem (or sit & stand) stroller. This thing saved my life with a newborn and a toddler. I have a Joovy brand and I love it! You can put Gracie’s car seat in it while she’s little, facing front or back, and Bean can sit (strapped in) or stand in the back. Then switch over to the regular seat when Grace grows out of her infant car seat. Use one of those Mom hooks and re-uable shopping bags that a couple of people have mentioned and you are set to go. Mine has a big basket underneath, so I never needed to bring more bags. My kids are 3 and 6 now and we STILL use this stroller for outings to the zoo, etc. Well worth every penny!

  30. Tressa

    I’ll solve your problem about shopping with two! I’ll come play with Bean Man with the bubbles and water table, cause that stuff looks like LOTS OF FUN, while you go run errands! Both of your kids are to adorable!

  31. talia

    You’re doing great! I had 2 c’s too. take it easy for a long time….

  32. it sounds like the transition to 2 has been wonderful for you…i think you and Chris need to discuss at LEAST one more kiddo in the future 😉

  33. I looooovveee it! I know what you mean when you’re thankful for everyone’s help but still get so excited to get into your own routine. I’m dying to hear how you could do the shopping with two babies. I’ve been racking my brain and I can’t figure it out. A stroller and a cart? But that’s too much to handle with only 2 hands. Holding Bean by his hand? But then he’s probably get into trouble or you’d spend about 04358290348654 hours picking up one thing. I know! You can be like the guy in Duplicity and multiply yourself. There. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  34. kathy

    I’m sure someone mentioned this already, but I didn’t want to read through all the responses to make sure. You could “wear” Grace in a sling or baby carrier. I used the baby bjorn with my daughter when she was born, and now I wear her in a wrap (now that she is older she rides on my back in it and she loves it). The bjorn hurt my back when my daughter got a little bigger, but by then she was big enough to put in the wrap.

    My wrap is just a big piece of material that I bought and hemmed. I looked up ways to tie it on youtube. Really cheap and easy!

  35. Ok, I think everyone else has already said this, but throw her in the swing (gently). Use that super cute swing that Bean didn’t like. Maybe since she’s so little, she’ll be used to it when she’s older.

  36. Congrats on surviving your first day alone! I remember what a huge accomplishment that felt like first with my twins then later when we added our 3rd.

    I see other people have already suggested it but I was going to suggest a sling/baby carrier for Gracie. I had my 3rd baby when my twins were just 2 yrs old and we were on the go a lot. I just put the baby in my Moby or Ergo and off we went – I still had 2 hands for each toddler or the stroller and the lil one was always right with me – easy to chase and wrangle twin toddlers!!

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I’m dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

  37. Sarah Franklin

    You need this or something like it (not sure the logistics around the c-section, but I love this thing for everything from doing laundry to shopping with 2). You can tie it on before you even leave the house so you don’t have to mess with it at the store, love that. And it seems intimidating but it is actually pretty easy once you get he hang of it.

  38. Melissa W.

    I remember feeling the same way when it was time for all my help to go home… I was so ready to do it on my own- kind of like “prove” to myself I could do it… even though I knew I could and would be able to- it was being able to figure out how to do it and make it work the way we needed it to… I agree with everyone else- front carrier or sling- def. way to go with 2 little ones by yourself. Hope you had a great first day!!

  39. It takes time to adjust to having more than one child. You will figure it out and it will become much easier over time.

    I remember the first time I took all three of mine (my son was 2 and my twin girls were 6 months) to the store solo. We went to Target and I put Bo in the seat part of the cart, Clara in her carseat in the cart part of the cart, and I strapped Anna on my front in the Bijorn. I stacked groceries around the carseat and on the bottom of the cart. It was a mess, but we made it. Now, I just set the girls in the cart part and they play with whatever I am purchasing. The area under the cart truly is a Godsend. I always thought it was just for soda and dog food — but really, it works for anything!

  40. You put Gracie in the baby carrier (sling, Ergo, Baby Bjorn, whatever) and put Bean in the front seat of the cart. Easy! Conversely, you can put her in her carseat in the big part, him in the seat part and put your items under the cart. The tricky pasrt is THREE at Target. It’s been… how shall I say… challenging. Someone always gets a timeout in the end.

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