B’day Party Goody Bags – Kiss Labels

Admittedly, I am about as creative as a box of toothpicks. I appreciate creativity. I admire creativity. But I look at something creative – even simple things – and think, “That would never have crossed my mind to do that…” All of this is to say that my love of Etsy makes me FEEL creative. I can buy these DIY kits and spend 10 minutes on a little project and suddenly I feel like a creative genius!

That’s what happened when I saw these adorable little Hershey Kiss labels on Creative Queen Bee’s etsy page. Sure, these are really just computer labels that I’m sure anyone could probably create at home, but to me they were brilliant! And easy! And creative! So, I bought two sheets of them for goody bag treats for Bean’s 2nd birthday party.

First, you choose your characters and then what you want them to say. Mine say, “Happy 2nd Birthday, Michael!” Our theme is Sesame Street and so I got Elmo and Cookie Monster characters.


Then, you buy a bag (or three…) of Hershey Kisses and you put one label on the bottom of each Kiss.


I found clear goody bags at Party City and put 10 labeled Kisses in each bag. Then, because I had so many Kisses left over, I added a few unlabeled ones to the bags, too. Each of my bags had 15 Kisses in them.


It took me about 20 minutes to get all 10 goody bags made. It was easy peasy and by the time I was finished, I felt so creative and crafty, even though I really didn’t come up with anything on my own.


These will go into small sand buckets we are using as take home treats along with two other little somethings. As I complete those “crafts,” I’ll post about them here to review what I ordered. Hopefully, you’ll get some good creative ideas of your own, too!

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10 Thoughts to “B’day Party Goody Bags – Kiss Labels”

  1. Amy

    Great idea! Here’s another one to add to your mental file. You’ll have to save it for about 9 years for Gracie, though. A couple weeks ago my daughter had her first sleepover for her 9th b-day party. I was determined not to have 12 hours of screaming, crazed 9yo girls taking over my house, so I thought perhaps I should plan a few scheduled activities to control the chaos a bit. A friend of mine suggested a craft, which worked out AWESOME! I took a group picture of the girls early in the evening after they had just had a dance party in the living room (also super fun). Then while they were playing something else, I printed off a 4 x 6 for each girl. I had gotten cheapo white photo mattes at a craft store earlier, and so I took the girls down to my craft room where they spent about an hour decorating their frames with stamps, stickers, ribbons, etc. They all loved it and ended up with a cute keepsake to take home. I still get together with my group of girls from school, some of whom I have known since 2nd grade. We have a few pictures of us all from 25 years ago, and we cherish them. I hope this little craft is something those girls can look back on years from now and smile!

  2. Those are so adorable, and what a cool idea! I love Amy’s idea too.

    I love Etsy, love it! I bought a Kindle 3 case pattern and I made my own. There are just so many cool things on Etsy….. I bought my garters for our wedding there!

  3. Very cute! If you are looking for something else to throw in the buckets, they have these adorable Sesame Street socks at Target in the dollar bins. My sister in law also made these: http://isinginthekitchen.com/2011/02/13/short-and-sweet-elmo-cupcakes/. Super easy and Bean could help!

  4. Denise Armbruster

    Have you checked out Keller Hampton’s blog her party for lainey. Good grief!!!

  5. I just read this blog the other day and she had a HUGE Sesame Street 2nd birthday party for her boy. You can check out her creative ideas here. http://www.theglamlifehousewife.com/2011/05/sunny-days-take-one.html

  6. I totally believe that like 50% of creativity is knowing your limits–honestly knowing what you can and can’t do. Then once you establish that, you find ways to work around those issues. For instance, I can’t sew for crap–but I am great with a glue gun! And there really are so many cool kits to buy and tutorials online…crafting is suddenly much more accessible.

  7. I love it! They are adorable, and I never thought about putting labels on the Hershey’s kisses before. Too cute! 🙂

  8. Sarah M.

    I love crafts and this is such an adorable idea! Amy, I remember doing that when I was a little girl, and I still treasure that picture as a momento of my childhood friends!

  9. Oh wow! So cute!!! And you are so creative. Maybe not in the gluing macaroni kind of way, but not everyone can write a successful blog like you 🙂

  10. […] customized Hershey Kiss labels for the goody bags and the Sesame Street cupcake toppers came from an Etsy shop called Creative […]

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