Bean’s Birthday Presents

Last week was Bean’s 2nd birthday. We celebrated on the actual day with Chris’s sister, Annie, and pizza on our back porch.


After pizza, we came back inside to have birthday cake. There was no theme at all for this little shindig. There was cake from a box, shark sprinkles, and Toy Story plates and napkins. It was a smorgasbord of Bean’s favorite things. And, of course, there were two tiny candles.






After cake came the real fun. Presents! Early that morning, we’d gone ahead and given Bean his big gift so that he could play with it all day. He got the Little Tykes Home and Garden Playhouse.


Bean loved it! Inside there is a little kitchen area, a phone, and a work bench. Chris and Bean went to work right away with the tool set, hammering nails and trying to unscrew the front gate.



Lucy even helped. Though, I think she was in it for the waffle pieces that were stuck to Bean.


We thought the house would be a perfect something for Bean to play with outside. We’re out in the backyard a lot, so we knew we wanted an outside present. And Bean is all about forts and hiding places right now. Plus, he really likes helping out doing household chores, so a playhouse seemed like a perfect fit for him right now. So far, he has really enjoyed it and I think it was a great gift for his age.

(By the way, the house is set up on our back porch right now, but that was just for Bean’s birthday. It’ll be moved into the back yard soon.)


After his birthday dinner, Bean opened his other two gifts from me and Chris. First up were the Imaginarium Building Blocks.


These are giant cardboard building blocks that I remember from working in the church nursery when I was in high school. These things are great because they are oversized, but still really lightweight. And Bean likes them because he can build things that are so much bigger than his Lego creations.


The only thing about these were that we wrapped the box for Bean to open and we didn’t know that we’d have to put together all 50-something pieces before he could begin playing with them. So, he opened the present and then had to wait for half an hour while Chris and Aunt Annie put them all together for him. If you give these as a gift to an impatient toddler, I’d put them together before you give them so they can start playing right away.


Once they were all put together, though, Bean loved them! So did Chris…


The last gift for Bean was a Tickle Me Elmo. Bean is really into Sesame Street right now and especially into Elmo, so this was a no-brainer gift. And a huge hit!


Bean doesn’t really like it when Elmo shakes, but, luckily, Elmo doesn’t shake a whole lot. I think he shakes every time when he’s in store mode because every time I saw him in the store he was shaking. But now that he’s home and we’ve switched him to home mode, he doesn’t shake hardly at all. Which I guess can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a good thing for Bean and he happily totes his buddy around everywhere now!


I can’t really review any of these gifts yet because we haven’t had them long enough to know their pros and cons, but right off the bat, I’d say all of these make great gifts for two-year-olds. Bean’s having a blast with them all!

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16 Thoughts to “Bean’s Birthday Presents”

  1. I’m sure the “home” mode for Tickle Me Elmo helps your sanity as well…those things can be loud!

    Love Bean’s presents!

  2. Wow – I remember those big building blocks from when I was a kid! What a blast from the past. Looks like Bean had a fabulous birthday!

  3. Kristin

    The pic of him smiling in his high chair is too cute!!

  4. Where’s the “like” button? Bean in that house is too, too cute!!! Happy birthday, Beanie!!!

  5. I remember those blocks! I totally bonded with my best friend from nursery school over those. Thanks for the links to all these great toys!

  6. Michelle

    What a handsome little guy he has become- can’t believe he’s two already! The picture of him in his high chair is priceless and I love the shark sprinkles- simple but really cool.
    Happy Birthday, Bean-man!

  7. Ann G-B

    We are aiming for outside gifts this year when Connor turns two in a few weeks. I am hoping the grandparents can pool together for a swing set but I REALLY want a turtle sandbox! I think Connor would like it too!

  8. I love the presents that Bean got 🙂 especially the building blocks, they are so cool!

  9. Oh my gosh, his smile melts my heart! I’m so glad he had a fun birthday and is enjoying all the big boy toys!

  10. Those are great gifts. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday. We got similar cardboard blocks for my son last week (Melissa and Doug) and he was also very impatient as I slowly put them together one at a time. Then he wanted me to open them back up again, haha.

  11. Tressa

    Bean Man flat out steals my heart!!! He is to adorable for words!

  12. He is the sweetest of the sweets. Happy, happy birthday, Bean!

  13. Great present ideas, i just bought this for my friend who’s daughter is turning one soon, thought you might like it

  14. Alexandra

    Hey Katie, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, I love your style of writing and your pics of Bean are so cute! I have a son who is about 6 months behind Bean in age, and I confess I have been copying some of your ideas for toys – my little boy loves his school bus, which I tracked down (in Australia) after seeing it on your site. I had to laugh when I read your experience with the imaginarium building blocks – I bought these too a while ago, not thinking they would be flat packed (should have realised really) and spent an evening folding the things! Glad I’m not the only one. Anyway, keep up the blogging and thank you for sharing your beautiful little family with us!

  15. Bean and Aidan would be best buds on the playground. 2 months apart in age, love the same things and even look similar. Bean looks like he adored his birthday and the playhouse looks awesome.

  16. Cute gifts! Lucky Bean! My husband can’t wait until we have a boy so he can play with the toys. His words.

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