The Share Chair

“Bean!” squealed Gracie. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Oh, yeah? How come?”

“All Mom’s given me is this stupid little lamb to play with, but it just keeps staring at me. I thought maybe you could bring me something more fun to play with…”


“Oh, sure!” said Bean. “Here. You can have my Lightning McQueen car.”


“Go ahead,” said Bean. “Take him.”


“Gee, thanks, Buddy,” said Gracie. “But I was hoping you had something a little more…my taste?”

“Umm…” thought Bean, looking around. “Oh, I know! Here. Take this kitchen rag.”


“I can’t believe you’re my brother,” said Gracie, with disgust. “You are so sexist! I don’t want a nasty kitchen rag just cause I’m a GIRL! You think all girls just belong in the kitchen? You think that’s my default because I’m nothing more than a GIRL?!?!”

“Geez…okay, okay,” said Bean. “Settle down! It was just a suggestion.”

“Well, suggest something else,” Gracie growled.


“Well…um…okay…How about Mr. Bear?” Bean hesitated. “I mean, he smells and I dropped him in something sticky this morning, so you probably don’t even want him. Maybe I’ll just hold on to him myself. Wouldn’t want to push him on you or anything…”

“Oh, no! Mr. Bear is a great idea! I love him!” cried Gracie happily.


“You do?” Bean whimpered.

“Oh, yes. Very much. This is perfect, Bean!”

“Well…um…I dunno, Gaycee…” Bean stammered. “Maybe Mr. Bear isn’t the right thing for you to play with. I mean, he’s so used to me and all. Maybe I should just keep him.”

“But if you keep him,” Gracie began to whine, “then what will I play with?”


“Well, how about me?” Bean offered, climbing into Gracie’s chair.

“Really? You’ll sit here and play with me?”

“Of course!” said Bean.

“Oh, that’s great!” squealed Gracie. “Beans are way more fun than bears!”


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58 Thoughts to “The Share Chair”

  1. Meghan

    The last picture is beautiful!!! And Bean looks enormous next to Gracie….and so proud! That is a picture you should print and frame……it’s hard to get pictures of both kids looking AND smiling at the same time!

  2. meghan

    oh katie! (i call you that like we are close friends. i’m sorry. that is just totally my response to these photos) those last 2 of the kids in the bouncy seat are beyond priceless. as in, will-be-framed-on-the-greeting-table-at-their-graduations-and-weddings-priceless. so. darn. sweet.

  3. Ohhhhh that last picture is fantastic!!! That’s one to treasure forever! It’s so hard to get pics of young siblings together, smiling. HOW precious!

  4. Awww. Bean is an awesome big brother! My 2 year old is afraid of my 2 week old 🙁

  5. Katie, Katie, Katie!!!! That last picture! OH! My heart just melted. It could win contests. I love that your kids love one another. And I LOVE that Bean even thought to share Mr. Bear with her. I wonder what would happen if you gave Gracie Back Up Mr. Bear and Bean had the original. His freak might be freaked. He might think that Mr. Bear reproduced….and then you’d have to have *that* conversation. Ok. Never mind….

  6. That is sooo cute! I love the last picture!! Gracie is so your twin!

  7. Lisa

    That last photo is just gorgeous, certainly a keeper!

  8. This is just wonderful! Totally brightened my day!!! Thank you!

  9. deepa

    Heart-melting post! Love the kitchen tirade! You tell him, Gracie!

  10. Bean is such a sweet brother!!! And that last picture is a keeper!

  11. They are both smiling and both happy! What a wonderful moment you captured.

  12. I love when you do these kinds of posts! That last picture is PRECIOUS!

  13. I love this! The pictures and the little conversation…so perfect.

  14. So adorable. Haha, it was like he wanted her to have Mr. Bear but he just couldn’t go through with it.

  15. Love these conversation posts 🙂

  16. Katy

    Oh Katie…that last picture is fantastic…pure joy!! Was this picture snapped right before Bean two hand shoved Gracie out of her seat??…at least that is what would have happened at my house!! Seriously though…that picture is definitely frame worthy!!

  17. Mariya

    Oh, the cuteness!

  18. Haley

    The last picture is got to be the cutest thing I have seen all day! 🙂

  19. Oh – just too darn cute. What a sweet big brother he is to Gracie!

  20. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!! That last picture is priceless!!!

  21. Shelley

    That last photo is SCREAMING for a frame!

  22. Tiffany

    Great Post. Love it! That last picture is beautiful. I agree with everyone else. It needs to be framed.

  23. Amazing shot! Definitely frame that puppy up and slap it somewhere prominent, and make a few copies for Grandparents, they’ll ADORE it!

  24. rachel

    “Beans are way more fun than bears” = awesome!

  25. You’re not helping my decision to wait several years to have baby #2, just so you know. When I’m pregnant soon, I’m going to claim Marriage Confessions insanity; the cuteness got to me

  26. Lisa

    Thank you for brightening my day. Your children are so adorably precious (at least in pictures and fake conversations!).

  27. Allison

    Well…everyone else seems to already have said it, but that last picture is great! Definitely print and frame-worthy. 🙂

  28. I love this post! We are expecting twin boys arriving sometime between the middle of July and the middle of August and I pray they are buddies just like your two little ones! They are so sweet!

  29. Alisha

    I never leave comments, but had to comment on this last picture – made me smile. They are SO adorable, and you can already tell that Bean is the best big brother. Gaycee is so lucky to have him 🙂

  30. That last photo is beyond cute!! 😀 What a sweet little boy Bean is and a great brother! Cabin Fever in Vermont

  31. These photos are so cute, but that last one, omg! Love it!! It’s like they both knew to pose at the same time!!

  32. So sweet. The last picture is precious!!

  33. Too cute! She looked like she was enjoying Mr Bear though.. you guys might need to get her one as well. But Ms Bear of course…

  34. They are so freakin’ cute together. I honestly can’t wait to have a second kid just so I can see this sibling love in action.

  35. so dadgum cute. and I agree with Kat…it makes me wanna pop out a second just so my little can have a sibling!

  36. That last pic is SO adorable! Glad they are getting along so well. Definitely with those that say these pics make me want to have two kids (or three…) so they can look adorable together!

  37. Meredith

    oh man…. good Lord that’s adorable. A-DOR-A-BLE.

  38. They are just as sweet as can be! 🙂 And it’s so cute how Gracie is looking right at the camera in the last one! She’s already accustomed to having her photo taken. 😉

  39. What a super cute photos, that last one needs to go in a frame for sure! Isn’t it amazing how they know at such a young age to look at the camera and smile!

  40. That is the most adorable thing ever!! Makes me really look forward to giving my daughter a sibling one day! As a mommy that must just make your heart smile 🙂

  41. SO CUTE IT HURTS! Did he really climb in there himself? What a sweet big brother!

  42. such a sweet post! He looks like such a sweet big brother!

  43. Gary

    yeah, Bears are great, but they are only complete when you have them, beets and Battlestar Galactica! 🙂 Katie knows what I’m talking about….LOL

  44. Erin R.

    I LOVE the pics with Bean & Gracie both in Lamb chair!!!!

  45. Oh my gosh. That last photo is a total keeper. Love it!

  46. Kathie

    My heart just melted! How sweet is that last picture?! Katie, you are truly blessed. 🙂

  47. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    That last picture is the most precious one EVER!!!!! I love your “conversations” between Gracie and Bean, keep them up!

  48. Catherine


  49. Erin

    Ahhhh so cute!!!! I just adore your kids – they are precious!

  50. So cute! I’m so excited to start trying for another baby this winter, siblings have to be the greatest! The difference between boys and girls cracks me up too. My niece has been a princess from the day she was born, while my son is all boy!

  51. LOVE IT! That is exactly what I would imagine what they would be saying to each other!
    That last picture is priceless. 🙂

  52. Stacy

    Katie! You so need to be writing children’s books! I love when you do theses little “convo. posts”

  53. The last picture is definitely one for a frame! You’re babies are beautiful and you can tell you are a great mommy!

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