A Love Note.

Fifteen years ago, if someone would have asked me if I knew who Kate was I would have said, “that redheaded girl?

Twelve years ago, if you would have told me that I would begin dating the girl I would eventually marry I would have said, “you’re crazy”.

Kate on  Trolley

Ten years ago, if you would have told me that after I married Kate we would pack up and move to Connecticut I would have said, “you are off your rocker”.

Six years ago, on our wedding day, if you would have told me that we would buy a house in Connecticut and have two dogs I might have fainted.

Four years ago, if you would have told me that this would be the house that we would have our Bean in, I would have smiled with fear.


Two years ago, in the middle of a long night, if you would have told me that the little Bean would fill our lives with so much joy, I would have said, “you are too tired to think straight”.

One and a half years ago, if you would have told me that we would soon pack our bags and fly south, I would have said, “it is so hot in Florida”.

One year ago, if you would have told me that our house would be vandalized and we were having a baby girl, I would have said, “now that’s just ridiculous”.


Nine months ago, if you would have told me that we would only be in this house for eleven months, I would have said, “I’m staying here forever”.

Six months ago, if you would have told me that the first three months of having our second baby would be a very long three months, I would have said, “nah, it will be fine!”

Two months ago, if you would have told me that we would be buying a house in July, I would have said, “you are too tired to think straight.”

One month ago, if you would have told me that our little firecracker Gracie would finally settle down, I would have thrown you out.

Twelve years ago, if you would have told me that I would still be able to enjoy a quiet rainy Saturday sitting on the couch watching movies with that same redheaded girl, I would have unknowingly smiled.


I stopped wondering what the future will hold many years ago.  Our lives change every single day, so I do not even worry about what is next.  But I do know that I love my life.  I am married to one of the coolest, most beautiful people that I know, and even though every minute isn’t sunshine and rainbows, every day I love you more and more.  Kate, twelve years ago we were trying to make it home by curfew and look how far we have come.  You have made me a dad, and you have watched me grow into a man and I am so thankful that I have you each and every day.  You are an amazing mother, a spectacular wife, and my best friend.  There is no one I would rather go through life with, and I cannot even imagine what the next twelve years will bring. But I know that I want you to be by side through all of them.

I love you,


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79 Thoughts to “A Love Note.”

  1. Kelly

    um, this is hands down the sweetest, most adorable love note I have EVER read from husband to wife-and such an amazing gesture. Chris, you are so sweet-this made my whole day and I dont even know you guys (in person anyways =o) ) Kate-you have a keeper =o)

  2. Totally crying. I don’t think it’s the hormones, I think this is just beautiful. You’re blessed to have each other!

  3. Aw, this is so sweet – you two are so cute and such an inspiration as a couple!

  4. Alicia

    Ok…that was seriously the most awesome love not ever! Katie….you are one lucky girl!

  5. Chris, I’m pretty sure I comment with the same words on all of your posts, but……You are so adorable! Such sweet words!

  6. LOVE THIS. I got a little teary too! 🙂

  7. wow, this reads as a beautiful affirmation of vows. thank you for sharing.

  8. alison

    such a sweet love note! Katie is one lucky girl!

  9. Chris, this is absolutely beautiful. The two of you are so lucky to have each other and your children. Such a wonderful post.

  10. Oh. Oh wow. I’m tearing up. This is amazing. Katie is a lucky, lucky woman.

  11. tessabella76

    What an sweet, awesome post! If I wasn’t already married to a guy just as sweet as you, I’d be jealous!

  12. Kelly

    I am boo-hooing. In a good way.

  13. Great. Now I’m crying. Thanks, Chris!

    What a beautiful note. You guys are amazingly real. And, I like you for it.

  14. And 3 years ago if someone had told you that your wife would be chronicling you’re daily lives on a popular blog you would’ve said?? 🙂

    Wonderful post, Chris!

  15. Thanks a lot Chris. You made me tear. That was a sweet note.

  16. Chris:

    On behalf of married men everywhere: when you write beautiful, loving posts like this, it truly sets the bar higher for the rest of us. So please cut it out. 🙂

    Best to you both and your wonderful, happy family.

  17. Okay, totally crying now. Sweet as sugar.

  18. Amy

    Oh gosh, I’ve got tears in my eyes. How beautiful!

  19. Lisa

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. You guys are amazing.

  20. Katie C

    That was beautiful!! Made me tear up! I wish my husband was as expressive as you, Chris. You are both very blessed to have each other! 😉

  21. Lara & Ari

    Sitting here together balling my eyes out about this sweet post!! I love you guys!!!

  22. And once again, the Browns succeed in making me cry…

  23. Chris is such a stud! Love this post and love your whole family!!!

  24. Seriously, one of the sweetest notes EVER! My husband is super good at writing cards and love notes, but this is right up there with the best of them! Katie, you are a lucky girl to have a husband that loves you like that!

  25. dyanna

    Best post EVER!! I think my husband needs to trad this and take pointers!! Katie you are one lucky woman!

  26. oh my goodness, one of the sweetest notes ever!!!

    i was teary-eyed by the end 🙂

    too special and heart-warming.

    God bless you all!

  27. Amy L Butler

    So sweet and absolutely beautiful!

  28. Angela

    Way too sweet 🙂
    This was pretty much an excerpt from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

  29. Now that’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve read. Nice post Chris. You’re both very blessed to have one another.

  30. This is so adorable and sweet!! What an affirmation for Kate after pouring her heart out this past week!

  31. you two were made for each other 🙂

  32. Awwww… This is so sweet.
    This is beautiful.
    You’re so lucky, Katie!

  33. Okay, now I’m crying. This was absolutely beautiful, and it’s your relationship that makes me love this blog as I have for 2 years now!

  34. Tressa

    You two are totally blessed to have found your soul mates so young and spend FOREVER together!! And you two make such ADORABLE babies together 😉

  35. Amanda

    This was really sweet Chris!

  36. Alyssa

    I knew I should have waited to read this. I’m tearing up at work 🙂

  37. This is so sweet and amazing, Chris! What a wonderful note for Kate – your love for her (and your children) is palpable when reading this. You are both so lucky to have each other!

  38. Ella

    Beautiful post Chris! You and katie are so lucky to have each other and your gorgeous family 🙂

  39. Yeah, you’re gettin’ some tonight. 😉

  40. Katie, I have a serious crush on Chris now, just so you know. Can I borrow him to remind my husband that romance is still needed after 10 years together. I think Mike thinks there’s a limit.

    Lol @ Mindee!

  41. What a sweet post. I’m sending my husband here tonight!!!!

  42. This is so sweet! My husband and I just had our 1 year anniversary, and it is wonderful to see that you two can be so in love! Everyone says just wait you’re in the “honeymoon” stage, but thank you for proving that wrong!

  43. Nicely done, Chris. 😉 My boyfriend and I found each other when we were 15 and 16, so we can relate to getting used to the passage of time and the CRAZY things it brings. Bless you and your sweet family!

  44. Grandma Barnes

    I’ve always told Katie that shde picked a winner. Today, you proved me right. katie made me cry yesterday, now today you have done the same. X O X O X O

  45. Adrienne Chambers

    OMG you are killing me!! I am crying over here….this was the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

  46. Awwww!! this is soooo sweet!! you have a wonderful family!! and it’s really nice to see you loved them so much

  47. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    What an awesome post!! You are an amazing man!

  48. No kidding, I’m teary eyed. This is the sweetest love note. And it does go to show you how little we guess about our future.

  49. This will be so amazing to read twenty something years from now…so sweet 🙂

  50. Em

    Oh how special! You deserve each other 🙂

  51. Corinn

    So, so sweet. Good job, Chris!

  52. Janet

    Chris, every wonderful woman deserves a wonder man like you in her life! Thank you for being a galaxy of love, every day, every year… forever after!

  53. Christy

    I’m not sure whether to tell you to get a room or keep your pants on. You two are the sweetest! You make me want a bajillion babies!

  54. Ok… this is THE SWEETEST THING EVER and brought happy tears thanks to my hormonally pregnant self. 🙂 Cabin Fever in Vermont

  55. Bec

    Chris – if you are in the dog house for something, this is a sure way to get yourself out of it…I hope it worked! hehehe

  56. Oh no.. tears at work!! What a sweet and thoughtful message..

  57. Rebecca

    I’m tearing up! What a sweet letter! Is it bad that I want to print this out and drop it as a huge hint to my husband? 🙂

  58. Erin

    *sigh* Can you pass some of the sweetness over to my hubby please?

  59. I read this out loud to my (sweet and romantic) husband and we both cried like babies. Thank you guys for setting an awesome example. Much Love.

  60. madders

    i’ve been reading your blog for over two years now, but never commented, while continuously aspiring to what you two have. i just got engaged to my college sweetheart of 5 years and this post really resonated with me. you two are adorable and i look forward to spending the rest of my life with my fiance, having kids, and taking advice from you guys! thanks, i really love the blog!

  61. Jenna

    I so enjoy Katie every day … now I know why you two are so good together 🙂

  62. The Newlywed

    That was sooo sweet…definitely made me tear up! I can only hope that after 12 years of marriage my husband will write a note like that……maybe I should show him this as a subtle hint! 🙂

  63. Haley

    This is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen.. I’m only 21 and it gives me hope that not all guys are jerks! 😀 Kate you’ve got yourself a keeper!!!

  64. Amanda H

    Chills. Beautiful.

  65. Lynne

    What a beautiful post. I hope my own two boys will one day be able to write a similar post to their wives. Treasure each other, you are both right where you are supposed to be. Blessings to you both.

  66. Clare

    Oh my gosh… *sigh*


  67. Holli

    Sniff. I’m crying..typical. I’m glad that finally got a chance to catch up and read this. If my husband wrote something like this to me, he’d never have to lift a finger again. So sweet!!

  68. Missy

    I have been married for 37 years. Your written words will never be forgotten. Kate, will cherish them forever and your children will know that love can survive (through struggles, pain, LIFE) and even continue to grow. You truly have become a man……and as a mother, am very proud of you.

  69. sarah

    ah, so pretty. i hope i can give my husband just a little percentage of the happiness Katie has given you:)

  70. Ok, definitely dittoing everything that everyone else said. I smiled, I teared up, I laughed! This was so, so, so perfect.

  71. Extremely Moving! Beautiful, I googled the keywords a love note in hopes of finding book ideas, and I found yours! thumbs Up! I’m in the process of writing a piece on the same level not complete, but you really touched me with this one! Very Original

  72. Wow, this is beautiful. I love it! I also love how he only blogs once every few months (or bi-annual). I don’t know that I’ll ever get my hubby to go near a blog (although he does spy on me to see how much of the beans I’m spilling since I’m an open book and he’s a little more private :)). Thanks for sharing. Your wife and children are absolutely gorgeous!

  73. Peg

    One of the sweetest things I think I have ever read.

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