Happy Birthday to My Baby Daddy

Photo 73

Dear Chris,

I’ve loved you since the days when you used to highlight your own hair. I’m pretty sure if I can love you through that, then I can love you through anything.

Happy birthday, you sexy beast.


Photo 73

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33 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday to My Baby Daddy”

    That pictures is hilarious!!!
    This made my day!

  2. LMAO. This is awesome. Happy birthday, Chris!

  3. That’s hilarious! It’s my hubby’s birthday this weekend, too! Happy birthday, Chris!

  4. Claire H

    There are no words…awesome! Happy Birthday Chris! Cx

  5. kk

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!

  6. Beth

    Words cannot express how much I love this picture. Happy Birthday Chris!

  7. Tiffany

    Awesome picture! Happy Birthday, Chris!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Chris!

  9. (lol) love the picture.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. I forgot to say Happy Birthday! Lol. Happy Birthday Chris!

  11. That is funny! Happy Birthday Chris!

  12. Happy Birthday Chris! My hubs had his birthday two days ago. Too bad I don’t have any pictures nearly as embarrasing as this one.

  13. Ella

    Happy Birthday Chris! Awesome photo lol.

  14. Poor chris, that picture will haunt him forever. Happy birthday Chris!!!

  15. Alyssa

    He let you post this?! Are you SURE you cleared this with him in advance? LOL!

  16. Amy

    Hehe. Love it. Happy birthday, Chris!!

  17. Best. Birthday Letter. Ever.

  18. LMAO. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  19. Hilarious! Happy Birthday, Chris!

  20. Rachel

    haha! love it! Happy birthday, Chris!

  21. Happy Birthday, Chris!

    Every wife needs a photo like this in their arsenal!

  22. Noooo… U Didn’t!!!!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Chris!!!

  24. Grandma B.

    Happy Birthday, Chris! You have my permission to “pinch” my granddaughter for posting this picture! LOL

  25. Holey! There might be payback for this one over in the Man Cave…. Happy birthday, Chris!

  26. Ha! That’s awesome. I have a picture of my one of my best friends (his name is Ricky) that is VERY similar. He think I destroyed it. I did not.


  28. Do you post that picture of Chris every year for his birthday? I feel like I have definitely seen it before. Maybe more than twice at this point…? (And I still laugh every time! Sorry, Chris!)

  29. Amy L Butler

    Too funny! That is totally the way I would celebrate my husband’s birthday. If you can’t have fun and laugh then what’s the point, right? 🙂 Happy birthday!!!

  30. Lara

    Haha!!! Happy birthday Chris!!!!!

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