Hump Day Musings

I have sat down to blog for three days now and been stumped. You know in cartoons when a bunch of people try to fit through a doorway, but they all get stuck because they try to go through at the same time? Well, that’s been my brain lately. There is just so much stuff going on that when I sit down to try and let some of it out, it all gets bottled up and nothing comes. So today, I thought I’d just let it all out a little at a time, very slowly.

1. My 10-year high school reunion is this weekend. We’re heading up to our hometown of Gulf Breeze, Florida to drop the kids with my mother-in-law. She’s going to keep them all weekend while Chris and I stay out on the beach at a condo for a little getaway. The events of the reunion will be out there, plus there’s the beach. So the kids will get a mini-vacay with their Grandmomma (who spoils them rotten!) and Chris and I will get a mini-vacay by the beach with friends. I am so excited!


2. The only thing keeping me from enjoying this weekend 100% is that this also happens to be the only free weekend we’ve had in a few months to work on the new house. Next week we are painting through Wednesday, then the new carpet goes in on Thursday and Friday. And we’re moving on Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and I start work again on Monday. It’s a busy, busy time and not the best planning to be out of town. But, somehow we’ll make it work.

3. Speaking of paint. We are trying to get the house painted on the inside before the carpet goes in, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Picking paint has been a bit of a nightmare. For one thing, we just haven’t had any time. And when we do have time, we have the kids with us, so we’re rushing before they get bored and fussy. Finally, Chris and I decided last night that it is better not to rush and to pick the exact colors we want and just paint carefully after the carpet is in, rather than hastily choosing paint we’re going to be stuck with. Yesterday though, we did spend some time at the new house painting ceilings (so not fun…) and looking at paint samples we’d painted on the walls. I think we might have found our bedroom colors. We’re using that sand color in our bedroom with white trim and that steel bluish color in our bathroom with white trim. We found bathroom tile that uses both of those colors and we’re thinking about putting that in the bathroom to bring both the colors in.

4. I usually love having my kids around no matter what we’re doing. But having them around while painting and moving into a new house is sort of a pain. Most of the time, we only get to work on the new house in the evenings after Chris works, so that means we load up a bunch of stuff to keep the kids entertained at the new house, get to the new house, and only have about half an hour where everyone is happy. Usually then, someone starts to lose it and I spend the rest of the time there taking care of the kids (who are whiny and cranky because it’s bedtime) while Chris has to work on the house by himself. Nobody is happy and it becomes a rushed, hectic event. Not fun at all.

5. I have been out of work for almost five months. If you remember, it was about this time when we first moved down to Florida and I was staying home that I started to go stir crazy. Well, it’s happening again. I love my children and I wouldn’t trade one minute of the time I’ve had home with them, but I am not made to stay at home. I just don’t enjoy it at all, so I get snippy and irritable. That makes everyone else snippy and irritable, too. It’s just a mess around here now. There’s so much going on, and yet we can’t do a lot of it yet. So, I am with the kids all day feeling like nothing is getting done. I’m counting the days until we’re in our new house, I’m working again, and the kids are back in daycare. Which, coincidentally, all happens on the same day!


6. I have a pimple. I haven’t had a pimple in 100 years and now, the week of my reunion, I have a pimple. It really does feel like high school all over again.

7. I have so many appointments that I was supposed to make over the summer and now it’s almost the week before school starts and I am trying to frantically get in to the hair salon, the doctor’s office, and the pediatrician. Way to go, Katie.

8. I am now an official consultant for 31 Gifts. YAY! That means a few things for you guys: a) You can buy 31 Gift bags and accessories through me directly (I’ll have a website for that soon). b) There will be some awesome reviews as I try new products and want to share them with you. Kind of like how I shared about my diaper bag. c) There will be some SUPER FUN 31 Gift giveaways coming soon!

There. I think that’s everything.  I feel better already.  Thanks, guys!

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37 Thoughts to “Hump Day Musings”

  1. Jen

    Welcome to the Thirty One family! I have been a consultant for over a year and love every minute. You will do GREAT! And the products really are amazing 🙂

  2. deana rooks

    Put visine on your pimple before going to your reunion. It will shrink it and get rid of most of the redness. 🙂

  3. I am also breaking out. I really thought skin problems would end with high school, or at least college!
    Enjoy home! It’s incredibly hot and humid here so pack light…althought I imagine it might be worse further south.

  4. Have fun at your reunion! Despite the craziness and everything that needs to get done, definitely find some time to relax and enjoy yourself. You guys deserve it!

  5. I love 31 gifts. Anyway, I know what you mean about waiting until the last minute to get all the appointments in. I do the same thing. Of course, I’m not also trying to move at the same time, but you will get it done. I understand what you mean about work. For me, I love the relaxation of summer but the lack of schedule gets old. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. My 10 year reunion is this year, i hope. I mean I know I graduated 10 years ago but I have yet to hear about any reunion plans. Enjoy yourself this weekend!

  7. You’re the best. I’m living in the microcosm of the 1950s at the moment – where no women work and everyone has an opinion about how everyone else’s marriage should be. And I love a little dose of “You know what? not every day is always perfect, and loving your kids *might* mean that you stay home with them, and it *might* mean that you don’t.” *sigh* ok. I feel better now too. Have fun at your reunion weekend!

  8. September

    One word to you on paint colors: Everlasting (Benjamin Moore). When we were selling our house and needed to repaint the entire interior (you know, to get rid of that “lived in”–aka, beat to hell by my kids–look) our stager recommended it and it is pure genius: neutral without being white and it goes in any type of light.

  9. Carrie

    I too am a Thirty-One consultant Katie!!! Welcome to the family!!!!

  10. Reading your musings makes me feel like we’re sharing here. I have our 10 year HS reunion this year too…except I don’t think anyone in my school has planned it. I should probably ask around. Oh and since Peanut came around Ive been breaking out like I’m 16 again….ughhhh

  11. I feel ya about the not-meant-to-stay-at-home thing. I was actually excited to go back to work and caught some major guilt from other people about not wanting to be a stay at home mom. Some people are so great at it and it’s what they truly love. Not so much for me. I need to have a life outside of being a mama. Hope the move goes well. I loathe moving and painting. In our last house we had to paint over 70’s goldenrod in the entire house. Six coats of primer over every wall THEN the color we chose. I still have nightmares.

  12. I hope this weekend allows you to relax and enjoy some time with your hubby!! 🙂

  13. I love Love LOVE your honesty! Teaching is the perfect job for those who want to work, but want to spend good time with their babies!

  14. I love Love LOVE your honesty! Teaching is the perfect job for moms who wanna work, and want to spend good time with their babies!

  15. Jenna

    Enjoy your reunion! I just had my 10yr in May, and it was SO much fun!

  16. It sounds like a fun little vacation! Maybe it will help a little with the stir-craziness 🙂

  17. Have fun at your reunion! You will be close to where I live. Have a nice relaxing weekend at the beach. I live here and haven’t been to the beach all summer. Enjoy it!

  18. Sara M

    I became a 31 consultant in June and it’s so great! I have bought way too much stuff, so on a break until I make more money! I am totally with you on the stay at home thing. I can’t handle it and have friends that look down at me that I work with 2 kids and one on the way. As long as I’m happy (even if at work) and my kids are happy, we’re good. Have fun at your reunion!

  19. Sarah in CT

    #5 on your list could have come directly from my brain. I feel ya sister. Hang in there. 🙂

  20. Sarah in CT

    OH, and I have two 31 products and I really like them, so I’m happy you’re a consultant now! Yay!!

  21. Nikki

    I looked at 31 gifts and I already want to buy about ten things from you. Seriously. I’ll be waiting for the website!

  22. We booked a little getaway to Vegas, and then just a week later our house sold and we had to secure a rental! Bad timing for the vacation, but I know we will be glad to just get away from it all and pretend it’s not busy back home. 🙂

    By the way, that is the cutest picture of you and the kids. You can really see where they get their features when you are all lined up! So precious.

  23. Suzanne

    See you at the reunion 🙂 Go DOLPHINS! Class of 2001! I should have been voted “Most School Spirited” … or not.

  24. Get a Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick—it will make your pimple go away!

  25. It’s my ten-year reunion this year too. I can’t get back to my hometown for the party, but I hope you enjoy yours!

  26. Lauren

    I have been a consultant for a year now and LOVE it!

  27. Wow, it’s going to be a fun weekend for everyone! Good luck with the zit, time to pull out the high school go to, clearasil!

  28. Larissa

    We are doing the moving/redoing house thing right now, too. It is impossible with our 2 year old trying to get anything done. Luckily, my parents are helping us out on the weekends. Good luck!

  29. Erin

    Welcome to Thirty ~ One! I’ve been selling for a year this month and love their stuff. Good luck and have FUN! Meeting new people is my favorite part……

  30. Man, I wish we lived closer so I could help you sort out your paint colors. There are so many things to consider–furnishing colors, flooring color, trim color, size of room, height of ceilings, amount of natural light, quality of light at different times of day…I say take your time! I paint for a living and even I think ceilings suck! We painted some rooms here at the end of June and one of us had to corral Porter in the mornings and afternoons and then both of us would paint as fast as possible during naptime. And I am totally jealous about your reunion weekend getaway. My ten year was five years ago and it was just like a really lame wedding reception–that we all had to pay for.

  31. Go Katie! I’m sorry you feel like you’re in a rut, but guess what – you’re an amazing woman, wife, mother, friend, and definitely an inspiration to all of us “imaginary friends.” And we’re all rooting for you and know that you’ll get through it all and be amazing. Your new house is beautiful, your children adorable, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL time taking some well-deserved time for you this weekend!

  32. Jayne

    I’ve had a new pimple everyday since I was 14 and I’m 25 now. So… yeah. Hope that makes you feel better :-). Also, 31Gifts look yummy! Will you do international transactions?

  33. Ok. So now I feel old, since my 20th yr reunion was supposed to be this summer.

    Enjoy your weekend. It will be the calm before the storm, so take it and enjoy your hubs. Paint, as Chris said, can wait. 😀

  34. Just discovered your blog. You are a delightfully ambitious version of my younger self!

    I cannot get over how much you look like my sister, though. It is truly uncanny. I actually gasped! (We look nothing alike, btw). I am sending my family the link to check it out!

  35. Sam

    Small world! I used to work in the c-ray department at Gulf Breeze Hospital. I loved driving over the bridge from Pensacola every morning and watching the sun come up over the water. I loved the patients (mostly). Beyond that, I hated that job. So glad to be out of there. I do miss the panhandle though…

  36. Sam

    Make that the x-ray department. Generally I edit before I post. Shame on me.

  37. I just want to say that I’m totally jealous of your one pimple in 100 years. I am 27 and I constantly have one moving around on my face. I don’t like you anymore. Just kidding…but I am mad at you today. 😉

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