I’m Baaaaaaack!

Oh, imaginary friends! I have missed you so! For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (…cough, cough…shame on you…cough, cough…), let me tell you what I’ve been up to in the past week.

First, we spent last week packing up the old house and getting ready to move into our new one. I packed with the kids while Chris and my saint of a father peeled wallpaper and painted at the new house. Occasionally, I’d haul the kids over to bring them beer and Five Guys hamburgers. Bean loved “helping.” He basically followed them around all afternoon doing whatever they did. It was pretty cute, actually.



Packing was pretty rough, but I have to say that I did an AWESOME job! We were boxed up and ready to go by moving day. Our sweet friend, Scott (of “Sarah and Scott” fame), helped us move in 100 degree heat. I was so thankful he was there! And Bean loves Scott, so he thought it was awesome to hang with the big guys for the morning.



Thursday (or was it Friday?) afternoon in the middle of packing, I got a phone call from my mom telling me that my website was giving her a strange error message. So, before our computer was packed away, I jumped online really quick to find an ugly, horrid little error message instead of my blog. I’m not technical, like, at ALL, but I knew “fatal error” wasn’t a good thing. Long story short, our website was hacked. I was shocked! But then I was panicked because there was some trouble for a couple days getting my backups to restore and for about 24 hours, it looked like I had lost over three years worth of writing. Thanks to my awesome web design team at Flosites, my website was restored (though I did lose my last few posts because those hadn’t been backed up yet) and all became right with the world.

Except we didn’t have internet at our new house. Which meant I couldn’t blog.

In the mean time, two big things happened. First, Bean and Gracie went back to daycare. I’ll post later next week about their first day and how I cried all the way to work, but for now just know that they both did awesome! Much better than I did! Michael loves his new school and talks all about his new “fends.” Gracie doesn’t say much, but she does squeal a fair bit when she sees her new teacher, so I take that as a good sign…


The other big event was that I went back to work this week. I loved being home with my kiddies this summer and I am already looking forward to next summer, but I do LOVE working. I am so excited to be back at school, working on lesson plans and decorating bulletin boards. The students start on Monday and I’m so ready to see them again!


So, that brings us up to today. I cut my hair today. Well, I paid someone else to cut my hair. It’s fun that even teachers get back to school necessities – haircuts, clothes, school supplies.


For now, we are really just trying to get ourselves situated in our new house. We’re unpacking and searching for things like socks and Post-It notes. This weekend I quite literally have to dig my way through the garage over to the washing machine and dryer to clean our clothes. Moving makes everything take longer. Mundane tasks become day-long projects. But knowing that we are going to be in this house for a looooooong time and that we are FINALLY out of transition mode makes the adjustment period not so bad.


Plus, these guys make it pretty fun, too…


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48 Thoughts to “I’m Baaaaaaack!”

  1. Amelia

    Aah I’m so glad you’re back!! My life was oddly empty without you!
    (I love your new hair!)

  2. Yay! So glad your team was able to restore your blog. Your hair looks amazing by the way. Love the last picture. 🙂

  3. Welcome back! I’ve missed you imaginary friend.

  4. As difficult and stressful as all of that sounds, in a weird way I am envious.
    I need to go picture the logistics of packing our entire house and snap out of it.

  5. So glad you’re back. I love that pic of Bean in the moving truck. He looks so adorable. And I completely understand about the missing your kids but loving work all at the same time.

  6. Marz

    I was starting to have MC withdrawals…so glad the move went well!

  7. jenny bird

    Hooray! Like Kate, I too missed you imaginary friend. Be wary about what boxes you leave unpacked. You may think there is nothing you need in them. They may even be labeled “Things I Don’t Need,” but alas, they contain just what you need. After unpacking all but three boxes, which were located out of site under the hubby’s desk, I finally found several of the “I know I packed this” items. Ah well, at least they have been found. 🙂

  8. Amanda

    i was worried when i saw the fatal message too. i am so glad that your websites okay now!

  9. I feel your pain with the boxes. Oh…I hate packing so much! We’re still a couple of weeks away from moving but I’m so happy for you that you’re finally in!

    Bean is so cute in that photo of the guys in the lorry!

  10. Claire H

    Welcome back – We missed you! Hope you settle into your new home quickly and are happy for years to come 🙂 Cx

  11. First off so glad that the blog is up & running again! Second, so glad that there’s a new post, was having withdrawals! Thirdly the new haircut is gorgeous! And FINALLY, I’m so happy and thrilled that this transitional period is over for you guys, it’s been a long year, full of ups & downs for you guys, and I’m so glad that you, Chris, Bean & Gracie can now settle in to your ‘forever home’.

  12. I ve missed you too! Glad everything went smoothly with the move, Sounds like such a busy time for you guys!

  13. Lissa

    YAY…you’re back. I was so worried all weekend…Even, I, who knows nuthin’ about computers knew that that error message was a baaaad sign. Can’t wait to hear all the news.

  14. So glad you are back!!!! Excited about reading about the kids in daycare, your school, and all the house “stuff”!!

  15. Brielle F.

    I missed you too!! I kept checking your website for days checking to see if it was back up yet, I’m so glad you didn’t lose most of your posts!

  16. Tressa

    I’ve missed you too!!! I saw the error and thought oh no she has shut down! I wanted to cry. I’m happy your back. I’m happy your moved. I’m happy your ready to go back to school. I’m happy Bean and Gracie has a good daycare they love already. And once again your talking my love language…..Five Guys burgers and HOMEMADE french fries……it’s 6:40am and my mouth is watering!!!! 😉

  17. Jen

    Oh, Katie, how I have missed you in my daily routine. Glad to hear things are goin’ your way! Love the haircut :).

  18. Amanda

    I have missed your posts! Your blog is like my morning coffee. Haha 🙂

  19. We missed you! 🙂 So glad you are back and that all is well!

  20. Natty

    I’ve never commented on your posts before, but I love reading them, and when I went to take my mid-morning “confessions break” I saw the error message and thought “MY GOD, I’ve missed my chance and now I will never get to tell Katie how much I love reading her blog!!!” So I’m carpe diem-ing now to tell you so. Love it. Welcome to your new home, I hope that it brings peace, adventure, and comfort to you always!

  21. Michelle

    Okay, I totally missed your life updates! So I’m busy too- have Henry who is Bean’s age and Daisy who is G’s age. It’s great to hear about your life because we hit the same milestones at the same time. So I wanted to let you know (if you don’t know already, so sorry if I am ‘that person’ who is saying this over again) but this post didn’t show up on my blog feeder. Not sure what happened. 🙁

  22. Yay! So happy you’re back and those a-hole hackers didn’t completely your site. Good luck on Monday! And your haircut looks super cute. No post-haircut regrets, I hope. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  23. Nikki

    I’m glad that you’re back! Can’t wait to hear about all of your updates. I love your hair. I’m going to get about 3 inches cut off tomorrow..eek! It’s just too darn hot still to have semi-long hair! Have a most enjoyable weekend!

  24. Angie

    Yeah! I am so glad you are back! I checked every morning…and was thrilled this morning that there was a website & a new post!! Isn’t it sad…some people read newspapers in the morning…I read blogs. HAHA.

  25. So glad you’re back and can’t wait to read all about the new house as you work on it!

  26. Just let everyone else, I’m glad you’re back too! I hope you get everything unpacked soon, because I recently moved and I know how much fun it is having to look for EVERYTHING. 🙁 But a new house is exciting!

  27. Audrey

    Was it really only a week? No….can’t be…felt like forever – welcome back!

  28. So glad you are back! I missed reading your posts every morning.

  29. internet land was not a happy place without you! welcome back!

  30. Ann G-B

    Glad you are back! Can’t wait to hear more about Gracie’s first day!

  31. So happy you’re back! Sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady in the next few weeks!

  32. Congratulations! I am so glad you are back! I’ve missed reading your posts and hearing about Bean and Gracie. That stinks about your website..so glad Flosites was able to fix it! Can’t wait to hear about everything; good luck with the new school year (which, btw, I can’t imagine moving and getting a classroom ready…I’m only repainting my kitchen/living room/bathroom and I feel stressed with getting my classroom done too!).

  33. Alicia

    Welcome back!! So glad that the move went well! I also wanted to say (like someone else did) that this post did not show up in my Google Reader at all. The last thing that shows is a message from WordPress on August 12th.

  34. Liz McCracken

    Yay! I love your blog. But yes, as several have mentioned before, it is not showing up in my Google Reader feed at all. I do follow you on the facebook and the twitter, so I haven’t missed anything, but you probably want to check that out. Happy back to school season!

  35. Kristin H

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re back, it was almost embarrassing how much I missed your posts. Love the haircut!

  36. Mary

    Yet another Floridian (Tampa Bay area) here.
    I introduced one of my friends to your blog last year and am finally catching up myself.
    Congrats on the move. We’re *shudder* going to be doing the same thing ourselves in the next few months.
    Thanks for bringing some much needed humor into a situation that has me near a panic myself!

  37. AW! I love that picture of Bean leaving for school! Welcome back! I was so sad when your site was hacked…what is wrong with people who do stuff like that? Glad it was restored 🙂 You’ll have to stop by my blog sometime b/c while you were out, we had a bit of (good) news happen to us!

  38. Megan

    Love the second to last picture! Happy family…So glad you guys are moved and getting settled in 🙂 Good luck with school starting!

  39. Jessica W

    Welcome Back! I love that picture of Bean in the truck! He looks like he’s just trying to fit in with the guys, “Maybe we should move that box over there. What do you think?”

  40. Linda

    YAY!! So glad you are back!! Missed you! Hope all of your transitions are smooth ones. 🙂 Linda

  41. I love how you posted about back-to-school supplies and expenses! I’m a teacher, too, and this week along have blown through most of my paycheck getting last minute things for my classroom, my hair done, my mani/pedi…
    Welcome back! I missed you and can’t wait to hear about everyone’s first days. (And when did Bean turn into a Little Man?!)

  42. Cindy

    I definitely know how you feel because we moved August 1st from Owensboro, KY to Fairhope, AL. And then my son started middle school and daughter started preschool this week. I start back to work (part time) next Monday. It’s a crazy transition whether you are moving across town or across country!

  43. Meredith J.

    Oh thank goodness! I was having withdrawls! 😉

  44. Courtney Sloane

    Welcome back, imaginary friend. It’s amazing what a difference not having your blog to read each evening makes, but I’m glad you’re in your new house and new school year!

  45. hooray!!! glad it went well and smoothly!!
    love your updates and photos 🙂

  46. Welcome back!! I know moving is soo stressful, can’t imagine doing it with kids. Thinking of you!!

  47. Missed you! I was so sad every time that I checked your blog and got the error message. 🙁

  48. OMG I love love love the picture of your “guys” in the truck! Too adorable. Thanks for the update – I’m glad you are all doing well. (and happy haircut, it looks great!)

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