Losing My Mind

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I am losing my mind.


I’m going insane.

Photo 111

I’ve heard of mommy brain or whatever you want to call it and I experienced it slightly with Bean.  I’d forget where I put my keys periodically.  One time I seriously forgot where I parked my car and had to call Chris to come get me.  (Low point.)  But mommy brain or whatever you want to call it with two kids?  It’s pretty brutal.  As proof, I submit the following true stories into evidence:

Exhibit A:

Two weeks ago, I stopped by Chick-fil-a to bring lunch to our family and friends who were helping us move.  I placed a huge order in the drive thru, pulled around to pay, and realized I didn’t have my debit card with me.  That has never happened to me before!  I was mortified.  They held my order while I ran to get my money.

Exhibit B:

On Monday of last week, I ran up to the grocery store for a few essentials – formula, milk, and Swiss Cake Rolls.  Got to the check out, they rang me up, and – guess what! – no debit card!  Again! This time I was too embarrassed to come back after I left.

Exhibit C:

Last night I went grocery shopping for the week.  I checked items off my list and calculated my coupons, then I got to the check out and watched them ring up about $100 in groceries.  I opened my wallet to pay and you guessed it.  No freaking debit card.

Exhibit D:

Today I packed my lunch, Gracie’s diaper bag, and Bean’s breakfast all while changing dresses on the first day of school because Chris said I looked, “BOOBIEful.”

(Side note:  I asked him if I really needed to change and he said that I taught middle school boys all day and that I should definitely change.  So I said, “Really?  Middle school boys are looking at boobs?” and Chris said, “Are they looking at anything else?”  I cracked up, was slightly weirded out about my job, and put on a turtleneck.)

So, I throw all these bags into my car and drop the kids at daycare.  Where I forget to leave Gracie any bottles.  That’s right.  I dropped my infant child off at daycare without any food.  I went straight to work and put the bag of her bottles into the fridge in the teachers lounge, thinking it was my lunch.  Wrong.  Daycare called, I had to take the bottles back up to her, which made me realize that I had forgotten my lunch at home.

Exhibit E:

I am missing two bags of lesson planning materials from school and I cannot find them ANYWHERE.  I thought they were in my classroom, but they aren’t.  I thought they were in my closet here at home, but they aren’t.  I thought they were in my car, Chris’s car, or the playroom (where all kinds of random stuff is accumulating…), but they aren’t.  I have no idea where they have gone.

Exhibit F:

I called Chris “Peter” today.  I don’t even think I know someone named Peter.  ???


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40 Thoughts to “Losing My Mind”

  1. Ha! The last one is priceless. I only have one little one, but I totally know what you mean. I called John “Buddy” the other day, like I do for Jacob. I told him he was just lucky we didn’t have a girl, or I’d have called him “Little Lady.”

  2. Ha ha…I have to say I’m experiencing pregnancy brain like mad. Lost a $70 Old Navy gift card…so sad. But that last one…ha! Love it!

  3. Hope you find it soon! You have to admit, #F is pretty funny 🙂

  4. I love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does stupid stuff like that. And guess what?! It never goes away! Six years later and I’m still forgetting my $ at the drive-thru.

  5. maybe you are preggo again and this time its kicking in full force??! 😉 hehe j/k!

  6. My friend has a 2 year old and she says when she has mommy brain it’s very similar to having a severe case of ADD. She told me that some days she’s like, “Honey Bagers. Dijon. Snuggie. President Obama. Spatula. Head Rest. Burqa. White Cheddar Popcorn.” I had to use a direct quote because you just can’t make that stuff up. I die laughing…
    He kind of looks like a Peter. It suits him.

  7. HeatherM

    Dr Oz says that this phenomenon of “baby brain” actually happens because the baby steals the omega 3’s in your body (that enrich your brain) to build their own brains. They do the same thing with calcium, which is why women often have teth problems and more brittle bones after having babies. Talk with your doctor about whether a fish oil supplement would be safe for you, as this might help. In the mean time, if you’ve stopped your prenatal vitamins, try going back onto one with some DHA (brain building blocks) in it. Target sells some prenatal gummie vitamins that are actually enjoyable to take. Just be glad you don’t have chemo brain- it has the same symptoms and is far less reversible.

  8. Kristin

    Haha. Peter?? So funny!

  9. Dude, mommy brain kills me sometimes. I once paid for gas and drove off without even filling up. But I did chuck the window washing squee gee in my car for no reason at all. And I call the dog Sullivan all the time. Maybe I do need to start taking more omega 3’s. Have to look into that

  10. I can so relate. However I have a solution for you, for at least one of your problems. Pretty sure there is an app for that. You can utilize your debit card through your phone!!! I don’t actually know if it is true, never tried it before, but that is the word on the street…good luck.
    Tell Peter he should get you a third debit card to hide in your car if the first solution doesn’t work : )

  11. Lindsey

    That is seriously hysterical! I’m glad you can laugh at it all – that’s why I love your blog!

    And Peter???? Wth?!

  12. oh man! calling chris “peter” is just plain hysterical!

    i guess you should pin your debit card around your neck for safe keeping!

    hope you find those lesson plans, i know how important that stuff is!

  13. I had mommy brain really badly while I was pregnant, and even now afterwards. The worst thing I did was leave my precious dog in the hot car for an hour. Thank God (literally) he was okay. I sobbed for an hour when I remembered and got him out. It was so scary. To this day the only thing I can say is my brain just simply did NOT work right.

  14. Diana

    Aww Katie, not having your debit card at the checkout is the worst feeling!!!! I can remember one time, about 7 years ago when I was in college, and I got to the checkout at Loblaws (a Canadian grocery store) and my debit card was rejected! My latest work cheque hadn’t gone through and I had no money in my account. My face felt like it was on fire!!!! I felt so sad and embarrassed leaving my full cart of groceries at the store. And I didn’t have the excuse of mommy brain. You never forget these horrifying moments!!!

  15. Chad’s mom just starts rattling off her son’s names when she wants something: “BlaineDaleChad, pass me the butter.” When daughter-in-laws are around, we get, “PattieChrisAnn, hand me that spoon.” And with the seven grandkids and three great-grandchildren? Forget it. They don’t get names.

  16. Sarah

    Not a mom and yet on the phone at work keep introducing myself as the wrong person. You are not alone!!

  17. How bout claiming you called him Peter because he is your “Rock”? 🙂 I keep referring to a co-worker as “Kevin”…hadn’t thought to blame the kid, sounds good.

  18. Lee Ann

    Maybe Peter stole those bags of lesson plans and dropped them off at Chik-Fil*A to pay for your chicken sandwiches??

  19. I’ve dropped my daughter off twice without bottles, but at her daycare they make you put the bottles away yourself, so I realize pretty much as soon as I arrived there with her. Now that she’s in the pre-toddler room, they unload your lunchbox for you, and the other day they asked me, ” Wow, is she going to eat this huge salad?” and that’s when I realized I had brought my lunch in from the car for her. It happens!

  20. With exibit A I thought you were going to say you paid for your order and then drove away without picking up your food… because I’ve done that. And losing things? I lose things ALL the time! I once lost a head of lettuce when I got home from the grocery store. Never ever found it so I’m hoping it never actually made it into my bags at Target! They say mommy brain starts to get better when the baby is about 6 months old… my opinion? You’ll never be quite as smart as you used to be. We trade our brains for our children.a

  21. Ha, you crack me up – yeah…middle school boys…that’s pretty much all they think about. And you’re the young female teacher, so yeah…but I’m sure you looked awesome, though! And I think you should nickname Chris Peter from now on. Just to mess with him….

  22. Bec

    You are just too busy…Two young kids, a new house, starting teaching again, your blog…you need to slow down!

  23. Oh no! I love the one about “Peter.” What was Chris’ reaction? 🙂

  24. Leah

    I’m in sales and literally have to write down the name of the person, company and why I’m calling them (customer’s I’ve worked with for 4+ years) or half way through the ringing phone (if I’m lucky) or the person’s greeting I have no idea who I’m talking to or why I called…so embarrassing!

    My mom’s theory is that we lose half of our brain cells with the placenta. So after your first you go half crazy, the second you lose it all and if you have more than that…well you’re already crazy by then right?

  25. oh you poor thing. I’ve had to leave a cart of groceries, go home to find it only to discover my debit card in my pocket!!!

  26. As a former cashier, I can tell you that people forget their debit cards a lot more than you respect. As long as people were nice about it I had no problem holding their groceries for them and didn’t think any less of them either. I’ve forgotten my debit card a few times and I can’t blame it on mommy brain 🙂

  27. I’m laughing at this! Too funny. I thought maybe I was getting early onset dementia? But I suppose its just mom brain! Love it!

  28. You sound like me and all I have is a puppy and a hubs. Too funny… I love that you called your hubs Peter – LOL!

  29. It has always been a fear of mine to end up at the check out line and not have my debit card with me! What did you do?? I would probably have cried if I just rung up all that food and had no way to pay for it…

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  30. Given what’s going on in your life right now, none of that concerns me. Well, I am wondering about you calling Chris “Peter” but only because “Peter” is slang for . . . important male anatomy. I’m wondering if you have some repressed emotions going on there. 🙂

  31. Kristin

    You sound like me and I don’t have kids..geez, what’s my excuse?!!

  32. Jennifer

    Maybe your lesson plans are in the same place as your debit card (I bet Peter put them there)?? 🙂 I tried to put the phone in the fridge the other day…and I only have one 2 year old!!

  33. LOVE the last one. I think maybe it’s just the time of year. I have no kids yet and am definitely not pregnant but I put the milk in the pantry this weekend until Dylan (husband) found it two hours later. Although I do have a 12 week old puppy that gets up at 5am that makes me feel like I have a child…

  34. Kim

    I don’t necessarily think it’s mommy brain but it definitely has to do with your kids. It’s that you are super busy. You have about 1 million things going on right now. I think when we get on overload, you just run out of brain space for petty details like remembering your debit card. It will pass, good luck.

  35. HA! that too funny.
    I hate to tell you this, but I have that too, and anyone who works/lives/raises kids. It gets worse when they are teens!
    I once went to wal-mart twice in one day and forgot to bring my WHOLE WALLET!
    Also, I often slide my debit card into my bra when I am pumping gas.I forgot it was there and called the bank sobbing that I lost my card and was afraid someone took it. When I got changed that night, it was stuck to my boob, nice and safe.

  36. kelly h

    The last one cracked me up!! Its totally something I would do and I don’t even have kids!

  37. Lynne

    Loved this post! Katie, I am here to tell you that mommy brain does get better, you do get your mental processes back – until menopause hits and you get to go through all that memory loss crap again….don’t ask me how I know. And…..you know that the actor who played Peter Brady was named Christopher Knight….so that whole Chris/Peter thing? Totally understandable.

  38. Meredith J.

    Ok this will make you feel better :
    I don’t have any kids, I am not pregnant nor am I going to be for another couple years. I forgot MY debit card at home FOUR TIMES last week! I’ve never everrrr done that before. Something must be in the air. Except Seattle air and Florida air are slightly different, I’ll take that as my excuse. 😉

  39. It’s called lack of sleep! It happens to the best of us and seriously makes us feel like we are loosing our minds! I, too, have had the experience of completely forgetting where I parked. So not fun! I hope things get easier for you!

  40. If it helps, I was about to start typing my comment in the “http:” line. 🙂 It’s a good thing there are so many women with similar stories; we can sit around and laugh until we cry sharing them. Exhibit F was my favorite. Clearly you have lost your mind. Welcome to the club. 🙂

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