Sick Days x 2

Last week, Gracie had a runny nose. Within two days, she had spread that runny nose to Bean, who then took on multiple cold symptoms – runny nose, cough, low fevers. At that point, Gracie was feeling much better. But then the weekend hit and as Bean and Gracie spent more time together, their cold germs were shared again. By Saturday morning, both of them were hot, sweaty, sticky, snotty messes.

Poor pumpkins.

We took it easy this weekend to let the kids recover, but I was reminded for the 1,000th time that nursing little kids back to good health is tough. As sick as they are, neither of my kids seems to be aware of the fact that they don’t feel good.


Neither of them is sleeping good at night right now. Between stuffy noses and little fevers and teething (Gracie’s getting one more tooth and Bean’s cutting his 2 year molars), they have been waking up throughout the night for the past few nights. Which means, during the day they are tired and cranky. For Gracie, we’ve been letting her sleep as much as she wants during the day, instead of limiting her nap times to under 2 hours like we normally do. For Bean, we’ve been doing a lot of football watching because it’s just about the only thing that keeps him sitting still for any period of time. He’s such a good sports commentator! He cheers and yells and says, “Oh, man!” when they miss a field goal.


You know, I really think it’s the parent’s responsibility to limit their child’s activity when they are sick.


I just don’t understand those irresponsible parents who let their children run wild when they are supposed to be getting over an illness.


If you ask me, bed rest and fluids are the only way to go when you’re nursing your children back to health.


Yes, sir. We take sickness around this house very seriously. Very. Seriously.



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16 Thoughts to “Sick Days x 2”

  1. Aw! 🙂 Looks like what the doctor ordered to me…some playtime with Mom and some extra giggles! Too cute.

  2. Man – being sick sure is rough around your house. We had a double ear infection around our parts for the past week. I found bouncing in the exersaucer and screaming loudly at 10pm seems to be a good elixir!

  3. Poor kiddos! Hope they got all the love and relaxing they needed this weekend and are feeling much better!

  4. Doesn’t look like too much rest happening! But then again kids never rest or sleep soundly when they are sick. I hope they recover soon!

  5. Hahaha! So cute, but seriously, if they won’t sit still what’s a mom to do? Let them run. I say let them run. 🙂

  6. Adorable! Glad you got some good “quiet time” this weekend.

  7. Adorable! You know, taking it easy is overrated. I heard laughter is the best medicine 😉

  8. Sullivan is dealing with the same thing but he’s generously sharing with us. So we’re letting him have his run around the house, he gets to bang the air vents as much as his little heart desires and boy does it desire to make a lot of noise. He doesn’t seem to know he’s got a fever and a nasty sinus infection. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  9. My little guy had a cold this weekend, too. It took everything I had to get him to rest for like two minutes at a time. Can’t breath, dripping snot, hacking like an old smoker, but still insanely busy. Wears a Momma out!

    Hope Bean & Gracie are feeling better!

  10. Bean lounging in his chair watching the game is SO cute!!! What a man!

  11. Kiersten

    you guys are amazing and I love the photos. I’m not a parent or married yet but I absolutely enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work guys!

  12. Poor little nuggets! I hope they get better asap!

  13. jenny-bird

    🙂 What fun! (Minus the stuffy noses, fever, and crankiness of course.)

  14. Rhea

    I would kill to have your hair color.
    I’ve been trying (and paying out the nose) to get that color for years.

    (Little off topic.)

  15. You look like you handled to sickies well. I’m not looking forward to the day that everyone in the house is sick. Come to think of it I would rather deal with 10 sick kids than 1 sick husband, they are the worst!

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