Tomorrow is Going to Be a Great Day

Tomorrow will be a great day.

No. Tomorrow will be a FANTASTIC DAY.

Because tomorrow, these boys will be in my house.


I’ve missed them in my house. I’ve missed them at my kitchen table. I’ve missed them making plans to show up at our house on a Friday, but then showing up on Thursday night…or afternoon…or morning… I’ve missed them on my back deck after dinner, drinking beer, and talking about nothing until the wee small hours of the morning. I’ve missed them stealing my camera and taking pictures like this…


Or this…


Chris and Justin have been best friends for seventeen years. And, though they lead very different lives now, they are still like brothers.


Which in turn makes him like my brother. Which in turn make him like my sister’s brother, too. Which in turn makes him like family.


More specifically, like that drunk family member that always shows up, drinks your beer, hits on your friends, and then goes home. He’s that family member.

And then there’s Gary.


Gary is the kind of friend everyone should have. He makes no demands of you, expects nothing from you, and will be there in a split second when you ask. And sometimes, even when you don’t ask. I think he has helped us move, like, five hundred thousand times. Roughly. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.


When we moved away from Connecticut, leaving our entire group of old friends behind was the hardest part. They were such fixtures in our lives and in our home. They shared every milestone with us.


And we miss them now.

But tomorrow? They’ll be here. In our kitchen again. Sitting on our back porch. Eating our food. Drinking our beer. And wine. And whiskey.


And that is why tomorrow is going to be a great day.

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17 Thoughts to “Tomorrow is Going to Be a Great Day”

  1. Yea! Friends like that are the best. Enjoy spending time with your friends 🙂

  2. Aww I’m so happy for you. This post made me tear up a little…I miss my friends so much from all over the country where I have lived.

  3. That’s wonderful!! Drink a few for me and there is nothing like good, old friends who are there for you no matter what happens!

  4. Was one of the photos taken at Archie Moore’s?!? Oh how I miss that place!

  5. What a wonderful thing to have friends like that! Have an AWESOME day!!

  6. YAY! Gotta love friends like that. I hope you all have a blast (and that your friends give Bean and Gracie loads of tickles and hugs!)

  7. Good friends make the world go around. As we have just moved for the BAZILLON-eth time…I can totally relate. Have a phenomenal time : )

  8. Enjoy Katie! Greg looks exactly like my friend Steve. I wonder if they are brothers….

  9. I am so excited for you!! Longtime friends are pretty much the greatest things ever.

  10. I love friends! Dylan’s best friend met my best friend at our wedding and now they are dating so Dylan’s friend comes into town a lot now 🙂

  11. Tell those crazy boys I said hello!!! And order some extra wings for me!! 🙂

  12. Tressa

    Have fun making new memories with old friends!!!

  13. Nothing like old friends returning! That’s why I love going home to visit my parents in Maryland and all my friends who are still there. Nothing beats a reunion!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  14. Jenna

    SO happy for you … I know about those kinds of friends and about how happy it makes me to see my husband with his BFFs 🙂 Enjoy every second!

  15. I hope you all have been having an amazing time!

  16. Susan Morgan Mangan

    You’ve got to know that without a doubt, Robert was there too. Love to all of you.

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