Ramblings and An Announcement

1. I have a notoriously bad voice. Even Bean tells me to stop singing sometimes. Last week, I decided to see if I really had a bad voice or if Chris (and Bean) (and my sister) (and my mom) were just giving me a hard time. So, I turned on the radio and started singing along. Halfway through the song, I turned down the music and kept singing. Then, I turned the music back up to see if I was still in tune. I wasn’t. They were right. I’ll never be on American Idol.

2. Gracie took her first bath in the bathtub. She’s still a little small for the tub and I’ll probably continue to give her most of her baths in her small tub, but it was so darn cute to see her and Bean together. And they both loved it!




3. I started this new reading program in my class this year where all my students are required to read 30 books by the end of the year. I wasn’t sure it would work and then I worried that I’d be screwed because most of my curriculum was built around them reading those books since we were going to do a bunch of activities with them. The end of the first quarter is this week and I am so proud to report that my kids have read 673 books! That’s an average of 6-7 books per student. I’m so darn proud of them!

4. Chris hurt his knee somehow playing golf last weekend. Now, he has trouble getting up and down the three flights of stairs in our house. I know I should be sympathetic to him, but seeing him hobble around like an old man makes me giggle.

5. We had our family portraits with Jenn Hopkins yesterday. They were pretty darn awesome and I can’t wait to see the pictures when she’s done editing. I made her promise to edit out my sweat beads. And maybe 20 pounds or so.

6. In the past few weeks, the weather’s been a little cooler (finally!). Which has led to my discovery that Bean has absolutely no pants that fit. He’s too tall for 18 months, but the 24 months and 2T are way too big in the waist, even with the adjustable waistlines. He’s a tall beanpole. (Oh, I made a joke!) This weekend, I picked him up two new pair of jeans while I was out shopping. I didn’t notice in the store that I accidentally bought “skinny jeans.” Seriously. They say that on the label. He looks like a tiny hipster!!!! It’s hysterical!!!


7. The other night as we were making dinner, Chris and I were kissing and Bean suddenly yells out from the dinner table in an angry voice, “Daddy! You no kiss Mommy’s face!” We died laughing and started kissing again while Bean continued to tell us to “stop kissing face!” He’s only two and we’re already grossing him out! Bonus parenting points for us!

8. I forgot to wear deodorant today, so during 3rd period when I finally remembered, I tried to sneak into my supply closet in my classroom to put some on (I keep an extra deodorant stick in my file cabinet). Then I accidentally dropped the whole stick with the deodorant side down on the nasty, filthy storage closet floor. I stood there for a full minute staring at all the dirt and dust on the deodorant while I seriously considered putting it on anyway. But I didn’t. Which made me feel really good about myself. Sometimes motherhood can make me feel pretty gross, so it’s nice to know where I draw the line.

9. I walked into our bedroom the other day to find Chris sound asleep on our bed and the kids siting on either side of him, with Gracie banging on the toy piano and Bean calling out, “DADDY! WAKE UP, SLEEPYHEAD!” Poor Chris. He hasn’t been feeling too good this weekend and I think the kids can sense weakness. They can sniff it out. Like bees. And middle schoolers.

10. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MY ATLANTA-AREA READERS: The Atlanta MC Meet and Greet has been scheduled! We’ve moved it to this Saturday, October 29, from 3:00 until 4:00pm at Stone Mountain Park (which is fun because I was born in Stone Mountain!). We’ll be at the Triangle Pavilion in the Triangle Picnic area. Just look for the pavilion with the turquoise and yellow balloons. There is a playground there, too, so if you have little ones, they can run around and play. Chris and I will be there with the kids and our family to meet and greet, answer a few questions, talk a bit about the blog, and spend some time hanging out. I really hope if you’re in the Atlanta area, you’ll come on out. Bring a picnic, bring your kids, bring your friends, and come play with us!


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26 Thoughts to “Ramblings and An Announcement”

  1. Awww. Now Beans just needs some dark rimmed glasses and an ironic t-shirt to complete the look!

  2. claire

    Holy moly those kids are cute. I really wish that Atlanta was closer to Sydney, I’d love to meet you guys. Have fun!

  3. Those kids just melt my heart! They just keep getting cuter…is that even possible? And haha about the hipster jeans. That’s hysterical.

  4. Cindy

    I hope that you do a meet and greet when you go home to Gulf Breeze to visit because I live an hour away and would LOVE to meet you and your precious family.

  5. This was a good ramblings post! Enjoyed the randomness 🙂 also, my friend Arden is planning on going to the meetup! I’m excited to hear all the details. I may make her call me while she’s there…haha 😉

  6. Seriously, your kids are absolutely adorable. Every picture just makes it more and more clear. So cute!

  7. Deepa

    Ah! We have the SAME pants problem with Rohan! He is a few months younger than Bean is, but we couldn’t find pants ANYwhere – even the skinny jeans were too loose on his waist. Finally, we hit up Target and found some winners. They ride up when he sits, but they seem to fit ok. We are in trouble when the weather turns cold though…. Boston winters are not kind…

  8. Quick, get that hipster some plaid! But #6 made me laugh only because my 9 month old is in 24 month pants in order to fit around his butt and belly. Wish I could come say hi this weekend. Hope you have fun….and wear deodorant.

  9. Ha. Hahaha. I am *seriously* considering buying my son, who is two weeks younger than Bean, size 4T pants. Which is just nuts. I didn’t really Bean was such a peanut! That said, I’ve totally bought Ez skinny jeans before (he’s 95% for height and skiiiiiinny) and my husband made fun of me for months. Old Navy is where it’s at. They’re long and you can let the waist bunch a bit. Once they hit 2T it’s allll about the adjustable waist which makes me wonder if clothing designers think all babies have the same waist size.

  10. Super cute update! You should try the dapper snapper for Bean’s pants. My son is in 12 mo. pants for length, but he’s still a 3 mo. waist! The dapper snapper totally keeps his pants up!! They are GREAT!

  11. Bean is too cute in the jeans photo. What a snazzy hairdo he’s got. SUPER cute.

  12. I am dying to do some family portraits but I’m always nervous about finding a photographer. It’s a big commitment and what if I hate them!? I’ve been burnt before (our wedding photos) and I’m scared.

  13. So fun! And I can’t wait to see some . Where did you find Jenn? I’m excited that our wedding photographer always includes a free shoot for your first baby with her wedding packages (for “if and when,” which I hope is sooner rather than later – babies on the brain!), but in case she ever moves away, I’d be sunk. Also – I think you’ve just got yourself stuck with a need for a “Bean the Hipster” photo shoot. Pop up that polo’s collar, give him some shades, and let’s see Mr Beanman strut his stuff!!

  14. I didn’t realize you were born in Stone Mountain! Aaron took me up there once because he went there a lot as a kid. We saw the fireworks–it was fun!

  15. jenny-bird

    Where to start… Your family is becoming more picture perfect by the post! Sleepy dad surrounded by hellions, er, noisy little ones. Check. Brother and sister having fun in the bathtub. Check. Little one being grossed out by kissing. (Why is that anyway?) Check. And finally, mom trying to maintain her “coolness.” Check. Much love to you and your family Katie.

  16. jenny-bird

    Oh! Kudos to you Katie. I think it’s great that your having your kids read so many books. Reading comprehension and language skills are incredibly important and serve as the foundation for intellectual pursuits. Does your school have the Accelerated Reader program? Does that even exist anymore?

  17. Confession – I’m nervous about attending the meet and greet. What if I act like a total dork? So just so you know – you aren’t the only one in hives.

  18. Your kids are the cutest! 🙂
    And can’t wait to see those portraits!

  19. I can’t wait until this weekend!!!!! And @Stephanie, Kate’s just as nervous so you guys will be able to comfort each other, ha! Come on out to the park – it will be so fun!

  20. Kristin

    I love how you already have the balloon colors picked out. You know they won’t have those available now that you said that. 🙂

  21. ashley

    Dapper snappers!!! Totally the perfect solution! My son just turned 2 last week, and is about a 2T/24 month in length, but seriously is like 6-12 months in the waist! I had the same problem with pants when the weather started cooling off. I got some Dapper Snappers, and suddenly it’s like having a whole new wardrobe!

  22. Let me know if you ever come to Vermont 😉

  23. Tressa

    The kids in the bathtub….PRECIOUS!! I forgot to put on my deodorant and perfume yesterday, ruined my whole day! Never have forgot that before. Strange. Stilled wished I lived close enough to meet you and Ginny!!!!

  24. Bath time is my favorite. It was usually a half hour of fun and sometimes I could even sit by the tub and read a magazine article or two.

  25. I love bathtime!! So cute : ).

    So bummed that I can’t make the meet and greet now :(. My sister is coming in town and I highly doubt I can talk her into coming w/ me. If something changes I will be there with bells on…literally 😉

    Hope you guys have a safe trip up and a blast!

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