Part One: MC in the ATL

This past weekend, Chris and I took the kids up to my sister and brother-in-law’s house in Atlanta to spend some time with them. We had this great idea that we would leave Orlando around dinner time and then drive the majority of the seven hours while the kids were sleeping.

Ahhh…what stupid people we are.

We didn’t end up leaving Orlando until after 8:00pm on Thursday night. We had a meeting at 9:00 on Friday morning in Atlanta, so instead of deciding to leave the next morning (like normal, good parents), we decided we’d just keep on trucking. Which meant we pulled into the parking lot of Ginny and John Michael’s condo at 3:30AM.

‘Twas brutal.

At that point, Bean had been sleeping for seven hours and was in no way tired. So, my saint of a sister went ahead and just stayed up with him while Chris and I tried to grab some shut eye with Gracie before our meeting.

On Friday morning, we had quite possibly the coolest meeting of our entire lives and got one of the best surprises possible. That whole shindig will get it’s own blog post later this week, but let me just prepare you that you will hate me forever once I tell you about it. Be prepared to be greeeeeeeen with jealousy!

After our meeting Friday morning, Chris and I went back at the condo to pick up Ginny and the kids and Ginny took us over to the Georgia Aquarium for the afternoon.


Even as tired as we all were, it was totally worth the effort to go because that is one beautiful complex with some crazy fish and animals!

Like this albino alligator (which gave me the willies)…


And this beluga whale (which caused me to spontaneously break out singing, “Baaaaaaby beluuuuuga…” at random points in the viewing area.


Bean really liked the penguin area because there was a tunnel he could crawl through to get a closer look at them.

P.S. And can I get an “amen” for involved dad’s in tiny, child-sized enclosures?



He also really liked the string ray tank that his brave Aunt Ginny took him to see.  She even let him put his hands down in the water to pet the string rays.  Aunt Ginny is so very, very cool.  Way cooler than Bean’s mother, who stood 10 feet away from the string ray tank, yelling, “Don’t drop him!  Don’t drop him!”



My favorite thing, though, was the giant whale shark in the biggest viewing area. It was so majestic! And check out those chompers!




By 3:00 that afternoon, we were all dragging a little bit, but none more than Bean. He completely gave up even trying to seem excited. He was just so tired. Poor buddy!



And Gracie…well, she slept from the minute we walked in the door, really.


We decided to head home for an early night of pizza and wings at Gin’s condo.


The next morning was Saturday and we had LOTS to do, including getting ready for the MC meet and greet late Saturday afternoon! I’m still collecting pictures from people to use in that post, so check back tomorrow for details on that. As for day one in Atlanta, though, it was a huge, exhausting success!

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12 Thoughts to “Part One: MC in the ATL”

  1. Like Bean, I’m a HUGE fan of the penguins, too! And yeah, that shark creeps me out. Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Eek, that albino ‘gator is really creepy!

  3. Looks very fun! Sorry about how the drive turned out though.

  4. Really wish I could have made it up to Atlanta this past weekend! It would have been so great to finally meet your. I’m in south GA, so it’s still a 3 hour drive and I just couldn’t afford the gas! NEXT TIME FOR SURE!!! And I still haven’t made it to the aquarium yet!! I need to get on that. Looks like y’all had so much fun!

  5. Can’t wait to hear about this meeting, but am terribly sad I was not at the meet and greet. I think that is where I will be green with envy from all those lucky people who DID make it!

  6. Nikki

    Tell us about the meeting! Seriously, I am terrible at surprises. I’m also quite terrible at waiting for surprises. Example: I’m tired of keeping my wedding dress a secret from my Fiance for the next four weeks. He wont even look at it! How frustrating is that?! Oh well, I guess some things are meant to be a surprise : )

  7. Tressa

    I can’t wait to hear about the meet and greet too! I’m so jealous of those that got to attend. Thought of you this weekend when I heard Connecticut was without power!! Glad your not there any more!!

  8. That looks like such a beautiful aquarium! :O

  9. Gracie is getting sooooo beautiful!!!

  10. Driving in the middle of the night DOES sound like a good idea…but apparently not such a good reality. I’ll try to remember that 🙂

  11. I’ve heard about that aquarium! I can’t wait to take Zoe to places like that {here in FL} when she’s old enough to understand what’s going on…

  12. JoHanna

    The picture of Ginny and Bean is too cute! I think they look a lot alike in that pic!

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