My Long Day

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One of my favorite things to read online are schedules of people’s days. That and pictures of inside people’s refrigerators. I like mundane things. So, I thought I’d take you along with me on my day today, which, by the way, was not a great day. In fact, it was pretty awful. By the time I sat down to blog tonight, this is what I looked like:

Photo 118

5:00am – Gracie woke up because she’s not used to the new time thing yet

5:01am – Bean woke up because he heard Gracie wake up.

7:30am – I pulled out of my driveway and turned my car towards the blinding sun, only to remember that I broke my sunglasses this week so I had to squint for 20 minutes while I drove towards the sun to work.

8:00am – I got to work and planned to spend the hour and a half before classes began grading papers that are sorely overdue to be graded.

8:15am – The front office called to say that I had a parent/teacher conference this morning. So much for grading papers.

9:25 – 1:25 – My classes went pretty good. My students make me laugh and I forgot my crappy morning.

1:30 – I was pulled out of class to attend a parent conference with the craziest parent I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Really. Picture the craziest person you’ve ever met. Now imagine them drunk. And on heavy medication. And spray tanned.  That’s pretty close to how crazy this woman was. She was so angry at me because her son failed my class for the first quarter and, apparently, I “gave” him that grade so I was the one to blame.

2:00 – I get back to my classroom to find one of the school administrators in there to do an observation of my teaching (I’m not in trouble, we get observed all the time). At this point, I was still shaking and stunned by the conference I couldn’t even think straight. So, yeah. I’d love someone to evaluate my teaching in that condition, please.

3:00 – Department meeting at school

4:30 – Picked the kids up from daycare

5:00 – Got home and Bean (who had cried all the way home because he wanted a snack) refused to eat his dinner, even though it was all his favorite foods.

5:30 – I gave up on Bean and gave Gracie a bottle, which she spit up all over me AND Big Molly, so I spent 20 minutes cleaning up myself, my carpet, and trying to get Molly to stand still so I could wipe her down with baby wipes.

6:00 – Chris got home and took over Bean’s dinner while I told him about my conference from hell.

6:30 – Chris and I gave both the kids a bath together, then I put Gracie in PJ’s, read her a book, and put her down while he did the same for Bean.

7:15 – With both kids in bed, I unpacked three moving boxes in our guest room, changed the sheets, made the beds (it’s two twins), and had Chris had a mirror. My sweet mother-in-law is coming this weekend to visit, so she needed a clean, real guest room.

8:00 – I began folding three loads of laundry that have been sitting in my bedroom for over a week and started two more loads of laundry.

8:15 – I crawled around on my hands and knees in the garage, looking under moving boxes and misplaced furniture for my stupid drying rack for some damp jeans.

8:30 – I put the laundry away and went to the kitchen go unload and load the dishwasher while Chris cooked us dinner.

8:45 – I sat down and ate dinner with Chris.  We might have made out over mac ‘n cheese.

9:00 – I graded those damn papers that I meant to grade at 8:30 this morning.

9:30 – I began blogging.

It wasn’t a horrible day, but, man, I hope tomorrow is better!

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25 Thoughts to “My Long Day”

  1. Wow that is a long day! I feel your pain. I was a teacher for the last 7 years so I know about those “types” of conferences and the grading part. I completely understand. I hope you do have a better day tomorrow!

  2. According to various people’s Facebook statuses, a lot of people had a rough day today (me included.) But if I plotted out my day in timeline fashion, it would be too depressing…The good thing is that tomorrow is another day, full of possibility!

  3. I’m just impressed that you still managed to blog!!! Well done you, good effort for one day I say!

  4. Um, holy hell woman…it may have been a rough day but you got a ton done.
    My day involved work, an orientation to a nursing program that I’m starting this spring, and freaking out over all the crap I have to do. This includes fingerprinting, background checks, ordering uniforms, taking CPR and first aid AGAIN because red cross isn’t accepted, proof of immunizations, and a physical that has to be signed by my MD. Oh yeah, and it’s due December 1st. In other news, I have no idea how I will work and do this program at the same time. How’s that for mundane details? I am losing my mind!!!

  5. now, I’m not a parent so that’s why I don’t get this but how does the time change affect kids and their waking time? Is it because there little clocks see the sun up so therefore they want to be up? I hope tomorrow is better for you Kate. Two more sleeps until the weekend!

  6. I teach school so I can completely relate to your crazy parent story. And don’t you just love when it’s your fault their child didn’t do the work and failed? Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  7. Wow! So productive! Hope things improve tomorrow.

  8. jenny-bird

    Oh Katie, what a day. I had a similar day yesterday minus the children and add a law student (husband). I felt so overwhelmed thinking about what had to be done. I had finally put away laundry that had literally been laying around for weeks! At the end of the evening, I made a list of what to accomplish in the upcoming week. I’ve always read that it’s rewarding to cross things off a to-accomplish list…it turns out that it’s true! I hope your day goes better tomorrow.

  9. at least you got to make out over mac n’ cheese! My hubs came home, quickly ate dinner, played with our son for about 10 minutes and then left to go back to work for a few hours! And it was a rough day for me and my son, so I was REALLY looking forward to daddy being on duty…no such luck…. oh well, one more day and then a long weekend!

  10. Mom2Boys

    I once had a similar parent-teacher conference with an equally crazy woman. Let me just say that her t-shirt said “NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR.” Seriously, who wears that anywhere!?!?

  11. Goodness, sounds like you’re worked to the bone! Hopefully you get a good night sleep after all that!

  12. Rachel

    This is going to sound a wee bit paranoid but please be careful about what you put up on here about your job, especially if someone could read this and think “Hey, that’s me!” like the tanned, crazy woman. I have a friend who lost her position because of things she put on her blog. She was an extreme case as she was so open about linking it and happily let LOTS of people in real life get access to it- I doubt you do that. But all it takes is one parent to find this and share it around, and then someone could find there way onto this and read things they don’t like, and try and get you into trouble. Sorry if this out of line, but I just wanted to say something.

  13. Jen

    Yikes! I was going to say the same thing as Rachel. As a professional you owe your students and their parents confidentiality. If one of your administrators or parents saw this post you could definitely lose your job. Now that would be a bad day!

  14. Cheryl

    Sounds like a terrible day indeed!! Angry parents are the worst part of teaching, and it’s still what scares me the most. Give me a room full of 15 year olds I’m fine, but keep the crazies away:)

  15. jamie

    the crazy confernce lady {my favorite} i laughed outloud in the library at that one. i wish i could’ve seen your professional teacher face during that moment. could you remake the face and take a picture and show us please? too funny!

  16. I sat really still, frowning, for quite a while as I imagined the craziest person ever. Then I literally sat up and went “Aaaaaaargh!!!” when I mentally added on the Drunk, Medicated and Tanned. Hahahaha! I will definitely be doing a schedule post. Hope your day tomorrow is better!

  17. Wow that does sound like a long day and I’m right there with ya. Hopefully it isn’t anything a big glass of wine and a good night’s sleep can’t fix. Hope your day goes way better today.

  18. I’m sorry about your parent meeting. Those are the worst! My husband is a teacher too, and we like to trade parent stories. Hope today is better! Do you have a 3 day weekend too?

  19. I hope today is better, too! I had a similar day yesterday… except I run a restaurant and so my crazy people were crazy customers that think that just because they have a standing reservation once a month means that they can break every.rule we have. Not cool, people.

  20. Nikki

    Am I the only adult that is having problems adjusting to the time change? My body is ready to go at 4:30- not cool! I’m sorry that you had a rough day! I had that kind of day on Monday when I realized that I was only a little over 2 weeks away from my wedding. Talk about freaking out! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  21. I love seeing peoples schedules also but I always think no one would want to see mine.

  22. Aye, Katie! I feel for you! I used to be a hs English teacher. I used to call home to talk to parents about failing kids, and I would have parents tell me to **** off. Yup. Every new teacher’s dream.

  23. LOVE this kind of post! Your day sounds so incredibly busy…like mine, but right now I’m not working and in grad school. I give you TONS of props for managing it all. 🙂

  24. I love hearing about people’s days too! It’s like being a fly on the wall

  25. Mariya

    I’m so impressed. I’m never that motivated in the evenings, or maybe I just do things much slower. Thanks for the post.

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