Jenn Hopkins Strikes Again

When we first moved to Florida, we were contacted by one of my sister’s sorority sisters. She had been following my blog for a while and wanted to take family photographs of us as a “Welcome to Florida” celebration. Meeting Jenn Hopkins (and her sweet momma) was even more awesome than the photographs she took that day. She was sweet, kind, down to earth, and someone you just want to hang out with. I wanted to curl up on a couch with a cup of coffee and talk to her for days. She’s just that kind of warm person. And her photography?

Well, it’s basically amazing. There’s just no other way to say it. The first afternoon we met with her, she captured exactly what we were feeling and somehow put our personalities into the photographs.

Brown (93 of 182)ps

Brown (86 of 182) ps

Brown (69 of 182) ps

Then, when I announced I was pregnant with Gracie, Jenn Hopkins appeared again and was one of the first people to meet Gracie Girl. She came to our house when Gracie was eight days old and took a few family portraits and more than a few newborn photos of Gracie.

IMG_7725 blog

IMG_7691_1 blog

IMG_6932_1 blog

IMG_7062 blog

7580 blog

When we reached a new milestone in our lives and we moved into our new house, Jenn Hopkins was one again to the rescue. She came to Orlando a few weeks ago and spent an afternoon with us while we tried to wrangle our children into matching clothes and keep them happy and clean. Once again, Jenn did not disappoint. In fact, these might be my favorite ones she has taken for us so far.



(These next two are some of my favorites…)













And my all-time favorite Jenn Hopkins photo ever (which will be on my Christmas card this year, by the way…)


Oh, sweet Jenn Hopkins, we cannot thank you enough for capturing all of our most important family moments in the past two years.  You’ve helped us remember that we have had such happiness, even amidst all the turmoil and transitions.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Jenn Hopkins Photography is based out of Jacksonville, Florida.  She travels frequently for engagements, weddings, newborns, children, and family sessions.  Jen is a Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice recipient for the past two years and her photographs have appeared in Style Me Pretty and the Southern Wedding Magazine blog.  Please visit her website for more information.

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27 Thoughts to “Jenn Hopkins Strikes Again”

  1. Jamie

    Bean man is so stinking handsome!! I love the pictures, and your shoes! Gracie girl is going to be quite the camera hog as she gets older!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!!! I caught the sneak peak on her blog this weekend, my goodness she did a great job! Oh, and you’re shoes are pretty stellar.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! What perfectly captured moments of a beautiful family! 🙂 I wish we lived in FL because I would definitely call her up to take pictures of our family. She does an excellent job.

  4. 1- Love your shoes.
    2 – Love Bean’s shoes!
    3 – Could Gracie be any cuter???
    4 – Jenn Hopkins does some great work!

  5. angela c

    these pictures are AWESOME! you have a super cute family! 🙂

  6. Caity

    Katie, these are gorgeous! Such a photogenic family 🙂

  7. Alysa

    Soooooo cute!!! I have been following you from Spain for a long time but somehow I was too shy to comment. But, today, oh man!, I couldn’t resist such cuteness!!!! Congrats for you family!

    PS: I love Gracie’s ribbon!

  8. Kathleen

    I think the upside down shots are absolutely adorable. I may steal that idea for my own family photos one day. Also, can I just say “OMG!” about Bean? He is not a toddler. He is a little boy. When did that happen?

  9. jen

    Everytime you post a new set of pictures that Jenn takes they get better and better. I have to say that my favorite picture is the one of Bean and Gracie by themselves….I love that Bean has his arm around Gracie!!

  10. I love love love these pictures!! So flipping adorable! Does she know any good photographers in Stl, because I am having a hard time finding someone we like. Maybe we’ll just have to fly to florida for a weekend and see her.

  11. Those photos are AMAZING and your children are just gorgeous. Such a beautiful family.

    And Jenn Hopkins, if you are listening, because of all the photos you’ve done for MC, I’ve had you bookmarked for my future wedding forever! You rock!

  12. Shirley

    ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. HTerry

    Fantastic pictures, beautiful family, adorable kiddoes, and awesome shoes!

  14. Leah

    I saw them on facebook and love them all! Whee did you get your shoes??!!

  15. Tressa


  16. Katie, I am the lucky one to have you all for clients and friends. You all are an incredible family. You make a fab team all 4 of you together. You make it easy. And so sweet of all your readers for the very very kind comments. My heart is feeling very full right now 🙂

  17. Jen@caved In : Check out or Although I would certainly love to have you visit us in Florida 🙂

    Ashley@ A recipe for Sanity, you are so sweet!!!!!

  18. Oh you and your ADORABLE family are just too much sometimes! So cute! Love them all -especially the ones of the kids together on the bridge and hanging upside down with you and Chris. Love them, and how wonderful to have the same photographer for them all (I know we’ve continued to use our wonderful wedding photographer, Amber, for life-change photos, and I can’t wait to have her capture our “someday” children – just as soon as they decide to grace us with their presences, that is!) ;o)

  19. Great pictures! Love the orange shoes!

  20. Lisa

    Where did you get your shirt and shoes?? I love them both. The pictures are awesome!

  21. nicole (piper_e)

    Love, love, LOVE them!!!

  22. jenny-bird

    Oh Katie, your family is so happy and beautiful. I love the navy and white scheme, which I’m sure you picked, kudos. And, the newborn pictures of Gracie are lovely. Her fluffy diaper is adorable! She looks *just* like you. Great job Jenn Hopkins! Thanks for showing the bright side of our favorite family to read about. 🙂

  23. Kristin H

    So adorable my ovaries can’t even handle it. These pictures are all just delightful!

  24. She is a wonderful photographer! I love the pictures, I love everything about them.. they make me feel happy for you guys. BTW! I love your shoes Katie! and Gracie’s Dress!!!.. and the tiny little bow! and Bean and EVERYTHING!!

  25. Meredith J

    those are freaking precious!! I WANT BABIES so my husband and I can take adorable pictures with them!! 🙂

  26. Totally obsessed with these! Know any awesome photographers back in the CT shoreline area?

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