Grow, Baby, Grow

Gracie is eight months old now. I can’t believe it. I caught myself telling someone last week that she was six months old and realized how much time had actually gone by. In the blink of an eye. I swear, it seems like with two babies, time goes two times as fast.


In the short, fast eight months that Gracie has been in our lives, she has managed to charm every single one of us. Even Bean. We’re all putty in Gracie’s tiny, pudgy hands. For the most part, she goes along happily, flashing that killer smile and those deep set dimples and we all give in to her every request. This doesn’t bode well for the future. I foresee many, “Daddy, please?” moments on the horizon…


The problem with Gracie’s incredibly kissable fat cheeks and totally tickleable chunky thighs is that it doesn’t leave her much motivation to do anything for herself. Why reach for a toy when one little smile will bring Bean running from across the room with an armful of toys to share? Why crawl to something interesting when one dimple will bring Daddy from any corner of the house to carry her anywhere she wants to go? Why hold her own bottle when one goofy giggle will make Mommy laugh and hold the bottle for you?

Frankly, I think we’re being hoodwinked.


So far, the only real accomplishment Gracie’s done in life is sit up on her own. And I think the only reason she does that is because laying down messes up her hair. (You so vain, Gracie!)


We’re trying to get her to crawl, but any time we put the toys just out of her reach, she ends up pulling on the blanket until she has pulled all the toys over to her. And we’ve tried putting her on her stomach and showing her how to move her legs, but she just lays there, crying. Like a beached feather-headed puffalump. I’ve also been trying to get her to hold her own bottle, but have had little luck. She can totally do it. When she’s not eating and is just playing with her bottle, I’ve seen her pick it up one handed and wave it all around. But why feed yourself when one two-toofed grin will bring your team of assistants to your side?


Yep. That sweet, stumpy little Gracie Girl is a big pile of mush. And those fat cheeks, deep dimples, and pretty blue eyes turn everyone around her into mush, too.

I think we’re hopeless.

I know her Daddy is…


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18 Thoughts to “Grow, Baby, Grow”

  1. Very cute. She will get there eventually. She is just enjoying the easy part for now.

  2. Sarah

    I’m pretty sure Gracie’s most significant accomplishment has been to figure out how “work” her entire family. She’s one smart cookie that girl! : )

  3. Mallory

    She is just the prettiest baby!!

  4. Oh what a cute Puffalump!! She’ll crawl eventually, for now she’s just enjoying that her big brother wants to do things for her! :o)

  5. Melissa W.

    She is such a doll!!! I can totally understand why you are all putty in her hands!! She will get it when she’s ready- my 2nd son was the same way… slower to do things than his brother was- because we were all doing it for him!! He was a NICU baby, so babied him more than we should have…. And now I’m paying for it- he’s 18 mos. and still a little “high maintenance”… Oh well- they’re only little for so long! Keep on spoiling that pretty girl!!

  6. Nicole (piper_e)

    You know Gracie, crawling is for babies! She will go straight to walking and bypass the childish stuff, lol! Her smile is scrumptious!

  7. jenny-bird

    How sweet!

  8. Anita

    Don’t worry–seconds always have “staff”. She’ll eventually get up and walk, and talk in complete paragraphs. But for now she’s really enjoying pointing out things the rest of the family can do for her . . .

  9. Those pictures are priceless! I know my husband will definitely be the same way. Little girls are just so darned cute!

  10. Lee Ann

    That part about her pulling the blanket and toys TO her is hilarious! She is one smart chick!

  11. kk

    that is just sooo cute! i can’t wait to hear her start talking and making those demands!

  12. Nikki

    Her little smile is addicting! I could never be productive around her and those adorable cheeks!!

  13. Haha…she is too smart! She’s got you all wrapped around her chunky little fingers. Can’t say I blame you. She is working the whole house!

  14. Kat

    I won’t repeat the fact that she’ll learn what she needs to learn when she needs to learn it (or that crawling is now actually a milestone by any means) and instead I’ll tell you how adorable she is (she really shot up lately, hasn’t she?) and how cute her and her daddy are and that the way you write is seriously the best. I love your humor, your ability to turn something so simple into my favorite post (ie you so vain).

  15. Kiersten

    Every time I see her smiling face and those cute chunky cheeks I can’t help but smile too. I’m even shocked how big she is getting. She definitely will be a handful when she gets older and figures out new tricks. =)

  16. Mmmmmm . . . chubby, squishy babies are the BEST!

  17. I can’t believe she is that big already! And Emily, granted she’ s a lot younger, wants nothing to do with being on her stomach either. Its much easier to have mom and dad do the hard stuff 😉 Cabin Fever in Vermont

  18. Carrie

    She is so precious she makes my ovaries hurt, but seriously I am so glad to read that you are not hung up on milestones. I love that you said she has a staff waiting on her. I have an almost 15 month old who just cruises around and has decided on her own, hey, why walk? She is a princess afterall.

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