“Oh, I’m so nervous!” Gracie squealed.


“Why? What’s wrong, Gracie?” said Bean.


“This is my first Christmas,” Gracie said. “What if we go into the living room and Santa didn’t leave me any presents?”

“Well,” said Bean. “Have you been naughty or nice this year? Santa only leaves presents for nice kids. Is you a nice kid, Gracie?”


“I just don’t know! I mean, I did cry for about four months straight when I was first born.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Bean. “I remember that. You were awful, Gracie! No one slept for weeks! I bet you even kept Santa awake in the North Pole. I bet you get dropped to the Naughty List right away if your crying wakes up Santa Claus.”


“Oh no!!!” cried Gracie. “But later I stopped crying and I started laughing and being cute and all. I think Mom and Dad totally bought it. Plus, now I sleep thirteen hours at night straight! That’s got to get me on some kind of Nice List, right???? RIGHT, BEAN?????”

“I don’t know, Gracie. This doesn’t sound good.”

“Oh no!” she shrieked.

“It’s okay, Gracie. I know what we can do.  I can help you.”


“What??? What can I do, Bean??? I’ve got to get on the Nice List!”

“Well, you’re going to have to ask Mom to help you.”

“How can she help me? Isn’t this a Santa thing?”

“Yes, but mom’s have the ability to appeal to Santa on behalf of their kids. So, you’re going to have to ask Mom to call Santa and tell him that you should be on the Nice List this year. It’s your only hope.”

“Okay, yeah! Yes! I can do that! Mom’ll help me! She knows I’m really a good girl!”

“Go ahead and ask her then. I’ll give you some privacy…”


“Okay, thanks,” said Gracie. Then she cleared her throat. “Ahem… Mommy? Do you think that you could, uh, call Santa for me?”

“Call Santa?” I said. “And say what, Gracie?”

“And tell him that I’m a good girl and should be on the Nice List?”

“Hmmm…” I said. “You think you should be on the Nice List, huh?”

“Uhhh…yeah. D-D-Don’t you, Mommy?”




“Okay, fine,” I said. “I’ll call him and tell him what a sweet little Puffalump you are. I’m sure he’ll add you to the Nice List and that you’ll find plenty of gifts under the Christmas tree for you.”

“Whew!” said Gracie. “Thanks, Mom!”

“No problem.”

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