These Are the Days

Sometimes in the middle of a random diaper change, Gracie reminds me what an incredible blessing it is to be a mother. And not just anyone’s mother. Her mother. She fills my heart with happiness.





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13 Thoughts to “These Are the Days”

  1. What a beautiful girl! I just want to pinch her sweet little cheeks. Oh, and that grin will totally melt your heart.

  2. Nicole (piper_e)

    *sniff* I so miss those days…keep cherishing them!

  3. I see so much of you in that last photo. Lucky baby, lucky mama!

  4. Gracie!!! Now!!! Now is the time to ask for a pony!

  5. I love those moments when it just hits you that you are the mama to this gorgeous little person and you can’t imagine your life without them. Some days, I thank God all day for my healthy happy little guy. Gracie has such a beautiful smile!

  6. Kat

    I kid you not, she fills my heart with joy. I can’t even imagine how YOU feel 😉 being her mother and all.

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