GIVEAWAY: Eric Carle Flash Cards


** UPDATED:  So, I’m about two weeks late posting the winner of this giveaway.  Sorry, guys.  The winner is commenter #1:  Betty!!  Congratulations, Betty!  Email me at to claim your prize.  Thanks for playing everyone!**

I have been meaning to post about these flash cards since Bean got them for Christmas (or maybe his birthday?) last year. Chris’s mom gave them to him. She is always finding the most educational and creative gifts for Bean and Gracie. Jackie gives things that most people don’t find and so her gifts always have something unique and memorable about them. These Eric Carle Animal Flashcards are the perfect example.


First of all, I am a sucker for Eric Carle. I love his art work. I think it is beautiful and whimsical and bright and vibrant, which is everything I think art should be. His baby books are big hits around my house, but these flashcards might be an even bigger hit, actually.


You can’t really tell from these pictures, but they are a nice sized, sturdy flashcard on board-like material in a gift-quality display box. They hold up really well to a toddler’s rowdy learning style, or a baby’s gummy slobbers.


The letters are large, colorful, and easy to read for Bean. And I like that they show the upper and lower case letters for each.


And what would Eric Carle flashcards be without beautiful artwork?


Each card has a vibrant drawing of an animal or sea creature on the back that corresponds with the letter on the front. Unlike other flashcards, these are large pictures since the flashcards themselves are the size of a medium-sized board book. It makes them easy to see and easy for tiny toddler hands to manipulate.



Another thing I really like about these flashcards are that some of the animals and sea creatures are non-traditional. For example, everyone has bunnies on B flashcards, but this set has a buffalo instead. It gives Bean a chance to learn other animals that he might now normally see, such as a yak, a quetzal, or a narwhal.


I really can’t recommend these flashcards enough. They are so nice that they would make a lovely baby shower or first, second, or third birthday gift for a child. I was thinking about giving a set away to you all and was a little worried about how much they were going to cost. I easily thought these were $25 or more, given their high quality, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were only $10 on Amazon! So – I’m giving away TWO sets!


To enter to win, leave a comment below telling me what word you always have trouble pronouncing or spelling. What word would you need a flashcard for??? The giveaway will be open until 8:00pm EST on Friday, 2/3. I’ll announce two winners on Monday.

Good luck!


This giveaway is sponsored by Bean.  Because he loves these flashcards.  And he’s nice. 

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135 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Eric Carle Flash Cards”

  1. Well, now I have to add quetzal to my list. I am not going to lie, I’ve been saying it out loud for awhile now…

  2. Heather

    definitley 😉

  3. I would LOVE to have these flashcards in a lower elementary classroom or for my literacy lessons! The word that I would have trouble pronouncing is nelagoney, that’s a tongue tie.
    Great giveaway 🙂

  4. Dessi

    With the birth of our first son just weeks away, I have a whole new vocabulary these days! Two of the things I’ve been reading and talking about a lot are the perineum and episiotomy. I’m pretty sure I continue to pronounce both wrong!

  5. Haha opps! I was looking at the post above me while trying to think of my own word and posted what Cathy said. I always have trouble saying “orange juice.” I prefer to say Ornjuice 🙂

  6. Ironically…I can’t say the word “awkward”

  7. Heather

    I still remember teaching my little sister how to spell encyclopedia when we were little so she would be ok in 3rd grade!

  8. Narwhal, never even heard of that animal before

  9. Katie

    Thank god for auto-correct in Microsoft Word because the word accommodate does not like me! haha

  10. I always type “hte” instead of “the” while typing on my phone !

  11. I, too, cannot ever spell definitely correct on the first try. And spell check never gives much help; definitively, defiantly?

  12. I don’t think a flash card would help me with this, but I seriously cannot say the word “rural.”

  13. Erin

    I have trouble with receive. I have to think about that ei (or is it ie??) every time! 🙂

  14. Kaitlyn Strat

    Pinterest! A flashcard for the hubby when he asks what I’m doing while putting my feet up!!!

  15. Cathy C.

    Once, in an elementary school spelling bee, I misspelled chocolate.

  16. Laura

    I mispronounce words all the time and couldn’t tell you any particular one. But a lot of my fellow nurses at work say exasperation instead of exacerbation and it irritates me. I will give them a flashcard!! 🙂

  17. Amy VH

    I have a little boy who is almost three who would love these colorful flash cards. Thanks Katie (and Bean).

  18. Sarah

    I m told that I mispronounce penguin, though I think I say it just fine!

  19. Colander. I always put the emphasis on the wrong syllable. Highly entertaining to my husband.

  20. Entrepreneur. I can’t say it or spell it…thank goodness for autocorrect! Also, if you ever get a chance, there is an AWESOME Eric Carle museum in Massachusetts. It’s so much fun, for kids and parents alike.

  21. Melanie Mott

    I can never spell definetly right. Thank goodness for autocorrect !

  22. Might just be me, but I can’t say “skunk” perhaps it’s the unk – a nasal thing maybe? But it goes along with trunk, monk etc. easy to spell – hard to say.

  23. I can never remember how to spell “truly”. Is it “truely”? Why no “e”?!

  24. Catherine M.

    I have a hard time saying “teetotaler.” I always emphasize the wrong syllable and frankly even now I’m not sure if it’s tee-total-er, or teeto-taler. Funny word to pick, I know. 🙂

  25. Laurie

    I have a terrible time saying Worstershire. Ugh I bet I didn’t even spell it right!

  26. Paige

    I have trouble with anesthetist since the homecoming ceremony in high school in which I had to pronounce in front of the entire assembly. After 10 years, I almost have it nailed but a flash card would be helpful (and just in time for my 10 year HS reunion this summer).

  27. I have to buy these! My son’s room is done in Eric Carle stuff. Buy the way Khols has his books for $5 again!
    Don’t laugh but every single time I write friends I chant it like my 3rd grade teacher. I can’t spell it without chanting it just like her. I also have to say Tom-or-row to spell tomorrow. I don’t know what my hang up with these easy words is.

  28. Jen

    This is what comes to my mind when I think about pronunciation:
    I find it to be awkward when you are talking with somebody and you say caramel one way and they say it another…same thing with aunt. What do you do?? Do you convert to their way just for the conversation or do you stick to your own way??

  29. Katrina

    I didn’t even know that these flashcards existed…awesome!
    I have trouble with the word ‘table’. It NEVER looks right & if I say it more than a couple of times it sounds made up.

  30. Summer

    I have always had trouble with the ‘i’ before ‘e’ words 🙂 these flash cards look great!

  31. Marina H

    I constantly pronounce ‘picture’ as ‘pitcher’. When I process it in my brain I know that the ‘c’ is important, but somewhere along the path towards me saying it I come out sounding like an eight year old!

  32. Coleen

    I always have trouble with Separately and with Surprise. Also, misled- i always want to say it like “missled.”

  33. I’d need it for the word definitely 😉 I have so much trouble with it! And the girls I nanny for would LOVE these cards 🙂

  34. Cindy

    I have trouble saying a lot of words but the one recently was edename.

  35. Maintenance. Oh! I just did it right the first time I typed it here! That never happens!

  36. I am racking my brain trying to think of something…. I am usually really good at pronunciation. =) Now remembering anything these days is my challenge…. =)

  37. LLarson

    judgment and prejudice are always the hardest to spell (and I am a law student so I spell them a lot!)

  38. I LOVE these!! Super cute and thanks for the give a way KB!!:) I can’t spell defanitley (aka: definitely) but thank God for my autocorrecting Mac. I really don’t ever realize how bad my spelling is until I use a PC and it doesn’t auto correct me. Its bad. My kids have no hope.

  39. katies

    I have the hardest time with “February”(not sure why?) And ” definitely”. My nephews and niece would love these!!!!

  40. Kelly H.

    Occasion and Occasionally…I always type them with 2 s’s. Thank goodness for the red spell check line!!!! 🙂 Whatever did we do before spell check…oh, right, dictionary!

  41. Gab

    Quinoa… I keep seeing recipes for it. I feel like I always say it wrong. Oh well, I hear it’s tasty 🙂

  42. Jenn L.

    Cool-Whip 🙂 I say it different every time!

  43. Kirsten

    I almost always misspell piano … i always type/write it paino … i don’t know why. always drove my dad crazy … especially since I took piano lessons for years and years.

  44. Liz McCracken

    Vacuum. Or is it vaccum? I hope I win. Those cards would be awesome for my 2 year old.

  45. Kristi

    receive (I always have to say the “i before e except after c” rhyme)

  46. Karli

    Another vote for definitely. I have to say it out loud every time I write it. Love these flashcards!

  47. Diane

    I would have to say “suppose” I always was to put two s’s instead of 1. My daughter would love these! She loves letters and looks for the ones she knows everywhere. 🙂

  48. I cannot for the life of me pronounce “ambulance”. It’s so stupid but I can’t ever say it right unless I say it really slow!

  49. I would use them to help win the title of most creative and education gift giver for my niece.

  50. Larissa C

    I have a hard time spelling convenience (that is spelled incorrectly, i’m sure)!

  51. Deana rooms

    If I start reading too quickly, I will mess up quite and quiet. Weird but true!

  52. Maryellen

    I can’t spell the word awkward/aqward/ackward….I mean, as I type this, obviously the spell check shows me how to correctly spell that word….but it is a tough one!

  53. When I’m typing I all too often spell “laundry” like “laundrey” . weird?

  54. Amy

    Another vote for definitely!! My 18 month-old would love these!

  55. I never could spell the word miniature – I even spelled it wrong at a spelling bee in 5th grade! My little boy (due in June) would love these (eventually) 🙂

  56. I have a lot of trouble with sail, if I don’t watch myself I pronounce it like sale.

  57. I use to have the hardest time saying Oxygen! And still to this day, Rory is a hard one to say correctly.

    And … i just love thos flashcards! My son would love them too 🙂

  58. Lisa

    Falafel. A 6th grader correctly me in class today. She watches the Food Network.

  59. Growing up I couldn’t say “drawer” or “rural”. Also “specific” – that one still gives me some trouble 🙂

  60. Alli

    License. It took me the longest time to consistently spell that word right!

  61. These are beautiful! I can never remember how to spell receipts. Or publicly. It seems like it should be publically!

  62. Elizabeth S.

    Apparently I cannot pronounce the word crayon correctly. My husband tells me I say “cran” instead of cray-on 🙂

  63. I would say “Tchoupitoulas” but 1. I’m not sure proper names are allowed and 2. I actually do know how to spell AND pronounce that! But I do remember that when I was growing up I was convinced that “algae” was pronounced “allergy.”

  64. I have adored these cards for many months and just know that my 1 year old son would love them. I have struggled with spelling… pronouncing…and saying many words so it is tough to list just one.

  65. Kimberly

    I always want to spell compared “compaired”!

  66. Sandy

    definitely sure looks like a hard word for a lot of us to spell…and thank the good Lord for and their audible (had to spell check that one too) pronunciations (spell check is smokin’ on this comment =o)

  67. Amber

    I can’t pronounce statistics, trips my tongue up. My 3 year old would love these cards!

  68. Heidi

    I always get confused with cancelled/canceled. One L or two. My phone just autocorreted to two L’s, they way that seems correct to me. Drives me bonkers when I see it on the news or in the paper with one L. Am I wrong or is everyone else….

  69. Sarah

    Grievance — I think it took me years as an adult to finally be able to spell that correctly on a consistent basis.

  70. “Definitely” glad I’m not the only one that really struggles with this word!! : )

  71. Erin

    definitely, disappointed, affect vs. effect, the list goes on and on!

  72. Yogurt. Too bad the shopping list on my fridge doesn’t have spell check. My husband always makes fun of me for my bad spelling shopping lists.

  73. Erin R.

    I’ve always had trouble spelling nauseous and conscious.

  74. kelly h

    Definitely really trips me up!! These are amazing, thanks for the giveway 🙂

  75. naomi

    I have NEVER wanted to win a contest more! I am throwing my son a “Very Hungry Caterpiller” birthday for his First Birthday Party. We read that story ever night!!
    The word I have the most trouble with (still) is “APPRECIATE”

  76. Jaime Z.

    Those are adorable!! I had to teach myself how to spell the word definitely. I actually sat down and typed it over and over again until I had it right. I’d like to say this was when I was a young kid…but it was in college…when I was an English major. 🙂

  77. Elise

    For the life of me, I cannot pronounce “bureau”

  78. Jessica

    Ambulance! The l is always out of order…

  79. I have to stop and slow down every time I say cross country or it comes out all mashed up

  80. Julie B

    I can’t think of anything relevant for me at this moment…but my almost 3 year old boy says ‘kerr-shomal’ instead commercial. Cracks us up every time!!!

  81. Ellen S

    I always have to sound out Wednesday Wed-nes-day when writing. Every. single. time.

  82. Gina

    I have always loved the word ennui, as written. It’s so fun to read. And I have always, internally, mispronounced it. Apparently, it’s ahn-wee. Not en-ew-ee. Which is how I have always said it in my head.
    Also, I need these cards so much. They are awesome.

  83. Marissa

    I am the WORST at pronouncing words! (and spelling) I can never ever say drawer.

  84. Christine

    I do not annunciate the “t” in words like mountain.

  85. Angie

    Sydney – it’s the name I may want to name my daughter, but when I’m talking fast I say cindy instead! 🙂

  86. Adrienne

    When typing, i always spell availability incorrectly. Not sure if it’s my spelling or my fingers that sabotage me. (And yes, I wrote this in Word so that I could spell it correctly)

  87. I always, ALWAYS have to think about how to spell separate and recommend. You can’t see it, but just now when typing them I had to go back and try them different ways 🙂

  88. Kim

    I have a really hard time pronouncing “mercury” lately, which I never had a problem pronouncing when I was younger. So strange! These flash cards look awesome! Thanks, Bean! 🙂

  89. Deanna

    Spaghetti. Yes I realize I am apparently 5, but I can never spell or say it properly at the age of 31. Thank goodness for spell check even in your comments area…

  90. Christen

    I always have to pause when writing/typing “received.”

    My one month old has an Eric Carle nursery, so these would be perfect!

  91. Definitely narwhal which I’m still not convinced is a real thing 🙂

  92. Peggy A

    I have never heard of a quetzal or a narwhal ( I had to scroll up 3 times to make sure I spelled them correctly) so I guess they would be my words. Love this giveaway!

  93. JenniferLO

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but every time I spell the word “beautiful,” I sound it out just like I was taught in grade school. And I type/write it very slowly to make sure I never miss a letter. Also–love me some Eric Carle.
    Also a narwhal is a real animal. It’s no joke! And he’s part of my favorite line from “Elf.” “Hope you find your dad, Buddy.” “Thanks, Mr. Narwhal.”

  94. Erin M

    I know it’s silly, but I have issues with ‘marriage’ and ‘village’. Their endings sound the same, but one has an ‘i’ and one doesn’t. Gets me every time!

  95. Jenny

    My mom in law always refers to a web ‘sight ‘ instead of ‘site’. It’s hilarious, but annoying too. I’d love to make her a flashcard for this.

  96. jenny

    Kindergarten or kindergarden….i just don’t know…

  97. Jennifer

    I can never spell restaurant right…see taht I just used a new Word document to have spell check correct my misspelled word so I could then COPY and PASTE it into the comment…now tahts lazy!

  98. lewaletzko

    Love love them…and the very hungry caterpillar!

    I’d either pass them along to my nephew or use them for art in my apartment. (Of course my nephew would get to play with them when he visited!)

  99. Lauren S

    Not so much when I say it but when ever I’m writing or typing wednesday I say it in my head like Wed-NES-day so I spell it right.

  100. Jessica Astarita

    Bag…being from WI it is pronounced BAAAAG (Long A). But my husband always laughs at me and try to get me to say it the southern way and I just can’t do it. 🙂

  101. Kelly P

    Hmmm…. I can’t think of a work I always mispronounce off the top of my head, but my husband is british and he pronounces all sorts of things differently (errr, wrong!) so we’re constantly. He also spells tons of words differently. Things like color (colour) and organize (organise). I need British to American flash cards!!

  102. Empathically.. gets me every time.

  103. Ashley C

    Entrepreneurial is hard to pronounce and to spell!


  104. Diurla

    Sucessful? Successfull? Succesful? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  105. Margie

    My husband says I pronounce milk wrong sometimes, something about not doing the ‘i’ (eh) sound right. 🙂

  106. Apparently. I want to spell it apparantly every. single. time. I also have a really hard time pronouncing brewery… it usually comes out brewy. Not the same.

  107. BeccaK

    Do I really have to admit this? I always try to mis-spell judgment. In my head, there really ought to be another “e” in there somewhere.

  108. Mariya

    Wreath? Wrath? I don’t know why I have trouble with that one.

  109. Farrah

    Mine is definitely Worcestershire (like the sauce)…..I always butcher the pronunciation but not the spelling, oddly enough! I also tend to screw up the spelling of “accommodate”…always forget that second “m”!

  110. Leah

    What beautiful cards!

    I have a hard time pronounding Ten and Tin. Don’t they sound the same? Apparantly not according to my friends. They laugh when I order Tin Roof ice cream!

  111. Jill W

    In early elementary school, I misspelled tulip. Bless my heart.

  112. Nicole

    Nauseous, I always want to spell it nauseaus. Also, I’m not entirely sure I’m pronouncing it correctly. It wasn’t really a problem until I had kids!

  113. I have such a hard time pronouncing “lk” words, like “bulky”! My kiddo would LOVE the flash cards, though!

  114. Arielle

    I’m from the South Side of Chicago with a heavy south side accent which means I cannot pronounce any word that has a th in it. I pronounce th like d!

  115. Zuchinni! I’m not even sure if I spelled it right then, but I refuse to google it especially since this comment is about speeling words incorrectly! 🙂 I always either spell it as above, Zuchinni or Zucchini…it just happens to be one of Tucker’s favorites so I am always writing this for daycare labels. Which way is right? haha! Guess I need to learn how to spell it correctly and actually remember it! 🙂

  116. DM

    Definitely! I always spelled it right until recently, someone pointed out that a lot of people misspell it and now I can’t ever get it right!

  117. Amanda

    I always have to think before I spell ridiculous – it feels like it should have an “e” in there!

  118. SharonFaye

    Worcestershire Sauce… I just call it Whiskey Sauce.

  119. i cant ever spell defintally …and I am not spell checking here so I know thats wrong 🙂

  120. SharonFaye

    what is nelagoney? I looked it up on and it doesn’t even show up.

  121. K

    I have to say what my husband has a hard time saying–he says “wooter” for water and “dunkey” for donkey!

  122. Cindy

    I have a lisp so anything with with multiple “s” is difficult. Like the state of MA!

  123. Tan

    lisence and decision – words where c and s can be confused…

  124. Rachel

    Necklace, strangely enough – its a throwback from childhood, have to really concentrate hard not to pronounce it ‘neckerlace’!

  125. I always have trouble with “hearth.” Being from Florida and now living in New England, it’s not one of the words that was in my vocab as a kid!

  126. Gwynne

    I have trouble with hyena. The first time I say it, I always say “Hen-ya” because “Hi-EEE-na” just doesn’t sound right to me. Then I see people’s weird looks and correct myself.

  127. Kate

    I’m another one who has trouble with the ‘i before e except after c’ words…believe, retrieve. Just when you’ve got it nearly figured out, a wEIrd one comes along!
    I’d love these cards for my 13 month old daughter 🙂

  128. Shannon

    Orange… no matter how many times i spell it.. it never looks right to me 🙂

  129. Heidi m

    Onamatopeia-I love this word but can’t spell it.

  130. Tiffany

    I had a hard time saying opthamologist…i just can’t say it. I love these flashcards and i think Katie would too. Thanks Bean.

  131. Aoiffe

    Hi! I never know how to pronounce “pediatrist” is it peedeeahtrist or pedIastrist? Help! Love the flashcards, they would be an awesome win. Thank you!!!

  132. aash

    embarassed embarrassed ??? always confused about the right spelling until spell check tells me

  133. Makenna Bishop

    These flash cards are great! As a kindergarten teacher, I know my 29 kiddos would love to get their little hands on these babies! 😉 While we spend most of our time writing in “kid writing” (developmental spelling) –“Restaurant” gets me every time. no idea why..

  134. […] debated whether to review this product because I’ve already reviewed an Eric Carle product recently, but it’s too darn good not to share.  For Gracie’s  birthday, my mother-in-law, […]

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