Hooves, Mouths, and Bad Days

Yesterday was a long Monday for me. Nothing particularly bad happened. It was just a long, stressful day. Aren’t all Mondays?

I woke up this morning and thought, “Today is going to be better.”


I got to daycare, dropped Bean in his classroom, and then headed to Gracie’s room, like I do every morning. Only, as I turned to leave, Gracie’s teacher stopped me and pointed out that Gracie had a little rash on her mouth. Which reminded me vaguely of a pamphlet that had been sent home last week that said something about something about hoof and mouth disease. But feeling fairly certain that Gracie did not, in fact, have hooves, I had thrown the pamphlet out.

Turns out, you don’t need hooves to have hoof and mouth disease! It has it’s own special name for making people sick – hand, foot, and mouth disease. So, they kicked Gracie out this morning until a vet could confirm that her hooves were disease free.


I was already running late for work and couldn’t take a sick day because I hadn’t put in notice for a substitute, so Chris ended up having to stay home with Gracie. That started my whole day off wrong. After that, I got to work and realized I’d forgotten anything to drink (a serious mistake when you spend all day teaching and/or yelling over loud middle schoolers), so I stopped in the teachers lounge to get a drink out of the vending machines. Only, the vending machine guy must have filled the machine wrong because when I pushed Diet Dr. Pepper, I got a real Dr. Pepper. No diet. Which normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I was already pissy.

So, now I’m late, out of sorts, and pissy. I was getting mail out of my school mailbox about 10 minutes later, I opened my drink as I walked and the entire bottle spewed out all over me. Perfect.

Now, I was late, out of sorts, pissy, and sticky. Great.

I got through two class periods before I finally realized the lesson I had planned for my students today was going really badly. They weren’t ready for it and so I was dragging them through the material (no fun for them or me), so very quickly before any other classes came in, I rearranged my lesson plans and threw together a better lesson that wasn’t so complex. If you’re a teacher, you understand how much changing plans in the middle of the day can really get you off kilter. Actually, I guess anyone can understand that – when you plan to do one thing and then have to change your plan midstream. It really flusters you.

So, by fifth period, I was still running perpetually late, out of sorts, irritated, sticky, and flustered.


I got to lunch and realized that I had packed the worst lunch ever. Lettuce in a bowl. Seriously. No toppings, dressing, anything. Just lettuce in the bowl. And I had forgotten a fork to eat it with. The crappy lunch is due to the fact that I must have been daydreaming for the hour I went grocery shopping this weekend because we have NO FOOD in our house! I don’t know what the heck I bought because I spent the same amount as always, but there’s nothing in the cabinets or fridge! I did things like buy more pasta (which we already have tons of), but forgot the spaghetti sauce… ????

Anyway, my bad lunch meant that I was not perpetually late, out of sorts, irritated, sticky, and hungry.

When I got home, I was so happy to see Gracie and was relieved to hear the doctor had said she did not have hand, foot, and mouth disease. However, when I put Bean to bed tonight, I did noticed a small little rash had appeared on his mouth. Freaking great.

Some days, I have it all together. I leave home without Cheerios in my hair. I get everyone to where they need to be on time and with shoes on. I feel successful and fulfilled at school. I get dinner on the table and the kids in bed at a decent time.

But then, there are the other days. Today was an other day. I would like a do-over, please.


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31 Thoughts to “Hooves, Mouths, and Bad Days”

  1. Ugh I can relate to this! Mondays are no fun…except it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday! Feels like a Monday to me though 🙂

  2. Tawny

    So what is this mystery rash?

  3. Unrelated to the actual message in the post, but I love the picture of the baby in the pink bunny suit. Hope the rest of the week goes better and the itty bitties are feeling better.

  4. Oh Katie, so sorry to hear about your horrible days! Tomorrow is hump day though and surely it will get better!

  5. Jennyh247

    Oh man. DITTO.

  6. Aww I’m sorry this is your day, but I’m glad Gracie’s hooves are ok! I only hope Bean can say the same. High note?

    Tomorrow is Hump Day.

  7. Ok, so I don’t have kids, but I’m a teacher, and I can totally relate to that part. Today was NOT a good day…and in case you were wondering, it’s a full moon. Explains a ton.

  8. Oh god Katie, I needed this today. I can sooooo relate to this. And the sad bunny picture: freaking perfect and actually put a smile on my face after this crappy day. Thank you and I hope the next few days are better (for all of us).

  9. Like Kate said, it’s a full moon and things tend to go nuts around this time. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better for us all!

  10. Wow Katie I’m sorry! I swear this time of year is just filled with “Mondays”! No football, no holidays (hardly) and no fairs, which means no fair food! It’s just depressing.. But, hey.. It’s a season that leads to the next season! Just think, not too much longer until spring break and summer! Hang in there!

  11. You know what the real name is for that crappy disease? COXSACKIE. Horrible to say, even worse to have. And it’s one of those things that your kid can get over and over and over again. I’ve been warned about it but thank goodness Nate hasn’t ever contracted it. What he did contract, however, is the freakin’ croup. AGAIN. He just had it three weeks ago and it merited two visits to the ER. This is throwing off our planned surprise visit to my mother-in-law’s house to celebrate her 70th birthday, my ability to work from home, and Nate’s test for a communication device got canned because he’s sick. I’m right there with you, mama. Things can only go up, right? And if they can’t, I really don’t want to know about it.

  12. I see another commenter said there was a full moon! That explains a lot because I have had a doozy of a week too! Let’s all hang in there together…just three more days this week!

  13. I sure hope that tomorrow is better! Also, Eli definitely had hand, foot & mouth a couple of months ago… or Coxsackie as I think it’s actually called. Or, as I like to call it… Coxsucky.

  14. You are such a great writer. I read that post as if it was actually me going through the course of your day. I can totally relate to the kind of day that you had. Tomorrow will be a better day 🙂

  15. Claire H

    Oh Katie, I really feel for you, I think you have just described my feelings to a tee! Except I don’t have children, just a wedding in 3 months that is barely organised! Cx

  16. Melissa in RI

    Sounds like you had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I can relate!

  17. I am so sorry. Yuck! Hudson had hand, foot, and mouth disease when he was about 14 months old and it was the saddest thing ever. I’m so glad Gracie doesn’t have it!

  18. feeling for you very much in this post! I’m home from work (teaching) because my baby has impetigo, he won’t take his meds, is contagious for another 48 hours and I’m pretty sure he’s passed it to the rest of us. The house is a wreck, theres no food to prepare and my hubby is not home until 9pm 🙁 One of those argh days!!

  19. 🙁
    Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow.. you’re always a day…… A—–WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Becky

    It always seems days of this sort happen during a full moon. Being a nurse, whenever a day has gone much like yours (sometimes worse), when I left work and would look up at the sky and see the full moon, I would just shake my head and wait for it to pass. Hang in there! It will be better in a couple of days.

  21. Amanda

    Oh yuck! What a way to start your week. Cameron had hand, foot and mouth when he was just about a year old at that time I had only heard of it once but apparently it is really common. My week has pretty much gone like your Monday. Yesterday Haley got something sticky on her hands and managed to grab my hair as I was walking out of the sitters. Sticky hair at work drove me nuts all day but I was running really late and couldn’t fix it. UGH!!! This week has got to end at some point, right???

  22. Nikki

    Seriously, what is the deal with this week? I was completely out of sorts yesterday. They day dragged on, and I didn’t feel well. Today seems quite a bit better, but I’m looking forward to it being Friday!

  23. oh… man! Monday was a rough one over here too… what’s up with that? I know just what you mean about one thing leading to another and something as simple as the wrong drink from a vending machine totally ticking you off… hope your week is all uphill from here!

  24. Ugh. Hugs to you! I tell you what: I used to be a teacher, and having a bad day and then having to teach and change lesson plans half way through? No thanks! Eat some ice cream and watch TV! You deserve it 🙂

  25. Carlene

    I’m a daycare teacher, and telling a parent their kid can’t stay at school is the WORST! We know how hard it is to take time off, and HATE having to call parents. Kudos to you for being agreeable though! You wouldn’t believe how often we tell parents a kid is sick and they still leave them in group care 🙁

  26. Ok so day started off with me thinking it would be a great day then….I threw Braedens sippy cup to the counter took out a wine glass and dumped a gallon of water on the floor. So I was wet, had party fouled by 10 am and still thought it would be a good day. Then come to find out that when an 18 wheelers brakes explode their drums can take out your husbands car but they can keep driving! So now we have wet, party fouled and pissy cause of a broken car and maybe even a little scared. We did however say screw it and do a fast food lunch so no lettuce here! Sorry your day sucked trust me I have those days! We always have tomorrow right. PS SOOOOOO looking forward to our break please inform Gracie and Bean hooves must wait till after that night, just sayin!

  27. I’m having the “I want a do-over day ” today! I hope your day was better today and that your little ones are healthy and hoove free!

  28. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    That sounds like an absolutely terrible day! On a side note, you are apparently one of my closet imaginary friends since I don’t even need to explain who “Gracie” is to my husband anymore when I tell him stories from your blog. I do have to specify Katie from Marriage Confessions since I have a couple other Katie friends though. Hope today went better!

  29. Laura

    I’m feeling for you! If it makes you feel any better, it sounds like you did an awesome job trudging through it. Hope tomorrow is much, much better for you!!!

  30. Ouch. I totally feel ya there…not with the kids yet, but that picture of that baby in the bunny costume. Here’s hoping you have better days ahead….

  31. Kat

    UGH I hate days like that 🙁 I hope tomorrow is a better day. Or at least that you have enough cheerios in your hair that you won’t starve at lunch.

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