Little House on the Prairie Child

“Hey, Gracie,” I said. “Whatcha wearin’?”

“Oh, do you like it? I call it my Little House on the Prairie ensemble.”


“Hmm…it’s very…uh…”

“Do you like the ruffled collar?” Gracie asked. “I really like the ruffled collar.”



“Or maybe it’s too much. Ruffles were in last season, but maybe they’ve gone out this season…” she said. “What do you think, Mom?”



“Fashion these days is evolutionary, Mom. It’s cyclical. I mean, what was in last week will be out again this week, but might be in again next week. You know?”

“Oh…I…uh…I didn’t…” I stammered. “Are you sure ruffled collars are in again?”


“Oh, I’m sure. They’re so very ‘Paw-asked-me-to-milk-a-cow.’ Milking cows all the rage right now.”

“Uhhh…ummm… Are you positive, Puffalump?” I squeaked.


“GOTCHA MOM!” Gracie laughed. “You’re such an easy target!”

“So, you don’t really think ruffled collars are in style?” I said, relieved.

“Heck, no!” Gracie giggled. “Nana gave me this thing. I can’t decide what to do with it. Is it a nightgown or an outfit?”

“I’m not really sure,” I said.

“Maybe it’s a Halloween costume!” Gracie guessed. “I could go as an Amish girl!”


“Does this mean you are going to be wearing this ruffled collar until Halloween?” I asked.

“No, Mom,” Gracie laughed. “Just until my blue metallic parachute pants come in from Amazon.”

(crickets, crickets)



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19 Thoughts to “Little House on the Prairie Child”

  1. Megan

    I love her grin! And those chubby cheeks! She’s too cute!

  2. Katie's. Mom

    Gracie, you look adorable in your little new outfit. Don’t listen to Mommy. She’s never been a “slave to fashion” like you and me. Love, Nana

  3. That is one adorable “puffalump”!! Love that sweet smile. I have a feeling she will be flashing that grin often to get out of trouble when she gets older! Such a sweet girl!

  4. Sarah

    so so super cute

  5. LOVE that big grin! Also, if ruffled collars ever come into style again I won’t realize it, or be brave enough to follow the trend, until a year later. Because that’s what always happens!

  6. Mallory

    You are just too funny. and cutest pictures of Gracie, as always.

  7. Love love love this! And speaking of parachute pants…hubby took me to a trendy restaurant last night and the girl next to us as wearing black satin parachute pants with leopard print booties. I felt really old because I remember when they were trendy the first time around….

  8. Gracie – I’m not a ruffles girl myself. But those blue parachute pants just might be worth wearing. I mean, think of the dance moves you can pull off in them!

  9. Bronwen

    SO CUTE! and you can tell Gracie that I have a pink flowered flannel nightgown with a ruffled collar that my mum got me at a garage sale and I ROCK that thing, and I’m almost 29. So even if the world makes fun of your taste during the day, you can always bust out at night:-B

  10. These posts are my favorite. Her little smile is so precious 🙂

  11. i love these convos! they are so precious and she is so stinkin’ cute and happy. 🙂

  12. I like the ruffled collar, but then I’ve always been a sucker for anything Laura Ingalls inspires. 🙂

  13. Ok this cracks me up! Love her facial expressions 🙂 And her name on the wall is super adorable!!

  14. Dawn

    I’d have to echo Mindee’s comment, above. Perfect pics to illustrate the conversation – I LOVE her cheeks!!! Too bad my Iz won’t have that pudgy-ness – I doubt it since C didn’t. I will just have to eat Gracie up then, instead!!

  15. Well I just have to say, maybe it’s the Laura Ingalls in me, but I think the ruffles are awfully cute.

  16. Ha! This is great. Also…. I kind of like the ruffles. 🙂 Cabin Fever in Vermont

  17. Oh my goodness – she is so stinkin’ cute! Did I send you the Little House on a Prairie inspired toddler birthday party from Pinterest? Think Nate would wear ruffles for such an event?

  18. Kat

    You are so funny…I mean Gracie is so funny 🙂 I love her smiles too! OMG is that beyond adorable

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