My daughter, Princess Grace, has chosen to sit on her diapered, cute bottom for the past ten months and not move a muscle. Puffalump had no interest in moving whatsoever. She was content to just hang out and flap her arms around when she was happy. For a while, I was convinced she would fly before she’d ever crawl.

Well, Friday afternoon I picked the kids up and we were hanging out in the living room waiting on Chris to come home. I was across the room doing something with Bean when I saw Gracie trying to get up on all fours. She has tried before to do that, but she couldn’t ever figure out how to get her foot out of the way. But this time, she actually moved her foot and got herself on all fours. Then she started rocking.

Now, at this point, I very quietly grabbed my phone because I wanted to be able to take a picture if she actually crawled and I didn’t want to interrupt her. I didn’t want to squeal or anything because the minute Gracie knows someone is watching her, she wants to be picked up.

Hence, our issue with the not crawling thing.

So, she started rocking back and forth and then, suddenly, SHE CRAWLED!!!


Do you see that tiny little choking hazard toy of Bean’s laying right there? That’s what it took for her to crawl. But who cares?!?! I’d let her chew on marbles if I thought she’d crawl!

Gracie crawled around all weekend. And she started pulling up on furniture and cruising, too! It’s like once she figured out how to move, she didn’t want to stop.

I’m so proud of her! All weekend long, I just squealed and shrieked whenever she started moving all on her own! I think I was freaking her out, actually. Saturday morning, she was playing with some toys on her bedroom floor and I stepped out to go put some laundry away. When I walked back by, she had crawled out into the hall and was sitting in the middle of the hallway, just hanging out.


This afternoon I grabbed my phone and got a little video of the crawling in action. (Ignore the Tasmanian Devil rolling around in the pack ‘n play… We keep him around for entertainment purposes only…)

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33 Thoughts to “GRACIE CRAWLED!!!”

  1. Kat

    Yay! Too cute! Go Gracie!!

  2. kk

    omg omg omg omg!!! she’s crawling!!

  3. Mallory

    What a sweet laugh! and way to go crawling, Gracie!

  4. 1 – Hooray for Gracie!

    2 – Her laughing at Bean is making my “I want a 2nd baby” alarm go bonkers. LOVE the little sibling dynamic!

  5. Ali

    If they’re ever fighting as they get older, showing them the end of this video will be so, so awesome. I know old home videos of me and my siblings are so much fun to watch and make us all a bit closer for a while.

  6. Cindy

    You have the cutest little kiddos!

  7. Bean makes me laugh so hard in this vide. So. Perfectly. Two. Year. Old. Boy.!!!!!!! Gracie, you’re pretty adorbs too;)

  8. I LOVE IT! I’m waiting for my 8.5 month old to crawl, roll over, do something! But, like Gracie, she has an older brother who waits on her hand and foot so why should she crawl. Gracie gives me hope that one day my little cream puff will be mobile!

  9. Go, Gracie, go! 🙂 So excited for her big milestones! And the part with Bean making her laugh is so stinking cute…you are making me want two of my own!

  10. Meredith J

    How CUTE is that? Yey Gracie! Her and Bean laughing together os stinkin adorbs

  11. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! The part of the video where Bean is making her laugh is the cutest thing I think I have EVER seen. Yay, Gracie! 🙂

  12. Christine

    Oh my goodness I love that Bean can get an instant reaction from Gracie. So cute! And YAY to Gracie for getting her crawl on 🙂

  13. Callie

    OH MY GOSH that is so cute how Bean makes her laugh like that at the end!!! I guess you’ll be even busier now with two babies on the move everywhere 🙂

  14. Good job Gracie, but seriously, Bean making her laugh, THAT is pure awesomeness!!!!

  15. Clare

    Oh my days that laugh is TOO CUTE!

    Gracie is a clever, clever girl, there just ain’t no stopping her now!

  16. That video!! I was dying at the last part when Bean makes Gracie laugh. Too stinking cute!! So proudly your Gracie girl! There will be tons of tears shed when Chloe finally crawls. Happy and sad ones 🙂

  17. SarahK

    That hast to be just about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! The interaction between Bean and Gracie is just priceless!!

  18. OMG!!! That is absolutely the cutest thing when Bean makes Gracie laugh.

  19. Next week’s post: Gracie Gets Into EVERYTHING!

  20. Kat

    Oh my goodness the cuteness!!!!! I can’t believe that she’s crawling around on those adorable little chubby legs. And Bean?? What the?!?!?! lol

  21. Look at her go! Go Gracie!

  22. That is pretty much the cutest thing ever! Busy two-year old, beginner crawling, and perfect baby laughs!

  23. Margie

    OMG! As great as it is to see Gracie crawl – it is hilarious how much she laughs with Bean! SO AWESOME!!!

  24. Hilarious! I love the way Bean makes Gracie cackle. And she is so sweet crawling. It was worth the 10 months of waiting…. right?

  25. Hahaha Bean + Gracie = sooooooo cute!

  26. kelly h

    Go Gracie! Bean was cracking me up in the play pen…what a classic two year old boy game 🙂 love her laughing at him in the end! It was the sweetest! Ps: for a different “ball pit” idea we bought my niece those same bag of balls and blew up a baby swimming pool (small one) and put the balls in there. It has no water in it so she uses it inside and she likes climbing in and out to retrieve the balls she’s thrown. Just an idea for ya!

  27. It was only a matter of time. Now she probably won’t stop moving 🙂

  28. Alyssa

    Crawling to standing in only a couple of days! Awesome! Looking forward to the ‘wish Gracie didn’t crawl/walk’ posts! 🙂 LOL!

  29. jenny-bird

    Way to go Gracie! I love her yellow and white polka dot outfit. Bean looks like he was having fun in his ball pit. Great idea.

  30. Uh oh–now both of them are mobile!!!

  31. The brother-sister giggle is ADORABLE!!

  32. How is she crawling already! Yes it’s adorable and all, but wasn’t she just born last week (yes, I’ve been following along all this time, but until she was mobile I don’t think I realized how quickly time had gone by)

  33. alison g

    oh my goodness!!! sooo freakin adorable! you are in trouble now girlfriend!

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