Birthday Plans (ALREADY?!?!)

Oh, my Gracie Girl. How I love that child. I simply cannot believe that she is turning one at the end of March. I keep redoing the math and checking my calendar just to be sure that it really is here. Gracie, on the other hand, has been counting down the days. I think she thinks she gets a drivers license on her first birthday. I haven’t had the heart to tell her that the only car she’s getting will be made by Fisher Price. And have pedals.


I really need to start planning Gracie’s birthday party, but there’s been so much going on that I haven’t sat down yet to really think it through. I do know that I’m going with a “You Are My Sunshine” theme. There will be lots of yellow and white, lots of daisies and baby’s breath, and lots of sunshine and cloud balloons (because Pinterest has me believing that I can just whip up balloon figures now…).


I think I’m going to try to bring in some pink and maybe a few brighter colors, too, just to give it some pizzazz. All the pictures I’ve seen online (Pinterest strikes again!) have given me great ideas, but I think adding some more color would make it much more playful. I mean, it is a first birthday party, and not a champagne brunch…


(I do love this white ruffled table cloth, don’t you?)


Last weekend I bought this outdoor table cloth at Target for our deck table. I thought it added just the right amount of color, especially if there were yellow and white decorations and place settings on the table.


And I definitely think I’m going to try making this tissue paper wreath for our front door, but using yellow tissue paper. I thought that would be super cute with maybe a big pink and white gingham or polk-a-dot bow on it, maybe?


And I found this on Pinterest, too, and I think it would be really cute to try and make. I’ll be honest, though, I doubt very seriously that I will have the patience or the time to make something this cute. But, maybe I could do a giant flower pot with these photo flowers sticking out of it instead? That might save some time.


Whatever I do, it’s going to be low key and easy. I went back and forth about whether or not to have a big party for her birthday, with friends and some of her classmates from school. But then I reconsidered. I mean, one is tough for entertaining. It’s not like she would really play with anyone yet. I remember Bean’s two-year-old party was fun to have friends at, but for the first birthday, I think family will be better. We’re sticking with family and a few close friends for this soiree. But, of course, that means all my imaginary friends get to attend via my blog posts, of course!

Puffalump is getting bigger and bigger every day. She’s crawling, cruising, and standing like a champ. She keeps us on our toes more than ever, but I guess that’s what one year olds do, isn’t it?

One year olds.

Oh, man.



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11 Thoughts to “Birthday Plans (ALREADY?!?!)”

  1. Pinterest makes us believe we can do anything doesn’t it? I have faith that the party will be absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to attend via the blog. =)

  2. Christy

    The things I would do for that crinkle nose! Can’t wait to see her smash it into her one year old birthday cake.

  3. Ginny

    I can’t wait to see you guys!!! Counting down until the trip to celebrate Miss Gracie. Can’t believe my little mini-me is turning one!!!

  4. Pinterest knows all. I’m sure whatever you do will end up looking fabulous. But one year old? Already? Wow. We hit that mark a few months ago and I think this is truly the most fun age right now. It’s a blast!

  5. Sarah H.

    Stop growing puffalump! That means Natalie will be turning one in three months, eek! We are planning an American flag themed party(she was born on flag day)…and a big one because it’s our first kid and we want to have a party to celebrate one year of parenthood! I love all of your ideas, cute theme! I need to check out pineterest.

  6. Kate

    Have you checked out They have lots of great party ideas (especially for little ones) and you may find some great ways to add in more color. Also, have you seen Martha Stewart’s tissues paper pom poms ( That would be a fun way to add color too. But I’ll admit they look kind of daunting and I’ve seen others do it for parties and they come out a little lopsided (but it still looks good). Just a few ideas…

  7. sarah

    pinterest: a combination of electronic hoarding and fantasty football for women

  8. Chloe

    Lol I love the name ´Puffalump´so cute and that last picture! Love the flowers with lemons in the jars. I agree low key for a first birthday, the most important people will be there and I´m sure it will be wonderful whatever you do.

  9. I can’t believe it’s a year already either. I started reading your blog a few months before you found out you were pregnant with her. Hard to believe I’ve been reading that long!

  10. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    Wow! One year?! How exciting and totally crazy that I remember when Bean was little and you were pregnant with Gracie! Man how time flies.

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