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This post is more of a scheduling pep talk for myself than anything else. In the next week, there are so many major events happening that I can hardly keep myself straight. I get tired whenever I think about it, and then I just want to take a nap until April. But I can’t because I have too much to do. So, I thought I’d make peace with the next couple days by blogging about it to help calm my nerves. Plus, if I’m blogging then I don’t have to deal with the other things. It’s a win-win!

1. On Tuesday I have my formal evaluation at school, which means my principal and vice principal will be in my classroom for an entire period evaluation my teaching. I’ve got a great lesson planned and I feel good about it, but the lesson requires a lot of prep work (including a sample of an art project that I have to make – oy!). And besides the prep work, it’s just very nerve-wracking to know you’re being observed, no matter how prepared you are. I have my pre-conference with my principal and vice principal tomorrow, so cross your fingers that that goes well.

2. On Saturday, my agent is coming to town from New York. She’s here as a guest lecturer at the University of Florida for a couple of days, and so I am going up to meet her for drinks on Saturday. It’ll be nice to see her, but the real reason for the visit is so that I can hand deliver her my final draft of my book proposal. I haven’t blogged about my book in over a year, and, to be honest, I doubt I’ll be blogging about it very much in the next few months. But know that I am working so very, very hard on it. I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard on anything professionally in my whole life. I am in the third year of the process and am, hopefully, in the homestretch now. In the next few months, my agent will be sending my book proposal out to publishers to see if we can get a book deal. I try not to think about how much I want that, so that I don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t happen. But I really want this. I’ll be light on the blogging this week as I finish my draft up in the evenings, so bear with me and think happy thoughts for me while I’m gone.

3. GRACIE TURNS ONE NEXT SUNDAY! I can’t believe it is finally here! Gracie Girl is turning the big O-N-E next weekend, and we’re having a small family get-together to celebrate. My mom came down this weekend and we went shopping for decorations and menu items, so I feel much more prepared for her party than I did last week, but there’s still so much to do! I have Friday off of school, so I’m hoping to finish up her party plans then. We’re having her party on Sunday afternoon, which should be fun for me because my book proposal will be done and delivered, so I will definitely feel like celebrating. Sometime before now and then, I have to get her birthday video together, too. I made one for each of Bean’s birthdays so far and I’ve already started compiling Gracie’s. I’ll post it on the blog on Friday. I can’t wait for you all to see it!

4. Chris and I leave for Costa Rica the Monday after Gracie’s birthday. We are both looking forward to some time away, but neither of us have had a chance to really get anything ready. I’m hoping Sunday night after the party we’ll be able to pack…which is about 9 hours before our flight. Nothing like a little last minute suitcase stuffing! I’m hoping to be able to blog from Costa Rica, so definitely check in next week for blog posts about what we’re up to. I know there will be zip lining, surfing, and hanging bridges on the menu. (What, pray tell, does one wear while crossing a hanging bridge over a ravine in the rainforest????) I’ll be posting to Twitter and Instagram (my user name is MarriageConfessions) all week from my phone, so be sure you’re following along! Costa Rica is going to be so wonderful for us! Our travel coordinator sent us our itinerary and we were just blown away! It will truly be a Gift of Happiness. On that note, I have been contacted by two different blog readers in the past month or so who said they also won a trip! How exciting! And what a fun thing for the country of Costa Rica to be doing!

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5. While Chris and I are both so excited about our vacation, we are both a little anxious about leaving the wee ones for so long. Chris’s mom will be keeping them half of the week and my parents will have them the last part. We’re trying to keep it as routine as possible for the kids, so they’ll be in daycare all week. Hopefully, that will help them adjust to us not being there a little easier. I’m actually alright about being gone. I know I’ll miss them, but I’m really looking forward to some alone time with Chris. This will be like a second honeymoon for us! And it’s free! But Chris is a different story. Two or three times he has said to me out of the blue, “Maybe we should just stay home…” or “This isn’t a great time for us to be away. Maybe we should cancel.” Each time I told him if he wanted to stay home, that’d be fine but Sarah and I would be going instead. (How’s that for sympathetic?) The closer we get to leaving, though, the more I think about not being with the kids. I know they’ll be fine, but we’re just going to miss the little goobers!

So, there you have it. The next week for us is going to be chaotic, but so exciting! It’s been a long time since we had so many GOOD things happen to us at once!!! I’m trying to enjoy them all one at a time and to appreciate how important each adventure really is, but sitting here on Sunday afternoon looking at the week laid out before me, all I can think is, “How will we ever make it to April?!?!”

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30 Thoughts to “Status Update”

  1. I am so excited for you! I want to read your book so badly… I can’t wait till it hits the shelves! Good luck with your observation this week! πŸ™‚

  2. Christy

    I know how overwhelming that must feel! Tweet me any time since I’ll working on stuff for nursing school. The week will go by fast and I will pray that everything goes well. Just remember to focus on the present and take it moment by moment..especially Costa Rica and Gracie’s birthday! You are going to have a blast! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Firstly, congratulations on finishing your book! You must be so proud even if it might be a while till it’s actually a book. And even if it doesn’t get published (which I can’t see how it wouldn’t!), it’s still a nice thing to have done. Secondly, how exciting that Gracie is turning one! I started reading your blog about the time she was born, so this marks a year of my reading. And finally, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in Costa Rica. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up and I bet it’ll be nice just being you and Chris. With all these things going on, the time is bound to fly and it’ll be April before you know it!

  4. I notice that no other posters have answered the most important question of all. Yoga pants and a tank top. That’s what I’d wear to walk over a rainforest!

  5. I can’t image pouring your heart and soul into something as big as a book. I wouldn’t even know where to start! Best of luck! You will kick ass in your evaluation, I’m sure. Gracie’s party will go swimmingly and you guys will have the time of your life in Costa Rica. Everything is coming up The Browns! And if you ever need to job out an art project for class, give me a call!

  6. How exciting about your book proposal! I really hope it gets picked up quickly, which we all know it will get picked up. I cannot believe Gracie is turning one! Where does the time go? Also, I’m pretty flexible so I am sure I could fit…can I be a carry on to Costa Rica? Pretty please?

  7. Congrats on the book proposal, I can’t wait to see the birthday video for Gracie.

  8. Gin

    I’m thinking one definitely doesn’t wear a skirt on hanging bridge. Even though I would logically know there is no one in the ravine down there, I would still be so paranoid.

    It sounds like your trip will be amazing! I can’t wait to see all the pictures.

  9. Congrats on all of this Katie! Gracie one…wow! CAN”T WAIT for your book…I have complete faith that someone will publish it πŸ™‚ And your trip is going to be so amazing!

  10. Meghan

    One: I can’t believe Gracie is gonna be one, this year has flown by!! Two: I think its harder for guys to be away from the kids then it is for us moms. My ex had an issue with it as well and never felt at ease as I did when we left, but since my mom always had our son I was never worried about it, I knew he was well taken care of ^_^

  11. Wow that’s a lot of stuff going on! Congrats and good luck on your book, you’ll do awesome on your eval, can’t believe Gracie is turning 1! And I hope you and Chris have an AMAZING time on your trip, just watch out for baby 3….thats a pretty romantic place. πŸ™‚

  12. wow! How is it that all kinds of big stuff always ends up happening in the same week? Everything is so exciting though…. well, minus the evaluation at work, although that could potentially be exciting too. Such an exciting week for you!

  13. wow! How is it that all kinds of big stuff always ends up happening in the same week? Everything is so exciting though…. well, minus the evaluation at work, although that could potentially be exciting too. Such an exciting week for you! Can I say “exciting” one more time? =)

  14. Wow! Just reading this made me a bit overwhelmed!! I am so excited for you though and can’t wait to hear all about all four of these big events. I have to admit that I am a little tiny jealous of your second honeymoon trip. I could really use one of those right now πŸ™‚ Oh- and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gracie. Max and I really need to meet her one of these days πŸ™‚

  15. jenny-bird

    Goodness, what a busy week ahead of you! Best of luck with your conference, congratulations on coming this far with your book, happy birthday to Gracie, and have a safe and happy trip! I send many happy thoughts your way.

  16. Laura

    Wow, girl, you have a LOT going on. But on the brighter side, it’s all good stuff. Just remember, take it one step at a time and it will be great. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. It will be amazing!!! (Happy birthday Gracie!)

  17. I will buy your book!!! I didn’t know that you were writing a book and now I am super excited to hopefully be buying it!
    Als0— Good luck with your teaching evaluations!

  18. Wow, what a full plate of blessings! How wonderful that the chaotic overwhelming feelings will end in a resort on a beach for a whole week! Perfect!!!

  19. Wow, you do have a ton going on! Congrats on everything! And you’ll kick butt with your evaluation, I have no doubt!

  20. Meredith

    THE BOOK!! I’d buy it. Like 5 copies. Because I love you and your blog and your kids and your husband. And if you publish, BOOK TOUR!! then I can finally meet you. Costa Rica! AH!! Your kids will be in great hands. My parents went away 2x a year (for my Dad’s business) and my grandma came and stayed with us. It was GREAT! They’ll have fun with the grandma’s. As for the eval, I know I always feel better when I am 100% prepared. Still nervous, but the difference is when I’m prepared I feel confident. Not ‘oh my God’ I’m going to die nervous, but a ‘these nerves help me focus and do better’ sort of nervous. For me, that sort of feeling happens only when I’ve prepared adequately. Good Luck!

  21. That is a jam packed week! Definitely let us all know when/if your book comes out – I’d buy it! Have a great week and hang in there! Your Costa Rica trip is only days away!!

  22. Good luck with your proposal! You have a captive audience waiting to celebrate a book deal with you πŸ™‚

  23. GO on the trip. Both of you. Yes you will miss the kids like crazy but you’ll be amazed to discover that you are both still really fun people who like each other.
    Besides, the kids are too young to remember that you’re abandoning them so the scars to their psyches will be minimal. πŸ™‚

  24. abi

    wow – lots going on! the trip will be nice and fun and relaxing once you make it there and everything will be fine I am sure. Just a tip if you want it – last year we went on a cruise and I had a lot going the week or two before left and got sick right before we left on top of everything…so I was totally last minute packing, throwing things like a crazy person into suitcases. We get to the airport and one suitcase is overweight and I of course couldn’t even think straight to try and balance them out or anything at that point…so all I’m saying is with last minute packing – you may want to more carefully weigh your bags than I did! Have fun!

  25. Nikki

    How is Gracie girl turning one already?! Time just flies by! I really hope that your book becomes a success. You definitely deserve it. I know that I would be buying plenty of copies for Christmas and Birthdays! Enjoy your trip, I’m sure it will be awesome! We are going on a cruise in April, and I’m counting down the days. So excited!

  26. Sarah

    good luck witht the book proposal! that is so amazing to even reached this stage. congrats! πŸ™‚ i think the thing about parenthood that scares me , maybe the most, is the fact that you can have a free!!! trip!!! to CostaRica!!!! and not want to go because of the kids?!????? uhm, im so not ready to want to stay home that much lol. hopefully you guys have the best time ever!!! you deserve it!

  27. HeatherM

    I know you have a lot on your plate already, but have you thought about making a little basket/bag of stuff for Bean to open every day or two that you are gone? When I babysit for my niece & nephew, or bring them on long road trips, I keep a bag of “surprises,” to pull out as a distraction to hopefully avoid meltdowns. They LOVE it, and now whenever they come over to my house, they ask if I still have the bag set up (which of course I do, even though they are quickly outgrowing the stuff in the bag). It is a fun tradition to establish w/ family. Dollar store and party store trinkets work great too. This is also something you could delegate to a helpful friend or loved one.

  28. Kat

    I’ve been DYING to get an update on your book! I am SO EXCITED!

  29. I am praying for you this week, but not while you’re on the trip, because I’m so stinkin’ jealous. Just kidding! I hope y’all have a blast, have a drink (extra one) for me!

  30. KP

    You are an inspiration!

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