Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!

I can’t believe it’s here! On Sunday, my sweet Gracie Girl will turn one year old! What a joy she has been to us and what happiness she has brought to our lives. Every day is better with Gracie in it.

Happy birthday, sweet Puffalump! Mommy loves you so, so much!

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44 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!”

  1. So so sweet! Happy Birthday, Gracie!

  2. Happy happy 1st birthday, Gracie! And congrats to Katie and Chris–you have survived a whole year of being parents times two!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! – My goodness, it seems like yesterday I was feeling your last-few-weeks-of-pregnancy back pain along with you. Where on earth did the last year go? (Oh, I know – it went into making this adorable little girl!). Congrats to you all!!

  4. Gin

    Wow, that song was perfect! She is such a precious little thing.

  5. Gin

    Wow, that song was perfect! She is such a precious little girl.

  6. Hehe, before I even hit Play, I thought “she better have used Ben Fold’s song!” Wonderful to look back at the past year!

  7. Meredith

    Thank you Katie for sharing your world with us, and this great reminder of the last year with your family. Congrats to you on making it to year #1 with Gracie, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Grace.

  8. Oh how sweet. It’s like someone wrote that song just for your family. So lovely!

  9. Jennifer

    Happy birthday Ms Gracie!

  10. Jennifer B

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday little sweet girl!

  11. I can’t believe she’s a year already. Happy birthday Gracie, and happy birthday family!!

  12. Chloe

    Oh dear, just lovely! Well done Katie.

  13. Wow! That was beautiful!! I have never heard that song before, how perfect is that! Happy birthday Gracie girl!

  14. Katherine

    Such an adorable video!! She is just the cutest (after Bean of course!) Happy 1st Birthday beautiful Gracie!!

  15. Monique

    Happy Birthday, Grace!
    And have a safe and wonderful trip to Coasta Rica, Katie and Chris!

  16. Love it! Happy birthday, Gracie Girl!

  17. Happy Birthday, Grace! It’s been a great adventure watching you grow up through your mama’s writing! Enjoy your cupcakes!

  18. Stacy Christopher

    Hi Katie, I’ve followed your blog for quite a while but never commented. I love this! Love. Your family’s love for Gracie is so evident in every photo. What a lucky litle girl! My son was born about two months after Gracie. I was in tears watching Gracie’s video! Can’t believe my Finn will be there before we blink. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Aunt Ginny

    Great — I’m crying at work! So, so sweet and that song!!! Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to kiss that sweet little Puffalump TOMORROW!!!! Love you guys!

  20. Happy birthday, Gracie! Have a wonderful birthday and a FABULOUS second year! 🙂

  21. jenny-bird

    What a wonderful slideshow you’ve put together, and what an excellent song you’ve picked. I love Ben Folds’ music. Gracie is a darling. Happy birthday Gracie!

  22. Dawn

    wow – that is the first time that I have listened to the Gracie Girl song…… love the pics! oh – and there is a hat she is wearing in one of the pics – white with a trim where she is wearing a heart-print shirt or bathing suit…. ummm…. where did you get that hat? I think Isabel needs one!

  23. Katie N.

    Soooo cute, Katie! I love it! I hope I’m able to make the birthday video a tradition once I start having kids too 🙂

  24. Oh, Katie! What a sweet video. Happy birthday sweet Gracie…

  25. Ahhh! I love the song. This is such a sweet video. Happy 1st birthday, Gracie!

  26. Sarah H.

    What a perfect song! I love how the lyrics said “I would never make you be anything you didn’t really want to be” (or something like that) and then a picture of her dressed as a flower popped up. Perfect 😉
    Happy Birthday Gracie!!

  27. What a cutie pie! Beautiful song, too!!

  28. Tiffany

    What a beautiful video. The song was perfect and the pictures were awesome. Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!
    PS…I hope you and Chris have a great trip.

  29. Gracie's Nana

    I look at you and I see your sweet Mama at one year old smiling up at me. Such sweet and tender memories you bring back for me, Gracie Girl. But I also see your own twinkling eyes and flirty little giggle and I quickly know that you are your own little girl. My granddaughter. I’m a blessed blessed Nana!

  30. Peggy

    Adorable! Happy Birthday Gracie Girl!


  32. Happy birthday, Gracie Girl!!
    Such a sweet video!!

  33. Aoife

    love it! you are the BEST blogger!

  34. kk

    HAPPY Birthday Gracie..my little one is set to due here any day now…this song is JUST PERFECT…love the music

  35. Happy birthday Gracie girl!! That song was perfect!! Who was that singing? My little girl will be one in June and it has flown. Love reading what all y’all are up too. I just love your blog Katie!! Thanks for being an inspiration to all mommies. 🙂 would love to know how you made the video. I would love to do one!!

  36. alison g

    Happy Birthday Gracie Girl!!

  37. Great video! I too have a Gracie girl. She’s 4 now but when she turned 1 a friend told me about the Gracie girl song by Ben Folds Five. I made a her a 1 year video with the same song! It makes me tear up every time I hear it! U2 has a Grace song too. It’s a good one too. Happy Birthday to your sweet Gracie!

  38. HeatherM

    I was hoping you would use that song for your video! Every day when it plays on pandora it makes me want my own Gracie girl!

  39. e

    LOVE this! Is it bad that it kind-of made me want to name my next baby Gracie? 🙂

  40. Ann G-B

    So umm… did you name her Gracie just so you could use that song for her first year video???!

  41. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    Happy Birthday Gracie! Great video Katie! Such a freaking cutie pie!

  42. Sharon

    Who did that song? Did you have someone write that? It’s adorable!

  43. Happy Birthday Gracie! Video was super cute.

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