Easter Basket Recap

Easter this year was pretty low key for us. In light of all that has been going on over the past few weeks, we decided to take it easy. I even put hosting the Easter lunch off on my parents, so I didn’t have to cook much either! How’s that for avoiding responsibilities?  We did the traditional things like dying Easter eggs…



Later, we hunted eggs, too!


But mostly, we just sat around and enjoyed being with family.




The one thing I really focused on were our Easter outfits because I really want a good family picture. We haven’t had one since the lovely Jenn Hopkins Photography took ours a while ago. So, I bought Bean and Chris matching ties, found dresses for me and Gracie, and planned to get at least ONE good family picture. But then on Saturday, Gracie face planted on the sidewalk in front of our house and got a bloody nose and giant bruise on her forehead. She survived, but she looks pretty rough.

Plus, by the time we got to my parents, the kids were ready to play, so pictures were hit and miss.


This was as close as I got. Not bad, but Gracie looks pissed off and Bean’s twisting Chris’s tie. Eh…it’ll do.


Since those didn’t work, I thought I’d try some of me and Gracie or Chris with Bean. I figured if we reduced the number of variables, maybe we’d have better luck. Not really…




Though, Bean and Chris seemed to do better.


Pictures aside, the only other must-have at Easter this year were Easter baskets. Gracie just had her birthday, and both kids racked up on a bunch of new toys, so I tried to come up with other things to get them. With summer coming up, I decided to go with summer themed baskets and pick them each up some summer items they’d be needing very soon.

Bean had a Lightning McQueen summer basket. I found him a Lightning McQueen beach towel, Lightning McQueen sunglasses, and Lightning McQueen flip flops.



I wrapped propped everything up in his Easter basket with Easter grass, then filled in the holes with eggs and some candy.


I put the whole basket in a basket bag and tied it at the top with yellow and white polk-a-dot ribbon.


Gracie needed some summer clothes like WHOA. In one week, she outgrew all of her nine month clothes and is now wearing twelve month clothes (which are a little snug sometimes around the belly!). She didn’t have any summer play clothes in her new size, so I picked her up two new little romper outfits at Target.


She also got a new pair of summer sandals (which conveniently matched her Easter dress).


The last of her goodies were new sippy cups because we are trying desperately to get her to drink out of a sippy cup. Girlfriend wants nothing to do with a sippy cup right now, so I tried a different brand and style to see if that would help. Surprisingly, it did a little bit.


Just like with Bean, I filled her basket with green grass and arranged all of her goodies. She got some Easter eggs, too, but I skipped the candy for Gracie Girl. (Don’t tell her, though. I don’t think she noticed!)


I finished the baskets around 9:00 that night and realized that I had only gotten ONE basket bag, so I had to haul myself up to Target at 9:30 and hunt down another bag for Gracie. But the morning when the kids woke up, the Easter Bunny had arrived in all his basket bag glory. I felt a little bad that there weren’t toys or anything fun in the kids baskets at first, but it ended up working out really nice. Bean loved his stuff, and Gracie didn’t care one way or another, but she sure looked cute!

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17 Thoughts to “Easter Basket Recap”

  1. Kat

    Goodness, you guys make a gorgeous family. Katie, you look stunning!!!!

  2. Ditto to what Kat said – you all look amazing (and so relaxed, too – yay Costa Rica). And I love love LOVE those matching ties – hehe!

  3. Kate you are a fashionista! Love the outfits. Photographers tip- try family photos in the shade next time. Less squinting. Although I don’t know if there is a lot of shade in FL. We sure have a lot here in MI! Love your blog, read it all the time!

  4. Wow! You always knock it out of the park with the baskets! And I love the matching ties for the boys…so cute!

  5. OK random question because I weighed this in my own house. WHY do you use the Easter Basket Bag? I thought about it, but decided I liked the look better without.

  6. I had to laugh at poor Gracie face planting… last year, Eli got a black eye from the coffee table the day before his baptism. Score.

  7. Those shoes are awesome! Sullivan kept refusing a sippy cup until we gave him one with a straw. He looked at us like “finally” and has been good ever since.

  8. Jessica

    I bought my daughter the same sippy cup a couple of weeks ago. She looked at me like I was crazy. For her Easter basket I bought her the same brand sippy cup, but one without the handles. For whatever reason she likes the one without the handles better.

  9. JustAng

    I struck gold when my baby took the first brand of bottle/paci I gave her. On the other hand, I think I’ve spent approx 10 grand on different Sippy cups…and still a no-go. Sigh…..

  10. I love your dress Katie, you all looked wonderful.

  11. Mariya

    Those Nuby cups worked the best for us. We were feeling hopeless until we found them. Munchkin was a close second.

  12. Dessi

    I love the “not so perfect” family picture…it’s cute!! And I feel better now about our own Easter….it was low key as well and the first holiday for our 6 weeks old little man! We hung out with family and didn’t even do a basket (we knew the grandma’s would anyway) and it was the best day!

  13. Rebecca

    LOVE your Easter dress, is it a Target special or from someplace else? You look great!

  14. I’m catching up on like the last 5 posts you’ve made – your trip looked fabulous!! I love your family picture too. Personally, I’ve never rescheduled pictures due to a bruise on a 1 yr old. I think that it captures their age and stage , plus I’ve got tons of other pictures of non-bruised faces 🙂

    Where is your dress and the boys ties from? My 4 yr old loves to wear ties and that bow tie is too cute!

  15. Katie I have that same dress!! I love it!

  16. I think you need like 5 or 6 more kids. Look at how cute you are and just picture a whole gaggle more of little strawberry blonds piled all over you. I would love it.

  17. elijo h

    i’m obsessed with your dress! please share where it’s from!

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