Review: Bud to Bloom

This past weekend while I was in Atlanta with my sister, I noticed a sticker on her front windshield that made me gasp, “That’s BRILLIANT!”


I can’t count how many times during one of my pregnancies I’d come out to my car, only to find someone had parked so close to me that I couldn’t fit between the cars to get in! It’s embarrassing and frustrating and downright rude! Which begs the question, WHY HAS NO ONE DONE THIS SOONER?!?!

As I was squealing and shrieking about the sticker in Ginny’s driveway, she did me one better and handed me two stickers to put on my own car.


Again, BRILLIANT! How many times have I had to squish between two cars to try to get one of my kids into the backseat?!?! I came home and slapped those puppies on the backseat windows right away. Then I tried to take a picture and realized that it wasn’t smart to try to take a picture of a window as the sun was setting. Sorry, guys.


These cute little stickers are called Mommy Stickers from a company called Bud to Bloom and come in a set of three (one pregnancy and two kiddos) or a set of two (two kiddos) and are so reasonably priced at $6 and $5 per set. What a fun little something to send a pregnant friend! Or throw into a shower gift bag! Or enclose in a new mommy card! Such a great, thoughtful, practical gift idea!


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