Things Change

When things are going smoothly in my life, I run out of blog fodder.  Can you tell?

I haven’t had much to blog about these days because there’s been no crisis, little fighting, and not a crazy oddball emergency in sight.  What do normal people blog about?!?!?  I find when life is running just as it should, that’s a good time to make some small little changes.  That’s a big thing for me because I used to avoid change like the plague.  Now, I find myself seeking out little things to change, just to keep things interesting.  Here are a few things I like to change up occasionally to keep life exciting:

Breakfast cereal – We are a Cheerios family all the way, but occasionally, I break from our Honey Nut rut and go with something crazy like fruity Cheerios or apple cinnamon Cheerios.  We live large.


My perfume – I have about five different perfumes or body sprays that I wear.  I wear the same one for a couple weeks, then switch.  Keeps my nose on her toes.


My book genre – I am an avid reader, and I love books of all kinds – adventure, thrillers, historical fiction, young adult, non-fiction, biographies, etc.  I find myself reading the same kind for a while sometimes, so then I switch it up and read something new and different.  I just finished a historical fiction, and now I’m reading the last Twilight book, New Moon. They are so irritatingly stupid, but I can’t put that series down!!


My shoes – I try not to wear the same pair of shoes back to back during the work week if I can help it.




My running route – I just recently started changing up my running route, and it has made my morning runs even more fun.


Our dinner menu – At least once a week I try to have something new on our family menu.  Lately, I’ve been terrible at cooking (my mind just hasn’t been focused, I think) and I have messed everything up that I try.  But normally, I like to try new recipes at least once a week to keep dinner from getting dull.

My radio station – I try to change up what I listen to every couple weeks.  New songs, new music, new radio personalities.  It all makes my commute a little more exciting.

My blog schedule – Sometimes I blog a lot, sometimes I hardly blog.  Rather than force it when there’s nothing to write about, I give myself a break and step away for a couple days.  That keeps my head fresh and clear and keeps writing from becoming a chore.

My cell phone ring – Not my actual phone ringing ring, actually.  I tried changing that a few times and I never recognized when my phone was ringing.  But I do change up my notification sounds and my text message sounds.  Right now, my phone tweets at me when I have a text and I LOVE it!

While I like to change these things up, there are some things in my life that I could never change.  And when they change, my entire world becomes hectic and chaotic:

My morning routine – If I get interrupted in my morning routine while I get ready for work, it really starts my day off wrong.  I have steps, people!  I need to complete all my steps!  Don’t interrupt me while I’m moisturizing!

My classroom layout – I never move around my stations in my classroom where kids have to do things (i.e. homework submission basket, pencil cups, class books, etc.).  Kids do better when they know where to find things every day.

My spot on the couch – I sit on the left side.  No exceptions.  Ever.  There’s a dent in that pillow that belongs to me.

Where I write – I sit in the same place and work on the same laptop with my feet propped up on the same pillow every day to do my writing.  If I’m not in my exact position, I can’t focus.  Weird, huh?

My kitchen cabinet arrangement – Everything has a place and I know just where that place is.  If someone puts something away in the wrong spot, it drives me crazy!  I am very particular about things in my kitchen.

The original scent Pine Sol – I love that smell!  I have tried the other scents they make, but it just doesn’t seem clean without that lemon smell.

My make up – I very, very seldom change what make up I use.  I use the the same brand, same colors, same application process every day.

What about you?  What do you change in your life when you want to shake things up?  What could you never change without severely altering your universe?


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16 Thoughts to “Things Change”

  1. Hmmm….makeup stays the same always. I’ve found what I like and I am sticking with it. I definitely don’t mess around with my kitchen, although I just moved and am still trying to figure out the best spot for everything. Beyond that, I guess I am not quite the creature of habit I thought as I was…I never know what’s for dinner so I guess shaking it up for me might mean I make a meal plan. Ha! Actually come to think of it, I have some routines I desperately want to change– like hitting the snooze button!

  2. Jennifer@browneyedandblessed

    I’m pretty boring. I eat the same cereal almost every morning, lunch is usually a turkey sandwich unless I have leftovers. Also, there are a bunch of questions sitting on your Q&A section if you run out of things to talk about 🙂

  3. ok, lady, you look great! You seriously are making this new momma want to get out there and start running!

  4. Kathleen

    RE: kitchen cabinet arrangement…A-freakin-men! Preach on, sister.

  5. I tried changing the layout of my closet and I couldn’t find a darn thing. My bathroom drawer organization is another thing I refuse to change. Everything else is up for grabs. I love trying new makeup and products, we have 8 different cereals (which is ridiculous now that I think about it), and my workout routine is constantly changing as I get bored.

  6. Whitney

    I am totally with you on the organization of the kitchen. I even have it down to what foods and cans go in which cabinet and hubby doesn’t unload the groceries enough to know the method to my madness and we may or may not have had a yelling argument about how he doesn’t put stuff away in the right place and how I move stuff after he puts it away and am just to anal.

  7. I feel like my life has been in constant “change mode” for the past 3 years that I find myself very seldom ever actually looking for change. But, if I do feel like I need to shake things up… I change my hair cut and color… works every time

  8. Suzanne

    First of all, I have those shoes! (the wedges)…got them about a month ago and I love them.

    Second of all, I run as well and cannot keep my toenails long. How in the world do you do that and they still look good?!?! I get pedicures but they are short and stumpy.

  9. 80

    This comment has nothing to do with the post but I wanted to get it in there before my work computer kicks me out of the site. Katie, have you had any problems with your server for the site? Every time I try to access it through my work computer it flags it as “malicious content” and makes me shut down and report it to everyone and their mommas. From my home computer I stopped trying because it said my computer had been infected with malware…I don’t know if this is only happening to me but I thought I’d let you know cause I can’t live without your blog for too much longer lol!

  10. I see that book on my shelf and can’t help reading the title as “Breaking Wind.”

  11. I change up some things when I get bored, but for the most part I tend to keep things the same if they are working for me. I think I’ve used the same makeup, face wash/lotion, and body spray since I was in middle school!

  12. Sommer

    I am completely with you on not changing your spot on the couch or your kitchen cabinents! That would completely throw me off. And I love your shoes 🙂 I change up my lunches and dinner a lot but never breakfast – it’s always a combo of bagel or oatmeal and banana or yogurt.

  13. I just have to point out… the last book in twilight is Breaking Dawn, not New Moon 🙂 🙂

  14. Kat

    LOVE your shoe collection! I need to refill mine – it’s TERRIBLE. I feel like I have been getting rid of more things than I have been adding over the course of the past 2 years, leading me to where I am now – not enough shoes.

  15. Elise

    Ooh! Those espadrilles are CUTE! I’m fortunate to have a lovely walk from my bus stop to my office. It goes through a beautiful arboretum with a bunch of little, winding paths. I like to change up the route I take through it all the time.

  16. vicky

    I love that Happy perfume! I can’t handle change very well, so I totally understand. I even plan my week ahead of time just to avoid surprises. It’s hard but it’ healthy to change things up. I love all your shoes!

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