New Ears, New Baby

Gracie has had tubes in her ears for two weeks now, and I cannot get over what a difference they have made in her personality. I knew (or I hoped) that they would make a difference in her health, and they have. She hasn’t been pulling on her ears, running fevers, or battled a runny nose since the procedure, which is really abnormal for her. But more than the health advantages, it’s her personality that has us the most amazed.


They did a hearing test for Gracie when we went in for her consultation a week before the procedure and they told us that she had about 60% hearing loss from all the fluid in her ears. Basically, she heard everything like you would hear it under water. In all the facts and information we were getting that day, I really didn’t pay too much attention to that. Which was kind of crazy, looking back. But now that Gracie actually has all her hearing, it is amazing the difference we’ve seen. She is babbling more and saying more words because she can hear us say them clearly. We had been working with her for months on where her head, eyes, mouth, and ears were and she just couldn’t do it. But in the two weeks since she’s had tubes, she has been able to learn all her facial features. And I just know that’s because she can hear what we are saying so much better.


Another big difference is how much she is walking. My mom actually predicted that one. She wondered if all that fluid in her ears made her a little more wobbly because her balance was off. I’m not sure what the scientific explanation is, but I can tell you that since she’s had tubes, Gracie is walking like a champ now. She’s just about running now. All in about three days. It is crazy how well she moves around now compared to before. What she learned how to do this past week was to get herself standing from a sitting position. And when she gets walking really good and accidentally trips, she can catch herself with her hands and then push herself back up to standing, all while repeating, “Uh oh!” over and over again. It’s pretty stinking cute.


But more than the physical changes in her, it’s her blossoming littler personality that is the more different. Gracie has never been… how should I say this?… She’s never been a content child. She’s got a fierce little temper and just about no patience. I have no idea where she gets it… There weren’t a whole lot of things that made Gracie happy before. At daycare, there were occasionally good days, lots of bad days, but mostly “Gracie days,” where nothing was really wrong, but she was just fussy. But now? Every day is a good day with Gracie. Every day she wakes up, she is happy. Every day when I pick her up from school, she is happy. Every night when we’re getting ready for bed, she is happy. It’s a constant state for Gracie these days. She squeals and shrieks and plays and laughs and it is just wonderful. She started doing this thing this weekend where when she has something she’s not supposed to have, like my cell phone or the TV remote, she’ll come show it to you and then take off running and squealing, wanting you to chase her. That would NEVER have happened before! And it is awesome!


Don’t think that I haven’t noticed that as Gracie’s happiness has gone up, so has mine. For such a tiny little Puffalump, she can make or break the moods at our house. I’m so glad she’s finally happy!!!

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21 Thoughts to “New Ears, New Baby”

  1. Aw, that is so wonderful! I’m sure she’s so much happier because she hears so well. So glad that her personality is starting to shine even more!

  2. Jenny

    How wonderful! I am so glad she is her new/old self again!

  3. I’m so touched by this. It’s amazing to think about what it must have been like for her before. I am so glad she is doing so well and just enjoying herself now!

  4. I’m so happy that she is feeling better and that the procedure has had such a positive impact on so many parts of her and your lives. My brother had the procedure done when he was little, but older than Gracie. By that point the fluid build up/scar tissue was so great that it affected his hearing and therefore his speech. He was in speech therapy in elementary school for at least 3 or 4 years. So it is so, so good that Gracie got all of that worked out sooner rather than later!

  5. Trish D

    My son is 25 now…but, he had tubes for the same reason. It amazed me at the complete different child he became overnight. He ended up having them three times because one kept coming out..I’m sure that has improved by now….but, I can’t say enough good things about the difference the tubes made in all of our lives…my baby boy was happy…and the stress of having a contrary was gone!

  6. Kat

    omg I cannot believe what a difference it can make but it all makes perfect sense. We’re still trying to get P to learn Uh Oh…she just goes, “Uh”….and then stares your down until you give in and say, “oh”.

  7. I’m so glad the tubes helped her. I am so happy she feels better.

  8. Aw, man, now I’m debating again. My soon-to-be 1-year-old is scheduled to get them in 3 weeks. But, miraculously, we haven’t had an ear infection in over a month now! So, we’d started debating cancelling the surgery. But…gee, now I don’t know. So glad she’s doing so well with them!

  9. So glad her “new ears” are working out so well. The walking / talking delays make total sense. How could she get her groove on with watery ears? Can’t wait to see her start dancing!

  10. YAY Gracie! I am so glad that they have helped her in so many ways!

  11. We haven’t had this issue, but it is so encouraging to see what a difference it made for Gracie. Just another of your pearls of wisdom I’m storing away for the future. Yay, Gracie!!

  12. I am so glad to hear the tubes worked wonders! My son has an ENT appt Thursday and I am nervous they are going to tell me he needs tubes, but reading this make it feel a little easier to have to do.

  13. Hooray Gracie! She is so adorable. I have been around children pre and post tubes. They truly make all the difference. Love her smile!

  14. Nova Kristin

    Isn’t it amazing? My now 15 year old daughter couldn’t walk until she got her tubes and she ran that same day. She couldn’t talk or hear either. The transformation was nothing short of amazing. We tease her now that we might want to rethink the tubes thing because she never shuts up 😉
    So happy for you that Gracie is feeling better <3

  15. I’m so happy for her and for you guys! What a sweetheart! Also, tell Chris I loved his brain dump! (Also I accidentally typed Christ at first. If Christ ever guest posts for you, let me know. That would be awesome!)

  16. I’m so happy for Gracie! But what I REALLY related to was your last paragraph. My Katie has been running a low-grade fever off-and-on for the last week, all 4 of her canines are coming in at the same time and she’s just not been herself. And I’ve noticed our whole household is different! We are all on edge and we just want our happy, silly girl back! Isn’t it amazing how connected we are to our kids? Even just their moods can change the dynamic of the whole house/family!

  17. Meredith J

    That’s SO awesome! Yey for Gracie!!!!! The fluid in her ears prob had her tiny little vertigo all outta wack

  18. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    YAY! Glad it made such a positive difference!

  19. I had tubes when I was about Gracie’s age… and the same thing happened! I didn’t walk or stand before my tubes, and the day I came home from the hospital, I walked in the house, and straight to my mom! So happy things are looking up for you guys 🙂

  20. Sweet pictures. I love them in just their diapers. So precious!!

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