Going Home

This weekend, we packed up and headed back out of town again. This time we went to our hometown of Pensacola, Florida (well, technically we’re from a barrier peninsula just off the coast of Pensacola called Gulf Breeze). My sister’s mother-in-law, Shirley, threw her a beautiful baby shower. (Shirley, by the way, plans parties, showers, and weddings professionally, so email me if you are looking for someone in the Pensacola area!)




Shirley’s house looked beautiful, and it was the perfect place for seeing old friends and celebrating new babies!




While we visit in Pensacola, we always stay with Chris’s mom, Jackie. She’s great with the kids and always has everything we need for our visit. Bean even has his own trundle bed in the guest bedroom, complete with Lightning McQueen sheets, pillows, and blankets! I especially love staying with Jackie because she and her boyfriend, Charles, are super healthy people and so they always have healthy food for the kids to eat. Plus, I can always count on Jackie to go running with me while we’re there. This trip, she took me with her to her running group that she and Charles lead. I ran in Charles’s faster-paced group and thought I was going to die. But I didn’t! Also, speaking of running, on Sunday night I went for a run and broke through my 4 mile block! I ran 4.2 miles and could have easily kept going except that it was so dark that I had to call Chris to come pick me up. But I felt great, and was so excited to push through my barrier!

While we were in Pensacola, we went over to Gulf Breeze to visit Chris’s dad’s family. Chris lived across the street from his grandparents growing up, so their home was practically a second home for him. He loved being able to take the kids there and play off his granddad’s dock, just like he did while he was growing up. I love that we live close enough now to be able to share these things with the kids. And I especially love how happy that makes Chris.






While we were in Gulf Breeze, we met up with Sarah and her sweet cousin, Jill. Sarah and her husband, Scott, go out of town all summer every summer, so this was my last chance to see her for a while. I’m really going to miss having her around, but I think the kids might miss her more! Aunt Saywah is a fixture around our house!






We originally planned to go up for the weekend, but ended up turning it into an extended vacation for ourselves. I’m so glad we did. Good weekends with family and friends should always be extended!

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11 Thoughts to “Going Home”

  1. That sounds blissful. Beanie and Gracie are adorable in the chair/hammock/swing-what is that thing?

  2. sounds like you guys are off to a great summer!

  3. Seriously, how pretty are you and Ginny? You really make me wish I had a sister 🙁 Congrats on the 4 miles. I started my first day of the C25K program and it was great! Your post about choosing to go run or not really inspired me to get started.

  4. Oh wow, 3 super great photos, you & Ginny, Chris & the kids & the one of both kids in the chair. Looks like you guys are having a great Summer so far, keep it up!!

  5. Kat

    Ahhh… Summer!! I miss it so much! Winter in Australia now and its cold and hasn’t stopped raining for the last 2 weeks 🙁 . Hope you have a fantastic summer 🙂

  6. Kat

    Looks like you guys had an amazing trip filled with tons of family and friends. We need us one of these.

  7. What a great weekend! And I love that picture of you and Ginny.

  8. PJ

    I was in Pensacola for the first time Monday-Wednesday this week! I twas for work, so I didn’t have any time to explore; but, I liked what I did get to see.

  9. Ok so I always knew your friend Sarah looked familiar to me. (I’ve lived in Pensacola 23 years) and this post I finally figured out why! Jill went to the church I went to (she’s just a tad older than me though) and sometimes Sarah came too! It was a large church and we weren’t really close at all, but I still know who they are! Too weird- what a small world. I’ve enjoyed reading the blog of someone “famous” in the blog world who’s also from my hometown!

  10. aww. My kids don’t get to do anything that I did growing up. I’m going home at the end of July for a couple weeks and I can’t wait to have those types of memories with my kids even if it is only twice a year.

  11. […] you a story that has scarred me to my core. TO MY CORE, PEOPLE! It happened a couple weeks ago at Ginny and John Michael’s baby shower in Pensacola. It has taken me the past two weeks to get over the events in order to find humor in […]

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