That.s a Wrap!

Recently, on Pinterest (please tell me you guys are on there as much as I am…), I came across these great, super simple wraps. When I originally pinned them, they were listed as a breakfast idea, but I immediately thought about Bean.  If I put something in a wrap for him, he’ll eat it just about every time.  This is a super simple and quick little snack or breakfast for him.

For these wraps, you will need whole wheat tortillas (or whatever kind your family prefers), peanut butter, a banana, strawberries (or blueberries or any other fruit you can throw in there), and chocolate chips (if you’re a push over, like me).  Since I’ve taken these pictures, I’ve also done wraps that I added sunflower seeds to, but you could really add any kind of grain or protein.  Granola would be excellent!


First, you spread peanut butter on the tortilla…


Then you put the banana in the middle. I’ve found that breaking the banana in two helps keep the wrap straighter and easier to hold for little ones.


Next, chop up your other fruits or whatever else you’re adding and spread them around next to the banana.


On this particular morning, I added some semi-sweet chocolate chips for a little treat.


To serve for Bean, I put all his wraps in aluminum foil because it’s easier for him to hold. He knows how to pull off the foil as he eats down through the wrap, or I help him. It makes things less messy if the wrap is contained. Plus, Bean thinks the foil is cool. Kids are weird about shiny things sometimes, so I go with what works!


It’s stupidly simple, easy, and can be adapted to whatever you have in your fridge. Bean loves these. Mostly, we have them for his morning snack. Now, he likes to stand on a chair and help me make them. I set out all kinds of fruit and grain options and he gets to choose how much of what ingredient goes in. The only thing I really have to do now is the peanut butter spread and then wrapping it all up for him.


I love food ideas that make both Bean and me happy!


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9 Thoughts to “That.s a Wrap!”

  1. That’s such an awesome idea! I’ll need to keep that in mind when Aubrey is old enough.

  2. Lisa

    I remember the days when my boys would eat just about anything in a wrap. Great way to introduce new foods, especially veggies. They had already eaten it before they figured out it was veggies. Scrambled eggs often found their way into our wraps too.

  3. Grandma Barnes

    Love my Bean-Man! He is such a polite young child.

  4. Great idea! I’ll be buying tortillas at the store tonight 🙂

  5. Kat

    I really need my kid to start liking peanut butter – these look AWESOME

  6. We love tortillas here too! We make breakfast burritos – my 2 year old loves them. Eggs, cheese, a little turkey sausage and anything else we can find and she gobbles it up!

  7. keiko

    Totally love this idea. This totally defeats the healthy snack idea but Nutella would be a great hit at my house… Especially with bananas and strawberries!

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