I Will (Did) Survive!

Well, I survived vacation bible school. It was pretty awesome. We had 525 children, and ages ranged between three years old up to fifth grade. I’m so glad I was involved because the kids LOVED it.


They were excited to be there every day – even the little guys who were Bean’s age. The week was long, especially for them, but they came every day excited to play and learn more. It really warmed my heart. Bean and Gracie loved being there every day. Bean was old enough to participate in the program, and Gracie hung out in the nursery all week. They were tired by Friday, but Bean woke up on Saturday morning asking me if we could go back to “baycation bible skwool.”


Here’s a little video clip I took from the large group meeting on the last day. This is only one of the three large groups we had on our church’s campus. I love watching the kids dancing and singing. So uninhibited!

Now that VBS is over, we are on to our next summer adventure this week – Rep Camp! Chris’s theater does a ton of little theater camps all summer long for kids of all ages, and this year they are doing one for 3-year-olds. I really like how they are doing it. For the little guys that are Bean’s age, parents attend with them and the camp is a week long, but each day is only half an hour in the morning. It’s short and sweet and just enough activity to keep Bean’s attention. I like it, too, because it will get us home in time for lunch and naps and still give me the afternoons to get my housework done before we head out in the late afternoon for swim lessons. Last week really messed up my household because I wasn’t getting home until 1:30 or 2:00 each day and by then I was exhausted. So, this week is a catch-up week for chores for me.

The beginning of my summer was relaxing and slow-paced and full of lots of lazy days by the pool. It was awesome, and just what I needed to unwind after a long school year. The second half of my summer, though, has been just the opposite. We’ve been busy and on the go just about every week. I worried a little bit that between my teaching certification classes, committee meetings at my school, swimming lessons, VBS, and Rep Camp, the kids might be a little overwhelmed. But so far things are going pretty good. Nap times are a little longer (which is nice) and bedtimes are a little earlier (which is even nicer), but otherwise they really seem to be loving all this activity.

In other news, this past weekend we had some of Chris’s staff over for a little meet-and-greet BBQ for Tray. It was really nice for everyone to meet Tray before he officially starts working on Monday, and it was also good to have a little down time for the staff in the midst of all their summer craziness at work of endless summer camps, opening summer shows, and the Target Family Theater Festival, which opens next weekend. Chris has taken on the Target Festival this year, and I am so proud of him. He’s been busier than me and the kids, actually. We have to stop in and wreak havoc on his office every now and then in order to see him these days! Lucky for him, Gracie is AWESOME at havoc-wreaking.


The festival in itself is such a wonderful opportunity for kids to interact and engage in the arts. There are plays, children’s music concerts, a petting zoo, a “pirate school,” make-and-take arts and crafts, a live band with music and dancing, putt-putt, and – Bean’s favorite – a drum circle. And the best part? Thanks to Target, it’s all FREE!!!! Chris has put a lot of work into organizing the festival, and I can’t wait to go check it out with the kids.

(Side note: If you’re in the Orlando area next weekend, come out and play! Find more info here.)


So, that’s about it from our home front this evening. We’re busy and on the move, but loving every minute of it! I can feel summer start to bottleneck as it gets closer and closer to school starting back. But we are determined to keep having a blast until the very last day!

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  1. I’m SO bummed about the festival! I really wanted to take Katie (my Katie, my daughter 🙂 this year but I just realized what the dates were. My brother in law is getting married in Puerto Rico this weekend and we’re going. Won’t be back until Sunday. 🙁 I guess we’ll try again next year. Mostly bummed because it’s hard to find fun, FREE, kid-friendly things to do in Orlando during a time when the whole family can go. If you know of anything else going on in the Orlando are this summer, please post it!

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