A Rip-ROAR-ing Good Time

When I was asked to review the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos, I thought it would be a breeze. Send me some dinosaur transformers for Bean to play with? Are you kidding me? SIGN ME UP!



The dinosaurs are actually transformers that morph into cars. Two of Bean’s favorite things in one toy. This was going to be a breeze. He loved them, and they are virtually indestructible (believe me, Bean’s tried…). Bean likes that the faces of the dinosaurs (or the windshields of the cars, depending on what shape you’re playing with) are little bitty LCD screens. he thinks they are computer screens. And they make a LOT of noise, which Bean loves, but they have an OFF switch, which I love.

But then I got an email asking if I could actually make a video which shows Bean creating his own dinosaur creation in order to promote the new VTech Switch & Go contest. Now, Bean Man is only three years old, so I sat there for a couple days and thought, “How in the world am I going to create this dinosaur and then try to pass it off as Bean’s own creation?” (Don’t judge. You know you would have done the same thing.) Finally, Chris suggested that maybe I actually let Bean try himself. Like, without me. “But he’s THREE!” I protested. “He can’t create a dinosaur!” Ignoring my Debbie Downer attitude, Chris asked Bean if he could go to his room and create a dinosaur. That was it. No instructions. No ideas. No limitations. No rules. Just, go make a dinosaur. To which Bean replied, “OKAY!” and off he went. Ten minutes later, Bean called me upstairs to show me his dinosaur. I was flabbergasted. No, it isn’t the most genius toy I’ve ever seen, but it was exactly what a three-year-old would come up with! In ten minutes!

All this is to say that if my three-year-old can create a dinosaur, then I’m willing to bet your child can, too. Which is good because VTech is having a Switch & Go Contest to promote kids who transform their imaginations. Contestants will upload a 15-30 second video to the VTech Facebook page of your childís home-made Dino creation. In the video, your child can show their new Dino by drawing, building or customizing their existing Switch & Go Dino. You can also take it a step further and encourage your child to expand their imagination by explaining what cool things their dinosaur does!

One grand-prize winner will get a kids lifetime supply of educational toys from VTech. And your video will air on a VTech commercial on Nickelodeon, which you can watch at your very own viewing party with your friends and family. And VTech will also transform your living room into the ultimate Dino den. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

So take a little time to imagine with your child, then pop a short little video on the VTech Facebook page, cross your fingers, and hope for the best!

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5 Thoughts to “A Rip-ROAR-ing Good Time”

  1. Regina

    Katie, you rock! My nephew is 3 this week and I didn’t know what to get him. Problem solved. This is not the first time you have given me a great gift suggestion. Thanks!

  2. Jessica W.

    Thank you! My two 3yo cousins are now crossed off my Christmas list!

  3. Nate's mom at Nate is Great

    Great job, Bean! What a spectacular use of green blocks!

  4. Beth

    Gracie bombed at the end! Great job Bean!!

  5. So, my 2 year old son & I were playing with wooden blocks the other day. I left the room for about 5 minutes to do laundry and when I came back, he had built the most amazing choo choo train. I was blown away with his imagination… and especially that he was more creative when I left him alone to create something!

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