Santa and the Rebuttal


Last night, Bean wrote his letter to Santa.  Well, he dictated it, and I wrote it down word for word. He had some pretty specific ideas that he was passionate about. Namely Rescue Heroes.

(Thank goodness he mentioned this several months ago to one of Santa’s loyal elves, so I’m sure an assortment of Rescue Heroes will make it into his sleigh this year.)


We left Bean’s letter on our living room table last night, and I told Bean we’d put it in an envelope and mail it to Santa this morning. Unfortunately, while we were all getting dressed this morning, Gracie came upon the letter and had a few revisions…


Girlfriend ain’t taking any chances when it comes to the big S.C.  Kids on the Naughty List need all the help they can get.

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16 Thoughts to “Santa and the Rebuttal”

  1. I’m dying. That’s too funny. Especially the part about Gracie crying all day so she’s not getting a kitchen. 🙂

  2. I am giggling so loud right now. Love it!

  3. Frame this one! It is classic.

  4. I love how Gracie scratched out the middle section (the part about her specifically) the most! This is so cute!

  5. That is awesome. Hey, I don’t blame the girl for trying to give her side of the story.

  6. Jamie

    That is the funniest, cutest thing I have EVER seen. Gracie said she isn’t gonna take this one lying down!! Lol.

  7. That letter made me laugh so hard when you posted it on Instagram and it just keeps getting better. Gracie may not be a full redhead but she sure does have the feistiness of one.

  8. Erin

    This made my day!

  9. Peggy

    Go Gracie Go! You definitely need to keep this letter.

  10. Haha. Thanks for the laugh! Love your blog.

  11. I laughed out loud! I agree that this deserves framing or at least to be tucked away for them to laugh about when they’re 20.

  12. LOVE that – I had to read that to T because he wanted to know why I was laughing out loud. She’s a smart cookie!

  13. bahahahaha! That is so great!

  14. Katie N.

    Hilarious! I also thought your post on Instagram was hilarious: “Looks like Gracie managed to weasel herself off of the naughty list!”

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