Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

Well, hello there, imaginary friends!  I feel like I haven’t spoken with you all in ages!  Things on the home front have been chaotic and things at work have been…well… chaotic.  That means that on some days when I get home from work and the kids are finally put to bed, I still have work to do and so I don’t have the time to blog.  And some days that means when everything finally settles down for the night, I don’t have the energy to blog.

Do you ever wonder about other people’s lives?  Like, what they do all day long?  How they get through the day?  What they spend their time doing?  I wonder that about people a lot.  Daily schedules fascinate me.  Partly because I wonder if I’m maximizing my own time, and if I can learn anything about time management and priorities from someone else’s schedule.  Mostly, though, I’m just nosy and wonder what everyone is doing behind closed doors.

Here is how I spend most of my days:

6:30 – Wake up and shower before anyone else gets up in the house.

7:00 – I get Gracie up and dressed; Chris gets Bean up and dressed.

7:15 – Chris feeds the kids breakfast while I finish getting ready and pack my lunch, work bag, and diaper bags for daycare.

7:30-7:45 – Leave the house, drop the kids at daycare

8:00 – Arrive at work, get my room set up for the day’s lesson, set up my whiteboard, post my reading journal prompt for the week online (part of my class is online), and post to my class blog about our activities that day.

8:40 – Parent/teacher conferences.  I have these 3-4 times a week.  On the mornings when I don’t have them, I grade papers or prepare for my lesson.

9:15 – Get the rest of my classroom ready to go, make sure all my AV equipment, computers and iPad is all up and running (I use a lot of technology in most of my lessons).

9:30 – Bell rings, classes begin. I teach 3 periods in the morning.

12:15 – My planning period begins and I have some time to work on lesson plans, grade papers, call parents, get copies made, take care of clerical paperwork, etc.

12:50 – Lunch!

1:15 – I teach three more periods before the day ends.

3:50 – Bell rings.  Teach day is over.

4:00 – Tutoring begins.  I tutor after school three days a week for any students in language arts or reading. Adds a little extra to my paycheck.  A very little, actually, but every little bit helps!

5:00 – Kick out the students, head home.

5:30 – Pick the kids up from daycare, head home, make dinner, set the table, empty out work bags, diaper bags, and lunch bags.

6:15 – Chris gets home and we all eat dinner together. (The highlight of my day!)

7:00 – Dinner is done, and we take the kids upstairs for baths.

7:30 – Everyone is in bed, reading bedtime stories

7:45 – Lights out for kids

8:00 – I sit down to blog or write for whatever it is I’m supposed to be writing for at that moment.

10:00 – Watch a little TV with Chris (or read while he watches TV)

11:00 – Time for bed.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  Here’s some stuff I’ve been using lately:

Pilot G2 Retractable Rolling Ball Point Pens ($8.91) – I recently borrowed a co-workers pen during a parent/teacher conference and went out that afternoon and bought that same pack of pens for myself.  They were AWESOME!  I write all day long, and so I love a new pack of pens!  These have been the best I’ve found in a while.  I use the purple one as my go-to pen and the pink one as my grading pen.  Small joys, right?


iPad 2 – I use my iPad for teaching all the time.  I teach with it, but I also let my students teach with it, too.  They love using it!  Because I have it in my hands all day, I am quite literally attached at the hip to this device.  I use it for taking notes when I go to a training seminar (I use Evernote as my note-taking app), I use it for my calendar, for email, for a camera, for a timer on timed activities for my students, for Facebook and Pinterest, etc.  I basically use it for everything.  Almost more than my iPhone.


Diet Barqs Root Beer – I’m normally a Diet Dr. Pepper girl myself, but a couple weeks ago Barqs was on sale, so I picked some up.  And now I can’t put them down.  I used to keep a case of soda in my supply closet at school, but I found I was drinking too many of them throughout the day (have I mentioned that I have no self control?).  Now, I keep them at home and just pack one in my lunch bag.  But, boy, does that one taste DIVINE!


The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring – I read “The Hobbit” a few months ago in one day.  It was excellent.  So, a few weeks ago I picked up “The Fellowship of the Ring,” and I decided to read the entire series.  It has been spectacular.  Really, really great.  Especially if you appreciate really good writing.  I read and re-read Tolkien’s descriptions over and over again.  He writes about things so vividly that I find myself pausing to remind myself that this world doesn’t actually exist.  I even asked Chris one night, “Hobbits aren’t real, right?” because you read what he says and you just know that he himself has met a hobbit before!


The Book of Philippians – I’ve been doing a few of the “She Reads Truth” devotionals this year, and I wasn’t really liking the one that’s running now (Soul Detox), so I went back and decided to do one that was from last year.  The one I chose is on the book of Philippians.  I’ve never read the book from beginning to end before, and it has been really interesting.  More like a book than a biblical reading.  And I love the teachings of Paul.  Such a wise man.  He wrote Philippians from jail, and when I read I can’t help but picture Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letters from a Birmingham Jail.”  The similarities are striking as they both write from jail and yet to still encourage people who are being persecuted.  Talk about not using your circumstances as an excuse to give up!  Geez!  Overachieve much, Sir Paul????

So, that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Thanks so much for sticking around during those weeks when you don’t hear much from me.  It means a lot to know that you all are still here when the dust settles in my real life.  You’re good people, and I’m darn lucky to call you my imaginary friends.

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21 Thoughts to “Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?”

  1. Beth

    Like I said on your IG, I read The Lord of the Rings twice a year. I love it THAT much! I would have named our daughter from it but hubby said no. 🙁 He is not as devoted as I unfortunately.

    I use those pens too. LOVE THEM!!

  2. beth

    ohh and the sharpie fine tip pens. They are my absolute favorites, but I wait for my boss to buy those 😉

  3. Gin

    @Beth, one of my friends named her new daughter Anya Eowyn.

    I love those pens! They are my favorite pens, especially since I love super fine pens. They actually make some that are .3mm. Unfortunately, I can only find them in black.

  4. Oh I love those pens too! I found them in college and now use them to give my stars and smileys to my kindergartners! 🙂

  5. I’ve noticed your posting schedule has become a little more spread out . . . but then I remember that you have two kids and a full-time job! Of course you’re busy! Your days sound full, but fun. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  6. Kat

    Aside from what we do for work that sounds almost identical to my day. Seriously. Down to wake up and bed times for kids and adults.
    This is a bit outdated but the times are still about the same (just no wine involved anymore) http://livinglikethekings.com/2012/08/day-in-the-life-of-a-working-mom/

  7. Sharon

    I teach middle school science, and starting next fall all of the students in our school will be required to have an iPad. I would love to know some of the apps that you find especially useful in the classroom. I would also appreciate any tips to have for integrating it into your daily lessons. Thanks!

  8. I love those pens! I am obsessed with office/school supplies. Part of why I love being a teacher. 🙂

  9. you didn’t have running in your schedule… are you still running? And Philippians is probably my favorite book in the entire bible. The first part of Chapter 2 is so challenging, it’s the word “any” that gets me every single time, and has had me running and asking for forgiveness numerous times… and Chapter 4 is amazing too. I love it.

  10. We can all relate to those crazy busy days/weeks! Life happens! I love to read ‘day in the life’ posts too!

  11. Mae

    I’m a bit of a schedule fanatic as well. I’m going back to work full time starting tomorrow (I really should go to bed!) and I admit, I’ve already created a schedule: what time to wake up, get the kids up, ready, fed, and dropped off at daycare, etc. so I can make sure everything is in place. I envy you that Chris can help out. My husband will already be at work so I will have to fend for myself with my almost 3.5 yr old and 21 month old. However, he will be picking the kids up in the late afternoon and will have to fend off hungry kids and get dinner on the table. I’m thinking we will be eating lots of crockpot meals or meals that are made ahead of time…that’s the plan for now anyway. Prayers needed until I get the hang of our new schedule!

  12. jenny-bird

    I’m glad all is going well! I too wonder whether I am maximizing the hours in each day. A playful puppy and laid-back husband make efficiency a challenge some days, but it feels good to be loved.

  13. Katie N.

    Oh, I love this topic! I too am uber curious about people’s schedules and lives. Particularly, I am interested in how people spend their down time inside of their homes, something I really believe you can only truly observe about yourself and your immediate family.

    Anyway, since you said it yourself that you’re nosey, here’s my schedule 🙂

    7am: wake up!

    7-7:30/7:45am: snuggle up on the couch reading blogs, checking FB, Pinterest, etc. with the Today Show on in the background. some days, I use this time to do some dinner prep-work, or any general house-keeping duties I’ve been neglecting.

    7:45am: go for a run!

    8:30am: shower and get ready for work

    9:30am: drive to work

    10am-11:30am: prep the store for the day

    11:30am-6:00pm: help all the crazy brides! phone calls, appointments, fittings, emails, order confirmations, deliveries, etc etc etc

    6:00-6:30pm: chat with one of my besties on my drive home from work

    6:30-7:00pm: sort through our mail and deal with any general housekeeping items

    7:00-8:00pm: catch up with my husband and prepare dinner

    8:00pm: eat dinner

    8:30-11:00pm: relax on the couch with my hubby…it’s usually a mix of watching shows together and one of us watching something we like while the other messes around on the computer!

    11:00pm: head to bed…sometimes we read for about 15 minutes before we turn out the lights.

    Now that I look at that 8:30-11:00pm time slot, I feel like a bum for wasting that much of my day!!

  14. After having a kiddo myself (4 months ago now!) and watching my number of poss/week go from 4-5 down to 1-2 – if I’m lucky! – I was just thinking about how impressed I am at how much you write on here at all… With two kids and everything else going on in your life. You’re amazing, and I’m happy to stick around!!

  15. I can’t imagine having 3-4 P/T conferences a week. Are these parents that drop in to talk to you? Do all teachers at your school do this? At my school in the South Bronx, we were lucky to get even 5 parents to show up on P/T night! And you don’t teach your first class until 9:30? Is that because you have first period free? I love to hear about all the differences between schools across the country. I just happened to work in a very poorly organized, overcrowded school in the inner city and I wonder what it would be like to teach in a “normal” school, like the one I attended! Also, on the subjects of pens, I always used (and still use!) Staedler TriPlus FineLiners.

  16. Well, I think your posting has been just fine. I’m still here reading 🙂 Also, pens? Such joyful things!

  17. How on earth do you get up and out of the house in an hour????????? It takes me an hour just to get upright and drink the coffee!

  18. Sarah H.

    I cannot believe that you get yourself ready in 30min! Here is my schedule :
    Wake up at 6:10am- catch up on twitter, facebook, email.
    6:20-wake my 19mo up and get her changed and dressed
    6:35-Walk her and my husband out the door and he takes her to daycare and goes to work
    6:40-get in the shower. Leave for work at 7:50. Yep, I’m alone and it still takes me over an hour to shower, pick out my clothes, blow dry my hair, straighten it, do full make up, etc
    8:00-start work and stay there until 4:30.
    Arrive home around 4:50 and my husband is already there with our daughter and starting dinner. (He gets off at 3:30 and they are usually home by 4:30)
    We eat around 5-5:15 and then go play with her in the play room from 5:30-6.
    At 6 we go up stairs for bath, pjs, etc. She’s in bed, lights out by 6:30.
    6:30-7 we clean up dinner, talk about our day, go through mail, etc.
    7-10 usually one of us has a meeting elsewhere or we unpack (just moved) or watch an episode of Heroes. I try to be asleep by 10.

  19. Sarah H.

    Oh and I forgot to say- I LOVE diet Barques–that’s what got me through Natalie’s first 6 months since I don’t drink coffee!

  20. Scarlett

    I love the G2 pens also. I’ve been buying them for years since they come in packs of purple. My favorite color. 🙂

  21. I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy several years ago. Great books! Some of my favorites. I hope to read them again someday. Right now though I have a lot of books on my shelves waiting to be read and I just keep adding to that. 🙂

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