Take a Bow, Mom

Tomorrow, February 28, is my mom’s last day as a working woman.  She’s retiring after a lifetime of being a full-time working mom.  I am so darn proud of her.

Sadly, I don’t think my mom is as excited about this milestone as the rest of us are for her.  A year ago, retirement was the golden finish line and she couldn’t wait to have free time filled with crafting, golfing, her grandkids, and my dad.  But like in a million other ways, my dad’s passing has left her to figure out a new normal.  And I am sure that retirement without him just doesn’t seem as sweet.

So, that’s where daughters and son-in-laws and grandchildren come in…

We are so proud of you, Mom.  We know that retirement isn’t going to be what you were expecting.  We all miss dad, and everything without him is a little less bright.  But, as much as we love him, this isn’t about Dad.  This is about you.  And we don’t want this incredible celebration to pass in the shadow of grief.

For our entire lives, you have shown us how to be a working mom.  You’ve flawlessly balanced your work life with your home life, never seeming to confuse your priorities and always making time for what was truly important.  You’ve taught Ginny and me how to be strong women who provide for our families.  You’ve taught us to stand up for ourselves, both at home and in our professional lives.  You’ve taught us the joy of success and the strength that comes with failure.  What better role model could two women ask for?

Your retirement is going to be a change for our entire family, and we can’t wait!  We are so excited that we’ll get to see more of you! I, personally, am so excited about having my breaks from school to spend more time with you now! Spring Break! Thanksgiving week! Christmas break! And SUMMER!!!! We’re going to live at the beach this year, so pack your beach bag! The kids are so excited at the chance to spend a random Tuesday night at Nana’s house, and having more chances to play hookey from school. And I know Ginny, John Michael, and Tillman can’t wait for you to have some travel time to head up to Atlanta and hang out with them.

So, you see, your retirement is going to change all our lives for the better. And we know that it is going to do the same for you, too.

We are so happy for you and excited to see what this next phase in life brings your way.  Know that for each step of it, your family is by your side.

All our love and pride,

Katie, Ginny, Chris, John Michael, Michael, Gracie, and Tillman


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30 Thoughts to “Take a Bow, Mom”

  1. Beth

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations Mrs. Tillman!!! Job well done. Enjoy all that extra time with those grandbabies!

  2. Meredith

    OMG. That was the cutest video EVER of your little family! “Yay, more Nana!” Haha, I almost died laughing! Congrats to your mom! Blessings to her in her retirement!

  3. Congrats Katie’s Mom! You have a beautiful family.

  4. Love the family photo, and those adorable videos! Congratulations to your mom on this special milestone. As you said, it won’t be quite the same without your dad. But I know with her lovely daughters and grandchildren, this will be a special season in her life. Congratulations!

  5. What an accomplishment! My aunt retired a while back and she’s busier now than she was when she was working. May these upcoming years be filled with good health and wonderful adventures!

  6. Jennifer

    My mom retires this year too! Can’t wait for her to have some time to relax more.

  7. Christy

    I’m crying because you have the sweetest little family! Congrats, Nana!

  8. Joanne

    What a thoughtful way to welcome your mom into retirement. I am definitely wiping away some tears, and how cute are these videos!, but I think that she is going to love all of her extra time with the grandkids.

  9. Congrats to your mom! Tomorrow is my last day of work before I retire also. I can tell you that it is SCARY when you have worked, raised kids and all the other stuff for so long. However, like your MOM, I hope to enjoy the new adventure.

  10. Erin R.

    Congratulations Nana!!!!! 🙂 Woo-hoo!!!

  11. Brooke

    Congrats Mrs. Tillman! I had been meaning to comment at some point on here to tell you how wonderful you looked – while I know there are hard times, I am also glad to see you smiling.

  12. n summers

    OH MY GOSH. yalls video is SO darn cute.

  13. Awww… That made me tear up Katie! Congratulations Mrs. Tillman!

  14. So sweet, Katie! Congratulations, Mrs. Tillman!!!

  15. Beanie, Gracie & Tillman's Nana

    Oh my gosh! Decided to check to see if you had posted a new blog just before I went to bed and…..What a beautiful surprise!!!! I loved the entire blog, but the videos of my sweet sweet family warms my heart. Retiring to be a part of your lives – what could be better than that!!!!

  16. Kat

    Yay! Congratulations Mrs Tillman!! Sending best wishes from Australia 🙂

  17. Jenna

    Like me, you are lucky to have a truly great mama. Congratulations to her, and yay for all of you!

  18. Katie, this is so sweet.. a tribute to your hard-working mom! 🙂 Can’t help but remember my own mom. She retired in 2007 and though it’s sad for her to leave her company, her retirement changed our lives! She loves to be back being a housewife! Oh and I love all the foods she prepares when we visit her and dad during the weekend… I love my mom so much! And we are indeed very proud to have a mom like mine and Mrs. Tillman! 😀

  19. Katy

    Congratulations…I am so happy for her!! How lucky you are to have such an amazing example in your life. I hope she enjoys the new adventure that she is about to embark on!! God Bless!! 🙂

  20. Peggy

    Yay for Nana!! Looking forward to hearing about her spoiling all of those adorable grandchildren.

  21. aw, congratulations to your Mom!

  22. Hooray! My mother-in-law is retiring today, too! How crazy! I have 26 years left until I retire from teaching….not that I’m counting or anything…..

  23. Tiffany

    Congrats Nana!!!

  24. Adrienne

    Congrats on your first official day of retirement Nana!!!!

  25. Lindsay Campbell

    Those videos are so darn cute! Congratulations Nana!!!! So excited for all of you!

  26. Sonya

    What sweet videos for your mom! Congrats to her!

  27. PK

    Congratulations, Mrs. Tillman! Enjoy all that new-found time with your family.

  28. This is so sweet Katie and it brought tears to my eyes, wishing your Mama all the best 😀

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