Hang in There, Momma

Bean was sick all weekend. He’s had a fever since Friday, which peaked on Sunday at 103 degrees (taken under his arm, so add about a degree to that reading… wowza). We just could not get that fever to break, even rotating between Tylenol and Motrin, which usually does the trick for Bean. Little Man was just puny. I took him to the doctor yesterday and the diagnosis was a sinus infection. Poor buddy.


Then, this afternoon at school, our daycare called to say that Gracie had a low grade fever and just wasn’t acting like herself. I didn’t have to come get her because her fever wasn’t that high yet, but they could tell she wasn’t feeling good and they wanted to give me a courtesy call. Not 30 minutes later, they called again. Her fever spiked to 102 degrees. I had to come get her.

So, back to the doctor’s office we went. Turns out, Gracie has tonsillitis and an ear infection.

Two kids. Two doctors. Two days. Two co-pays. Sheesh.


But all of this prompted me to actually be GRATEFUL, of all things. I can’t remember the last time we were dealing with kids ping-ponging illnesses back and forth. I feel like last year that was our state of existence for a while. One would be sick. Then the other would get it worse. Then they’d pass it to me and Chris. Then one of them would get well enough to go back to daycare, only to bring home something else. It was awful!

But having two sickies back to back reminded me that we haven’t had that experience in a long time. Even our doctor commented on it.

“See?” she told me today. “Those immune systems are strong as they can be!”

Let me tell you something. I almost cried tears of sweet relief right there in the pediatrician’s office. After two years of feeling like a terrible parent because my wee ones were in daycare and were getting sick all the time, I am finally on the other side of the hill. And it is wonderful!

So, if you’re a new mom or a working mom to little ones, and you feel like you are just a terrible parent because your child is the one who is sick all the time – take heart, momma! Hang in there just a bit longer! This too shall pass, I promise you. Let go of the momma guilt. I know how heavy it is to carry that around. I carry it myself. But let it go this time. Babies get sick. Toddlers put other people’s tissues in their mouths. Preschoolers cough in each others faces. It’s just the facts of life, I’m afraid.  You aren’t doing a thing in the world wrong.

So, hold on!
Hang on!
Chin up!

It’s going to get better. One day, you’ll go to the doctor and they won’t know your children by name. One day, you’ll go by the pharmacy to fill a prescription and they won’t smile sympathetically and say things like, “You again?”  One day, illness will be the exception and not the rule.

So just sit tight. Healthier days are coming.

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10 Thoughts to “Hang in There, Momma”

  1. Jessica

    I know exactly how you feel! I remember when both my kids were sick, what felt like, ALL the time, but now that they are a little older, we actually get pretty good breaks in between! Btw, you’re kids are adorable!

  2. We are going through this right now. Kiddo has a bad ear infection and cold. Gave it to me, then my husband. I now have a double ear infection and just am getting over it. How my husband has it again and I can feel it rearing its ugly head again.
    I feel your pain. Although I lost my job a couple of weeks ago just before we all got sick so I’ve been lucky to be home while she’s been sick.

  3. Bonnie B.

    Amen! And, once they get into Kindergarten, they have GREAT immunity built up and some of those poor kids who have been home all that time are behind the curve.

  4. mae

    We are in the same boat right now! Last Friday my husband took our 22 month old to the doctor b/c she couldn’t stop coughing. I figured it was just a waste of a co-pay b/c she didn’t have a fever and wasn’t “barking like a seal” and they wouldn’t be able to prescribe her antibiotics. Turns out her viral infection was turning bacterial so she was put on an antibiotic, steroid, and had to have breathing treatments. Then my 3.5 yr old started coughing like crazy. I took him in to the doctor on Sunday am and he has a double ear infection (the doctor says his ears are as red as the sharp boxes in the office, but he says they don’t hurt) and has bronchitis. So 2 co-pays later, 2 sets of antibiotics, 2 sets of steroids, 2 sets of breathing treatments…the kids are finally getting better…but then I’ve started coughing and my husband says he feels like he’s got the flu. And here goes the crazy cycle…

  5. Kelly

    It is great to be on the other side. My twins were sick all.the.time their first year in daycare. They are now 8 and in the past two years have had exactly 3 sick days combined. and only once dose of antibiotics in the past three years between the two of them. It does get better!

  6. Kathy Z

    About three weeks ago, I said to my co-workers, “Can you believe my little guy hasn’t been sick in over a month?” Then a stomach bug hit us. Then the flu. Ugh. Six months into daycare it’s been sick, sick, sick. I look forward to the days when it’s only occasional. 🙂

  7. When the kids are sick I call the nurses desk at the pediatrician’s office first, because that’s how they have it set up. Typically, I have to leave a message and when I get the call back it’s… “Hey Ms. Harvin….” “Hiiiiiii Michelle” Sometimes I think they know me by just the sound of my voice! I’m clinging to the hope that one day we won’t be in and out of the pediatricians office anymore!

  8. THANK YOU!! I’m a first-time mom and have been absolutely killing myself with guilt about the fact that my little man has been constantly sick since he started daycare the first week in January – never anything serious, but I’m starting to forget what he’s like when he’s not sick! And now that he’s starting to feel better, we think his first teeth are coming…. no rest for the weary, I suppose. I think I need someone constantly chanting “this too shall pass” in my head to just get through it all… and I hope Beanman and Gracie get better soon, too!

  9. Jenna

    Perfect timing on this. My almost four-month old did a test run at the babysitter last week and, of course, now we are dealing with his first cold on the same week I am back to work. So yes, the guilt is rampant. I appreciate your words!

  10. Sarah

    I can’t even beging to tell you how much I needed to hear this right now. We have had everything from stomach bugs to sinus infections to hand foot and mouth disease all just since October and I’m about to lose it. We’re starting daycare this summer, but I’m hoping since he’s been out in the world so much in the meantime it might be a little gentler. *fingers crossed*

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